City University of New York

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Roberto AbadieCultural Anthropology, Pharmacy2006 Shirley Lindenbaum (grad student)
Diana E. AgostaArchaeology Anthropology, Mass Communications, Latin American History2004 Marc Edelman (grad student)
Colin P. AmundsenArchaeology Anthropology Anthropology2008 Thomas H. McGovern (grad student)
Ana L. AparicioCultural Anthropology, Ethnic and Racial Studies, American Studies2004 Leith Mullings (grad student)
Miguel ArisaArt History Art History2012 Eloise Q. Keber (grad student)
Leon ArredondoCultural Anthropology2005 Marc Edelman (grad student)
Talal AsadCultural Anthropology, Law
Michael J. BalickBotany Biology, Cultural Anthropology, General
H Arthur BankoffArchaeology Anthropology
Dominick V. BasileBotany Biology, Cultural Anthropology, Pharmacology
Nancy V. BenignusCultural Anthropology, Individual and Family Studies, Public and Social Welfare, Women's Studies2004 Shirley Lindenbaum (grad student)
Carwil Bjork-JamesCultural Anthropology, Latin American History, Geography Anthropology2013 Marc Edelman (grad student)
Michael BlimCultural Anthropology, Dance, South Asian Studies
Scott Blumenthal Anthropology20082015 Thomas Plummer (grad student)
Jessica F. BrinkworthEvolution and Development Biology, Genetics, Immunology Anthropology2012 Ekaterina Pechenkina (grad student)
Matthew Anthony Brown Anthropology2013 Thomas H. McGovern (grad student)
Hannes K. BruecknerGeology, Archaeology Anthropology, Sedimentary Geology
Melanie E. BushCultural Anthropology, Higher Education, Ethnic and Racial Studies2002 Leith Mullings (grad student)
Julia L. ButterfieldCultural Anthropology, Asia History, Theater2002 Jane C. Schneider (grad student)
Samuel K. ByrdCultural Anthropology, Music, Hispanic American Studies Anthropology2012 Ida Susser (grad student)
Stephanie CamposCultural Anthropology, Latin American History Anthropology2013 Leith Mullings (grad student)
Ginetta E. CandelarioEthnic and Racial Studies, Women's Studies, Cultural Anthropology2000 Robert A. Alford (grad student)
Geraldine J. CaseyCultural Anthropology, Women's Studies, Latin American History2002 Ida Susser (grad student)
Cecilia T. Castelino-PintoSocial Psychology, Women's Studies, Criminology and Penology, Social Work2003 Leanne G. Rivlin (grad student)
George A. CavallettoTheory and Methods, Social Psychology2003 Catherine B. Silver (grad student)
Suhong ChaeCultural Anthropology, Industrial and Labor Relations2003 Gerald Sider (grad student)
Kitty ClarkeCultural Anthropology, Gerontology2003 Shirley Lindenbaum (grad student)
Raymond G. CodringtonCultural Anthropology, Music2001 Leith Mullings (grad student)
Ananda CohenArt History, Latin American History Art History2012 Eloise Q. Keber (grad student)
Margaret E. Connors McQuadeArt History, Latin American History, Archaeology Anthropology Art History2005 Eloise Q. Keber (grad student)
Fernando CoronilLatin America
Vincent CrapanzanoCultural Anthropology, Linguistics Language
Gerald W. CreedCultural Anthropology, Social Structure and Development, Dance
Elena P. CunninghamPhysical Anthropology, Ecology Biology2003 Karyl B. Swartz (grad student)
Telma C. da SilvaCultural Anthropology2002 Shirley Lindenbaum (grad student)
Dana M. DavisCultural Anthropology, Public and Social Welfare, Women's Studies, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Black Studies2001 Leith Mullings (grad student)
Jillian M. De GezelleBotany Biology, Cultural Anthropology Biology2013 Michael J. Balick (grad student)
Marilynne E. Diggs-ThompsonCultural Anthropology, Women's Studies, Demography, Social Structure and Development2000 Jane C. Schneider (grad student)
Mark W. DyalCultural Anthropology, European Studies, Philosophy Anthropology2011 Michael Blim (grad student)
Melis EceCultural Anthropology, Sub Saharan Africa Studies Anthropology2012 Talal Asad (grad student)
Marc EdelmanCultural Anthropology, Geography
Ragnar EdvardssonArchaeology Anthropology, Agricultural Economics, Medieval History Anthropology2010 Thomas H. McGovern (grad student)
Esin EgitCultural Anthropology, Women's Studies, Middle Eastern Studies Anthropology2013 Michael Blim (grad student)
Susan FallsCultural Anthropology, Marketing Business Administration2005 Michael Blim (grad student)
