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Oscar Alzate (Info) UNC Chapel Hill Alzheimer's disease, Neuroproteomics o_alzate 2008‑10‑18
H. Moore Arnold (Info) Biogen Idec Behavioral pharmacology, learning, memory, Alzheimer's models Moore_Arnold 2007‑10‑01
Jeffrey N. Browndyke (Info) Duke Medical School Aging, Alzheimer's, fMRI, Postoperative Neurological Complications bbrigidi 2009‑05‑31
D. Allan Butterfield (Info) University of Kentucky george.perry 2010‑09‑06
Scott M. Hayes (Info) Boston VA hippocampus, prefrontal cortex, memory, aging, alzheimer's disease Norbou 2007‑06‑18
David Y. Huang (Info) UNC Chapel Hill Stroke, Alzheimer's disease, neurodegeneration CJM3 2009‑04‑17
Ana Pocivavsek (Info) Georgetown, Duke, University of Maryland Medical School schizophrenia, cognition mucaana 2008‑09‑13
Allen D. Roses (Info) Duke faisalfecto 2009‑10‑30
Donald E. Schmechel (Info) Duke george.perry 2010‑09‑07
Warren J. Strittmatter (Info) Duke Alzheimer's disease o_alzate 2008‑10‑18
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