University of Cambridge

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Raymond Allchin
Kwame A. AppiahArt History, Cultural Anthropology, African History Philosophy Hugh Mellor (grad student)
Alfred Barnes
John Arundel BarnesSocial Network Analysis
Emma Blake Ian Hodder (grad student)
Miles Crawford Burkitt
Suna Çagaptay20172021 Louise Blanke (collaborator), Andrew Wallace-Hadrill (grad student)
Matei CandeaEurope, free speech, human-animal relations, politics of language, identity, French republicanism, the Mediterranean
Bernard Chapais Robert A. Hinde (grad student)
Vere Gordon Childe
John Grahame Douglas Clark
Grahame Clark Faculty of Archaeology and Anthropology19281934 Miles Crawford Burkitt (grad student)
David L. Clarke
Robin A.E. Coningham Archaeology Raymond Allchin (grad student)
Arthur Bernard Cooke James George Frazer (grad student)
Jared M. Diamondecology, biogeography, evolutionary biography1961 Alan Lloyd Hodgkin (grad student)
Susan Drucker-BrownMexico, Ethnic relations/ N. Ghana, Divine Kingship
James George Frazer
Francis GaltonHuman behavioral genetics1847 William Hopkins (grad student)
Dorothy Annie Elizabeth GarrodPaleolithic era, Near East
Ernest Gellner
Jack Golson History Michael Postan (grad student)
Jack Goody Anthropology Meyer Fortes (grad student)
Esther Goody
Kusum Gopal Esther Goody (grad student)
Nelson H. H. GraburnCultural Anthropology, Sociology of Education, Asian Studies, Middle School Education Anthropology19551958 Edmund Leach (grad student)
Elizabeth Graham Department of Archaeology1983 Norman Hammond (grad student)
Alfred Cort Hadden
Bryan HanksArchaeology Anthropology, Physical Anthropology Andrew Colin Renfrew (grad student)
David W. HarveyPolitical economy Geography1961 Peter Haggett (grad student)
Robert A. HindeAnthropology
Stephen Hugh-Jones Edmund Leach (grad student)
Radu IovitaPaleolithic archaeology, human evolution, paleoanthropology Archaeology20012002 Paul A. Mellars (grad student)
Geoffrey J. IrwinArchaeology Archaeology Jack Golson (grad student)
Jose Antonio Kelly Stephen Hugh-Jones (grad student)
Paul J. Lane
Edmund LeachSocial Anthropology, Sri Lanka, Burma, Political Anthropology
Deborah de Magalhães Lima-Ayres Stephen Hugh-Jones (grad student)
Tanya Marie Luhrmannsocial construction of psychological experience, social practice and the way people experience their world, the domain of what some would term the irrational Social Anthropology Social Anthropology1986 Ernest Gellner (grad student), Jack Goody (grad student)
Javier Martínez Jiménez20172021 Andrew Wallace-Hadrill (grad student), Edward Zychowicz-Coghill (collaborator), Louise Blanke (collaborator), Suna Çagaptay (collaborator), Sam Ottewill-Soulsby (collaborator), Sofia Greaves (collaborator)
Charles B. McBurney Archaeology Archaeology Archaeology Archaeology1948 Dorothy Annie Elizabeth Garrod (grad student), John Grahame Douglas Clark (grad student), Vere Gordon Childe (grad student), Alfred Barnes (grad student)
William C. McGrew
Peter McMurray
Paul A. Mellars Archaeology Charles B. McBurney (grad student)
Henrietta L. Moore Ian Hodder (grad student)
Yael Navarro-Yashin Social Anthropology Rena Lederman (grad student)
Cameron Petrie Oriental Studies Daniel Potts (grad student)
Merrick PosnanskyArchaological Anthropology Grahame Clark (research scientist)
Alfred Reginald Radcliffe-Brown Anthropology William Halse Rivers (grad student), Alfred Cort Hadden (grad student)
Andrew Colin Renfrew
William Halse RiversNeurology, anthropology
Andrew SanchezClass, labour, corruption, India, urban anthropology, race, decolonisation
Joanna M. Setchellsexual selection, life history Alan F. Dixson (grad student)
David Shankland Anthropology Ernest Gellner (grad student)
Marilyn StrathernPapua New Guinea, kinship, reproductive technologies, gender
Stanley J. TambiahCultural Anthropology, General Religion, General anthropology Edmund Leach (research scientist)
Benjamin J Utting Archaeology20162021 Philip Nigst (grad student)
Bernard WailesArchaeology Anthropology, Medieval History Archaeology1964 Grahame Clark (grad student)
Richard WranghamAnthropology1975 Robert A. Hinde (grad student)
Nur YalmanCultural Anthropology Anthropology Edmund Leach (grad student)
David ZeitlynSocial Anthropology, Cameroon, Mambila, Religion Esther Goody (grad student)