Abou A. Farman FarmaianTheory and Methods Anthropology2012 Talal Asad (grad student)
Carolyn F. FisherCultural Anthropology, Latin American Studies, Agricultural Economics Anthropology2012 Marc Edelman (grad student)
Tracy L. FisherCultural Anthropology, Black Studies, Women's Studies2001 Leith Mullings (grad student)
Friederike FleischerCultural Anthropology, Urban and Regional Planning, Social Structure and Development2005 Jane C. Schneider (grad student)
Christine FolchCultural Anthropology, Energy, Latin American Studies Anthropology2012 Marc Edelman (grad student)
Alcira Forero-PenaCultural Anthropology, Higher Education, Women's Studies2004 Joan P. Mencher (grad student)
Frances Forrest Anthropology Thomas Plummer (grad student)
Alessia FrassaniArt History, Archaeology Anthropology, Latin American History, Church History Art History2009 Eloise Q. Keber (grad student)
Khaled FuraniCultural Anthropology, Modern Language, Middle Eastern Literature2004 Talal Asad (grad student)
Jeremy J. GeorgeArt History, Latin American Studies, Cultural Anthropology Art History2012 Eloise Q. Keber (grad student)
Denise GeraciCultural Anthropology, Latin American Studies, Gender Studies, Women's Studies Anthropology2011 Ida Susser (grad student)
Ruth W. GilmoreGeography, Public Health, Epidemiology
Alfredo Gomez-BelozBotany Biology2001 Michael J. Balick (grad student)
M. A. GonzalezCultural Anthropology, American Studies2004 Ida Susser (grad student)
Edith Gonzalez-ScollardArchaeology Anthropology Anthropology2008 H Arthur Bankoff (grad student)
Johanna GorelickCultural Anthropology, Ethnic and Racial Studies2005 Gerald Sider (grad student)
Margaret M. GroarkeGeneral, United States History2000 Robert A. Alford (grad student)
Kenneth J. GuestCultural Anthropology, Ethnic and Racial Studies, General Religion2001 Jane C. Schneider (grad student)
Maria GutierrezCultural Anthropology, Geography Anthropology2007 Marc Edelman (grad student)
George HambrechtZooarcheology Anthropology2011 Thomas H. McGovern (grad student)
Ramona HarrisonArchaeology Anthropology, Climate Change, Sustainability Anthropology2013 Sophia Perdikaris (grad student)
Michelle HayCultural Anthropology, Black Studies, Hispanic American Studies2006 Leith Mullings (grad student)
Christine HegelCultural Anthropology, Law Anthropology2009 Talal Asad (grad student)
Rodolfo Hernandez CorchadoCultural Anthropology, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Industrial and Labor Relations Anthropology2014 Michael Blim (grad student)
Angela M. HerrenArt History, Cultural Anthropology Art History2005 Eloise Q. Keber (grad student)
Milton HerreraPhysical Anthropology, Medical and Forensic Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology Anthropology2008 Sara Stinson (grad student)
G. D. HodgeCultural Anthropology, Latin American History, General Economics, Gender Studies2005 Shirley Lindenbaum (grad student)
Larisa HoneyCultural Anthropology2006 Gerald W. Creed (grad student)
Lynn HorridgeCultural Anthropology, GLBT Studies, Social Work, Individual and Family Studies Anthropology2011 Shirley Lindenbaum (grad student)
Ryan D. HuishBotany Biology, Ecology Biology, Genetics, Natural Resource Management, Sustainability Biology2009 Michael J. Balick (grad student)
Yoko IkedaCultural Anthropology, Environmental Sciences, Urban and Regional Planning Anthropology2009 Ida Susser (grad student)
Valerie ImbruceBotany Biology, Cultural Anthropology2006 Christine Padoch (grad student)
Rebecca S. JabbourPhysical Anthropology, Paleontology, Zoology Biology Anthropology2008 Thomas Plummer (grad student)
Delmos JonesCultural Anthropology
Keith JordanArt History, Archaeology Anthropology Art History2008 Eloise Q. Keber (grad student)
Matthew KandelCultural Anthropology Anthropology2014 Donald Robotham (grad student)
Masako KatoLinguistics Language, Cultural Anthropology, Women's Studies, Asian American Studies Anthropology2009 Miki Makihara (grad student)
Martha K. KebaloCultural Anthropology, Slavic Studies, Gender Studies, Women's Studies Anthropology2011 Gerald W. Creed (grad student)
Eloise Q. KeberArt History, Cultural Anthropology
Patricia L. KellyCultural Anthropology2002 Marc Edelman (grad student)
Warren Kinzey
Christopher U. KitalongPlant Culture Agriculture Biology2014 Michael J. Balick (grad student)
