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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
ezbee cleaning (Info) ezbeecleaning 2023‑05‑31
namza dining (Info) namzadining 2023‑06‑02
Egon Eiermann (Info) University of Karlsruhe Architecture Meloschez 2023‑04‑17
Peter David Eisenman (Info) Yale, Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies (IAUS), Cornell, Columbia, Cambridge University (U.K) Architecture, Theory, Philosophy Meloschez 2023‑04‑17
therm glass (Info) thermglass 2023‑05‑26
Zaha Mohammad Hadid (Info) Architectural Association, London Architecture, Suprematism, Theory Meloschez 2023‑04‑17
Remment Lucas Koolhaas (Info) Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies (IAUS), Architecture Association, Cornell, Harvard Architecture, Theory, Urbanism Meloschez 2023‑04‑17
John Leslie Martin (Info) Cambridge University (U.K) Architecture Meloschez 2023‑04‑17
Richard Meier (Info) Cornell Architecture Meloschez 2023‑04‑17
Online Nakshatra (Info) onlinenakshatra 2023‑06‑15
Skittles productions (Info) Skittlesproductions 2023‑05‑30
Colin Rowe (Info) Cambridge University (U.K), Warburg Institute, University of London, Cornell, University of Liverpool Architecture, History, Criticism, Theory Meloschez 2023‑04‑17
James Stirling (Info) University of Liverpool Architecture Meloschez 2023‑04‑17
Oswald Mathias Ungers (Info) Cornell, University of Karlsruhe Architecture, Theory Meloschez 2023‑04‑17
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