University of Oregon

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Christopher M. CasserinoPhysical Anthropology, Archaeology Anthropology2009 John R. Lukacs (grad student)
Michelle R. GastonNeuroscience Biology, Zoology Biology, Anatomy Biology2004 Nathan J. Tublitz (grad student)
John R. LukacsPhysical Anthropology, Anatomy Biology, Asia History
Gerald D. MaxwellNeural crest James A. Weston (grad student)
Jeanne M. McLaughlinMedical and Forensic Anthropology, Criminology and Penology2009 John R. Lukacs (grad student)
Amiee B. PotterPhysical Anthropology, Genetics, Molecular Biology2004 John R. Lukacs (grad student)
Gwendolyn RobbinsPhysical Anthropology, Anatomy Biology, Asia History2007 John R. Lukacs (grad student)
Nathan J. TublitzNeuroscience Biology, Zoology Biology, Anatomy Biology