Zachary S. KlukkertBiomechanics of feeding and diet, paleobiology and extinction in primate communities in Madagascar and the Caribbean
Lara R. KusnetzkyCultural Anthropology, Asia History, Asian Studies Anthropology2011 Jane C. Schneider (grad student)
Nicole D. LabordeCultural Anthropology Anthropology2009 Shirley Lindenbaum (grad student)
Philip C. LaPortaGeology, Archaeology Anthropology, Sedimentary Geology2009 Hannes K. Brueckner (grad student)
Terese LawinskiCultural Anthropology, Individual and Family Studies, Labor Economics, Public and Social Welfare Anthropology2007 Ida Susser (grad student)
Louise LennihanCultural Anthropology, Women's Studies
Shirley LindenbaumCultural Anthropology, Medical and Forensic Anthropology, Middle Eastern History
Marlene S. LinvilleArchaeology Anthropology2005 William J. Parry (grad student)
Abraham LothaCultural Anthropology, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Asia History Anthropology2009 Donald Robotham (grad student)
Pellegrino A. LucianoCultural Anthropology, General, Geography2005 Louise Lennihan (grad student)
Suzana MaiaCultural Anthropology, Women's Studies Anthropology2007 Ida Susser (grad student)
Miki MakiharaLinguistics Language, Cultural Anthropology, Women's Studies, Asian American Studies
Charles M. MalitiBotany Biology, Plant Physiology, Ecology Biology, Agronomy Agriculture, Plant Culture Agriculture2000 Dominick V. Basile (grad student)
Elise M. MaraglianoArchaeology Anthropology, Native American Studies Anthropology2014 William J. Parry (grad student)
Erin M. MartineauCultural Anthropology2006 Michael Blim (grad student)
Thomas H. McGovernArchaeology Anthropology
Kelly A. McKinneyCultural Anthropology, Clinical Psychology, Public and Social Welfare2003 Shirley Lindenbaum (grad student)
Joan P. MencherCultural Anthropology, Higher Education, Women's Studies
Madeline M. MignoneAudiology, Plant Physiology2001 Dominick V. Basile (grad student)
Kiyo MondoBotany Biology, Cell Biology, Plant Culture Agriculture Biology2009 Dominick V. Basile (grad student)
Andrea R. MorrellCultural Anthropology, Social Structure and Development, General Economics Anthropology2012 Leith Mullings (grad student)
Joshua MosesMedical and Forensic Anthropology, Clergy Religion Anthropology2009 Shirley Lindenbaum (grad student)
Leith MullingsCultural Anthropology, Black Studies
Patricia H. NadosyBotany Biology, Plant Culture Agriculture2002 Dominick V. Basile (grad student)
June C. NashCultural Anthropology
Rachel L. NugerPhysical Anthropology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Anatomy Biology Anthropology2008 Sara Stinson (grad student)
Lisa C. OffringaBotany Biology, Alternative Medicine, Cultural Anthropology Biology2013 Michael J. Balick (grad student)
Bonnie D. OglenskyGeneral, Adult and Continuing Education, Theory and Methods2002 Robert A. Alford (grad student)
Carol OliverIndustrial Psychology, Technology of Education, Curriculum and Instruction Education2004 Leanne G. Rivlin (grad student)
Andreana L. OsoskiBotany Biology, Cultural Anthropology, General2004 Michael J. Balick (grad student)
Christine PadochBotany Biology, Cultural Anthropology
Jennifer A. ParkinsonArchaeology Anthropology, Physical Anthropology Anthropology2013 Thomas Plummer (grad student)
William J. ParryArchaeology Anthropology
Ekaterina PechenkinaEvolution and Development Biology, Genetics, Immunology
Sophia PerdikarisArchaeology Anthropology, Climate Change, Sustainability, Vikings
Claudine PiedCultural Anthropology, American Studies Anthropology2011 Leith Mullings (grad student)
Thomas PlummerPhysical Anthropology, Paleontology, Zoology Biology
Theodore PowersTheory and Methods, South African Studies, Behavioral Psychology, General Anthropology2012 Donald Robotham (grad student)
Sabiyha R. PrinceCultural Anthropology, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Black Studies2000 Leith Mullings (grad student)
Louis PutzelBotany Biology, Natural Resource Management, Geography Biology2010 Christine Padoch (grad student)
Andrea QueeleyCultural Anthropology, Black Studies Anthropology2007 Leith Mullings (grad student)
Richard A. RauhBotany Biology2001 Dominick V. Basile (grad student)
Talya B. RechaviSocial Psychology, Individual and Family Studies, Architecture2004 Leanne G. Rivlin (grad student)
