Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
William C. Heindelmemory, attention, ERP, Alzheimer's disease
Suzanne Marie de la Monte Alzheimer's, alcoholic neurodegeneration, and fetal alcohol syndrome. Experimentally, we examine how insulin deficiency and/or insulin resistance leads
John E. DonahueBlood-brain barrier permeability and RAGE/LRP-1/agrin expression in Alzheimer's disease, Abnormal protein expression in Parkinson's disease, Epilepsy, Cerebral neoplasms
Kumar VasudevanAlzheimer's disease, neurophysiology, deep brain stimulation, Parkinson's disease
Edward G. StopaAging and Alzheimer’s Disease; Circadian Rhythms, Neuroendocrinology
Charles OuimetHuntington's, Alzheimer's, HDACs, dendritic spines19751980 Ford F. Ebner (grad student)
Jason R. Taylormemory, Alzheimer's disease, ERP, MEG, fMRI19992005 William C. Heindel (grad student)