The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Alex Augustyn Radiation Oncology Steven Hse-Sheng Lin (post-doc)
Max LM Boone Radiation Oncology Radiation Oncology1969 Robert J Shalek (grad student), Gilbert H. Fletcher (grad student)
Arthur L. BoyerMedical Biophysics, Radiology
Lauren ColbertRadiation Oncology; microbiome Radiation Oncology Radiation Oncology20152019 Ann H Klopp (grad student), Cullen Mitsuo Taniguchi (research scientist)
Laurence Court
Bouthaina S. DabajaRadiation Oncology; Lymphoma
Cem DedeRadiation Oncology Department of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology20172018 Traver G. Hart (research assistant)
Lei DongImage-guided radiotherapy; proton therapy Radiation Oncology1995 Arthur L. Boyer (grad student)
Holliday, EmmaGI Cancers, Academic Radiation Oncology, Gender Equity Radiation Oncology Charles R. Thomas,Jr (grad student)
Holliday, emma
Gilbert H. Fletcher
David S Followill
Clifton David FullerHuman Imaging; Imaging Informatics; Radiation Oncology; Magnetic Resonance Imaging Radiation Physics Diagnostic Imaging20112013 Laurence Court (collaborator), Edward Frankin Jackson (research scientist)
Boyi GanCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Genetics
Saumil J. GandhiCell Biology; Radiation Oncology; Lung Cancer
Aaron J Grossberg2016 Clifton David Fuller (collaborator)
David R GrosshansRadiotherapy; Brain tumors; Proton therapy; DNA damage
Jillian R. Guntherradiation oncology; lymphoma; steroid hormones Radiation Oncology2016 Bouthaina S. Dabaja (post-doc)
Traver G. Hart
Jolien Heukelom20152019 Clifton David Fuller (grad student)
David H. Hussey Radiation Oncology Gilbert H. Fletcher (research scientist)
Edward Frankin Jackson
Dennis Mackin, Jr.2018 Laurence Court (post-doc)
Kevin Kauweloa Radiation Oncology2017 Mohammad Salehpour (post-doc)
Ann H KloppTumor microenvironment: Gynecologic cancers; microbiome
Eugene J. KoayRadiation Oncology; Gastrointestinal cancers; Biomedical Engineering Kristy K. Brock-Leatherman (collaborator)
Albert Ching-Wei KoongRadiation Oncology; Endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress: Gastrointestinal cancers; Tumor microenvironment
Steven Hse-Sheng LinRadiation Oncology; Molecular neurobiology
Mary Kay MartelMedical Physics; Normal tissue modeling; tumor control probability modeling
Pawel K Mazur
Mary Frances McAleerRadiation Oncology; CNS malignancies; Quality and safety
Wendy J McGinnis
Susan L. McGovernRadiation Oncology; CNS cancers: Proton radiotherapy: GPCR, computational chemistry
Marvin MeistrichOncofertility; Cancer Cell Biology
Jack PhanRadiation Oncology, Head and Neck cancer, Animal Physiology Biology, Genetics2011 Clifton David Fuller (collaborator)
Chelsea C. PinnixRadiation Oncology; Lymphoma; Cell Biology Radiation Oncology2012 Bouthaina S. Dabaja (post-doc), Jillian R. Gunther (collaborator), Charles R. Thomas,Jr (research scientist)
Jay Paul ReddyRadiation Oncology; Breast Cancer; Head and neck cancer; Cellular Biology
Juan del Regato Gilbert H. Fletcher (post-doc)
Shane R SteckleinBreast Cancer, Lymphoma, Radiation Biology Radiation Oncology Wendy Ann Woodward (post-doc)
Herman Day Suit Radiation Oncology19591970 Gilbert H. Fletcher (research scientist)
Cullen Mitsuo TaniguchiRadiation Oncology; radiation protection; hypoxia; gastrintestinal cancers
Sara Loupot ThrowerMedical physics20102011 David S Followill (research assistant)
Lisanne V Van DijkArtificial Intelligence, Normal tissue toxicity, MAchine LEarning, PRediction modeling Radiation Oncology20192021 Clifton David Fuller (post-doc)
Wendy Ann WoodwardBreast cancer: Radiation Oncology: Inflammatory breast cancer