Michigan State University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Keith Adler
Jungsun AhnMass Communications, Marketing Business Administration2010 Keith Adler (grad student)
JoAnn L. Atkin Bonnie Reece (grad student)
David Berlo
Martin Block 19731976 Gordon E. Miracle (grad student)
Kyu Yeol Chang Gordon E. Miracle (grad student)
Susan ChangMass Communications, Marketing Business Administration, Cognitive Psychology2005 Charles T. Salmon (grad student)
Vittratorn Chirapravati Gordon E. Miracle (grad student)
Yung Kyun K. Choi2000 Gordon E. Miracle (grad student)
Sejung Marina Choi2002 Nora J. Rifon (grad student)
Scott H. ClarkeMass Communications, Theory and Methods, General Religion2006 Charles T. Salmon (grad student)
Terry M. DaughertyInteractive, media strategy, ecommerce, IMC19972001 Hairong Li (grad student), Bonnie Reece (grad student)
Clay Dedeaux2009 Hairong Li (grad student)
Lisa T. FallMass Communications, Marketing Business Administration, Social Psychology2000 Charles T. Salmon (grad student)
Laleah FernandezInformation Technology, Speech Communication, Environmental Justice, Climate Change Media and Information Studies2014 Charles T. Salmon (grad student)
Harsha S. Gangadharbatlasocial and economic effects of advertising, interactive, and environmental communication20002002 Hairong Li (grad student)
Sally A. Harris2000 Bonnie Reece (grad student)
Rebecca A. HayesConsumer Psychology2009 Nora J. Rifon (grad student)
Hyun Ju [Helena] JeongE-commerce, product search/recommendation, decision aids
Patrice M. KatrakMass Communications, Marketing Business Administration, Commerce-Business Economics2000 Bruce Vanden Bergh (grad student)
Mikyoung K. KimNontraditional Advertising Communication Arts and Sciences - Media and Information Studies2010 Joonghwa Lee (collaborator), Mira Lee (grad student)
Yeonshin KimConsumer Psychology2002 Nora J. Rifon (grad student)
Kent Lancaster Gordon E. Miracle (grad student)
Karen M. LancendorferPolitical advertising, Higher Education marketing20012005 Bonnie Reece (grad student)
Ryan LangeMass Communications, Social Psychology2009 Robert LaRose (grad student)
Robert LaRose
Ki-Young Lee2006 Hairong Li (grad student)
Mira Lee
Joonghwa Lee Mira Lee (grad student)
Sung-Mi Lee Communication Arts and Sciences - Media and Information Studies2010 Hairong Li (grad student)
Byoungkwan LeeMass Communications, Public Health2004 Charles T. Salmon (grad student)
Joo-Hyun Lee2003 Bonnie Reece (grad student)
Doohwang LeeMass Communications2008 Robert LaRose (grad student)
Hyegyu LeeConsumer Psychology Media and Information Studies2014 Nora J. Rifon (grad student)
Hairong Li
Jih-Hsuan LinSpeech Communication, Behavioral Psychology, Multimedia Communications Telecomunication, Information Studies and Media2011 Robert LaRose (grad student)
Caitlin M. McLaughlinMarketing Business Administration, Speech Communication Communication Arts and Sciences - Media and Information Studies2012 Robert LaRose (grad student)
Gordon E. Miracleinternational advertising, cross-cultural research methods
Mariko MorimotoCross-cultural advertising, information search, advertising resistance20012005 Carrie La Ferle (grad student)
Jay Newell Robert LaRose (grad student), Charles T. Salmon (grad student)
Elif OzkayaMass Communications Media and Information Studies - Doctor of Philosophy2013 Robert LaRose (grad student)
Kartik Pashupati19891993 Bruce Vanden Bergh (grad student), Bonnie Reece (grad student)
Timothy S. PenningMass Communications, Web Studies2010 Keith Adler (grad student)
Ivan Preston David Berlo (grad student)
Elizabeth Taylor Quilliamchildren and advertising, corporate social responsibility, public policy20032008 Bonnie Reece (grad student), Nora J. Rifon (grad student)
James A. RamosMarketing Business Administration, Mass Communications, General Economics2003 Charles T. Salmon (grad student)
Bonnie Reece
Byron Reeves Communication19721976 Bradley S. Greenberg (grad student)
Nora J. RifonConsumer Psychology
JoAnn L. Roznowski2002 Bonnie Reece (grad student)
Charles T. Salmon
Sheila Sasser Bonnie Reece (grad student)
Doori Song Mira Lee (grad student)
Paula M. StorrerDesign & Visual Information
Mark Stuhlfaut Bruce Vanden Bergh (grad student)
Bruce Vanden Bergh
Alcides A. Velasquez PerillaMass Communications, General, Speech Communication, Social Psychology Communication Arts and Sciences - Media and Information Studies2012 Robert LaRose (grad student)
Aileen WebbMass Communications2005 Charles T. Salmon (grad student)
Gary Wilcox Martin Block (grad student), Keith Adler (grad student)
Christina B. Wirth-HawkinsSpeech Communication, Behavioral Sciences Psychology, Web Studies Communication Arts and Sciences - Media and Information Studies2010 Robert LaRose (grad student)
Donghee Y. WohnSpeech Communication, General Psychology, Mass Communications Media and Information Studies - Doctor of Philosophy2013 Robert LaRose (grad student)
Karan J. WyreMass Communications, Marketing Business Administration2001 Bruce Vanden Bergh (grad student)
Marjorie L. YamborMass Communications, Cinema, Women's Studies2006 Bruce Vanden Bergh (grad student)
Haejin YunMass Communications, Information Science, Theory and Methods2006 Robert LaRose (grad student)
Molly C. ZiskeMass Communications2003 Bruce Vanden Bergh (grad student)