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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
Georges Balandier (Info) Sorbonne Briankhumalo 2021‑08‑12
Matt Artz (Info) University of North Texas Design Anthropology, Business Anthropology, User Experience, Product Management, Algorithmic Bias, Creator Economy, Direct-to-Consumer Genetics mattartz 2021‑08‑16
Scott Blumenthal (Info) CUNY sb1357 2021‑10‑14
Alice M. Brues (Info) CU Boulder jandh 2021‑09‑06
Matthew James Crawford (Info) UCSD, Tufts History of Science and Medicine, History of Knowledge and Belief, Early Modern Iberian Atlantic World HistoryPhD 2021‑10‑02
Frances Forrest (Info) CUNY sb1357 2021‑10‑14
Shelomo Dov Goitein (Info) University of Frankfurt am Main amitl 2021‑08‑05
Edward T. Hall (Info) Columbia Cultural anthropology, proxemics Briankhumalo 2021‑09‑17
Judith Hayem (Info) Université Lille 1 Briankhumalo 2021‑08‑12
Josef Horovitz (Info) Universität Berlin, Mohammedan Anglo-Oriental College, Aligarh, University of Frankfurt am Main amitl 2021‑08‑05
Terry L. Hunt (Info) University of Washington Briankhumalo 2021‑08‑27
Georfrey J. Irwin (Info) University of Auckland Briankhumalo 2021‑08‑27
Glynn Isaac (Info) UC Berkeley sb1357 2021‑10‑14
Sylvain Lazarus (Info) Université Paris 8 Briankhumalo 2021‑08‑12
Julia Lee-Thorp (Info) Oxford sb1357 2021‑10‑14
Edward B. Liebow (Info) American Anthropological Association environmental health, social policy eliebow 2021‑09‑16
Nicole Mathwich (Info) University of Arizona bpavao 2021‑09‑17
Elizabeth J. Reitz (Info) University of Georgia bpavao 2021‑09‑17
Eric Alden Smith (Info) Cornell Briankhumalo 2021‑08‑27
Elizabeth S. Wing (Info) University of Florida bpavao 2021‑09‑17
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