Leanne G. RivlinClinical Psychology, Cultural Anthropology, Public Health
Donald RobothamCultural Anthropology, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Asia History
Alfred L. Rosenberger1979 Eric Delson (grad student)
Nahed SalamaBotany Biology2000 Dominick V. Basile (grad student)
Edward SammonsCultural Anthropology, Caribbean Studies, Black Studies Anthropology2013 Donald Robotham (grad student)
Eric SargisBiological Anthropology19922000 Frederick S. Szalay (grad student)
Gerard P. ScharfenbergerArchaeology Anthropology, United States History, History of Religion, Church History2005 Thomas H. McGovern (grad student)
Suzanne ScheldCultural Anthropology2003 Louise Lennihan (grad student)
Jane C. SchneiderCultural Anthropology, Medical and Forensic Anthropology
Sayida L. SelfCultural Anthropology, African History, Women's Studies2002 Leith Mullings (grad student)
Cosimo SgarlataArchaeology Anthropology Anthropology2009 William J. Parry (grad student)
Yoshio ShibataSocial Structure and Development, Industrial and Labor Relations, Asia History, Cultural Anthropology2007 Catherine B. Silver (grad student)
Gerald SiderCultural Anthropology, Industrial and Labor Relations
Robert E. SiebertCultural Anthropology, Latin American Studies, Music Anthropology2010 Ida Susser (grad student)
Nandini SikandCultural Anthropology, Dance, South Asian Studies Anthropology2010 Michael Blim (grad student)
Catherine B. SilverSocial Structure and Development, Industrial and Labor Relations, Asia History, Cultural Anthropology
Karen M. SteinmayerClinical Psychology, Cultural Anthropology, Public Health2006 Leanne G. Rivlin (grad student)
Angela StewardBotany Biology, Cultural Anthropology Biology2007 Christine Padoch (grad student)
Sara StinsonPhysical Anthropology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Anatomy Biology
Jennifer SuggGender Studies, Theory and Methods, General Education Anthropology2014 Ida Susser (grad student)
Judy SundArt History, Archaeology Anthropology, American Studies
Ida SusserCultural Anthropology, Individual and Family Studies, Labor Economics, Public and Social Welfare
Karyl B. SwartzPhysical Anthropology, Ecology Biology
Larissa SwedellPhysical Anthropology
Mary N. TaylorCultural Anthropology, Social Structure and Development, Dance Anthropology2008 Gerald W. Creed (grad student)
Aysecan TerziogluCultural Anthropology, Medical and Forensic Anthropology, Middle Eastern History Anthropology2008 Shirley Lindenbaum (grad student)
Surojnauth TiwariBotany Biology, Cultural Anthropology, Pharmacology2000 Dominick V. Basile (grad student)
George TsalokostasCell Biology, Botany Biology, Food Science and Technology Agriculture Biology2009 Dominick V. Basile (grad student)
Dylan TurnerCultural Anthropology, Aging, Gerontology Anthropology2010 Michael Blim (grad student)
Ragnhild UtheimCultural Anthropology, Alternative Dispute Resolution Anthropology2011 Leith Mullings (grad student)
David VineCultural Anthropology, United States History, International Law and Relations, Military Studies2006 Shirley Lindenbaum (grad student)
Lawrence WaldronArt History, Caribbean Studies, Archaeology Anthropology Art History2010 Eloise Q. Keber (grad student)
Diana D. WallArchaeology Anthropology, United States History
Danning WangCultural Anthropology, Demography2002 Jane C. Schneider (grad student)
Gerard A. WeberCultural Anthropology, Medical and Forensic Anthropology Anthropology2009 Jane C. Schneider (grad student)
Maritza S. WilliamsCultural Anthropology2002 Michael Blim (grad student)
Eric Robert Wolfanthropology
Nathan D. WoodsCultural Anthropology; Science Studies; Expertise; Environment; Higher Education Anthropology2015 Michael Blim (grad student)
James M. WoollettArchaeology Anthropology2003 Thomas H. McGovern (grad student)
Patricia C. WrightPrimate Behavior, Primate Ecology, Primate Conservation, Madagascar Anthropology1985 Warren Kinzey (grad student)
Janette YarwoodSouth African Studies, Ethnic and Racial Studies Anthropology2011 Leith Mullings (grad student)
Kee H. YongCultural Anthropology, Asia History, Theory and Methods2003 Michael Blim (grad student)
Gabriela ZamoranoCultural Anthropology, Mass Communications Anthropology2009 Marc Edelman (grad student)
Jarrett ZigonCultural Anthropology2006 Michael Blim (grad student)