University of California, Berkeley

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Katherine A. AlataloInterstellar matter, radio astronomy, numerical analysis Astrophysics2012 Carl E. Heiles (grad student)
Dinsmore Alter1916 Armin Otto Leuschner (grad student)
David P. Anderson
Kinsey Amor Andersonspace physics
Lawrence Anderson-HuangSciences Education, Theory Physics, Administration Education1977 Jonathan Arons (grad student)
Harold Delos BabcockSolar spectroscopy1906 William James Raymond (research assistant), E. Percival Lewis (research assistant)
Horace Welcome Babcocksolar and stellar magnetism1938 Nicholas Ulrich Mayall (grad student)
Donald C. BackerAstronomy and Astrophysics
Samuel David BaderExperimental studies of magnetic surfaces and films, ferromagnetic-superconducting multilayers, bio-inspired self-assembly of magnetic nanostructures.1974 Norman E. Phillips (grad student)
Choongsoon Baenumerical weather prediction, astronomy, genomics2008 Peter J. Bickel (grad student)
Steven Andrew BalbusAstronomy and Astrophysics, Fluid and Plasma Physics1981 Christopher F. McKee (grad student)
Ian Robertson Bartky1962 William Francis Giauque (grad student)
Derek M. Beannumerical weather prediction, astronomy, genomics Statistics2014 Peter J. Bickel (grad student)
Sara Chaya BeckAstrophysics1981 Charles Hard Townes (grad student)
Eric Christopher Bellmastrophysics Physics2011 Steven Edward Boggs (grad student)
Michael James Scott Beltonplanetary science1964 John C. Brandt (grad student)
Dominic J. Benfordastrophysics Physixs19901992 Paul L. Richards (research assistant)
Louis Berman1929 Joseph Haines Moore (grad student)
Sharmodeep Bhattacharyyanumerical weather prediction, astronomy, genomics Statistics2013 Peter J. Bickel (grad student)
Peter J. Bickelnumerical weather prediction, astronomy, genomics1963 Erich Leo Lehmann (grad student)
Victor Manuel Blancolate-type stars1949 Robert Julius Trumpler (grad student)
Leo BlitzAstronomy and Astrophysics
Joshua S. Bloomastronomy
Nathan P. Boleynumerical weather prediction, astronomy, genomics Biostatistics2014 Peter J. Bickel (grad student)
Richard J. Bonventre Physics2020 Gabriel D Orebi Gann (grad student)
Hervé Bouyastronomy, astrophysics
C. Stuart Bowyerultraviolet astronomy
Michael E. (Mike) BrownResearch Areas: Planetary Astronomy; Planetary Science1994 Hyron Spinrad (grad student), Imke de Pater (grad student)
Robert Lamme BrownRadio astronomy1965 Kinsey Amor Anderson (research assistant)
Wilbur Knight BrownAstronomy1962 Laurence Passell (grad student)
Thomas Buck
Joshua BurkartAstrophysics Physics Physics2014 Eliot Quataert (grad student)
Mu Cainumerical weather prediction, astronomy, genomics Statistics2013 Peter J. Bickel (grad student)
John E. CarlstromCosmology, Extragalactic Astronomy & Astrophysics, Galactic Astronomy & Astrophysics1989 William Jack Welch (grad student)
Martha Stahr Carpenterradio astronomy1946 Robert Julius Trumpler (grad student)
Edwin Francis Carpenterwhite dwarf stars, supernovae, galactic astronomy.1925 William Wallace Campbell (grad student), Walter Sydney Adams (grad student)
Cynthia A. CattellSpace Plasma Physics19741980 Forrest S. Mozer (grad student)
Robert Jefferson Chambers1964 Harold F. Weaver (grad student), Richard Warren Michie (grad student)
Aiyou Chennumerical weather prediction, astronomy, genomics2004 Peter J. Bickel (grad student)
Huei-Ru Chenmolecular radio astronomy2004 William Jack Welch (grad student)
David ChernoffAstrophysics Physics Physics1985 Christopher F. McKee (grad student)
Ernest H. Cherringtonspectrophotometry1935 Charles Donald Shane (grad student)
Eugene ChiangAstronomy
William ChinowskyAstrophysics
Martin Cohen
Peter S. Continature and evolution of massive luminous stars Physics1963 George Wallerstein (grad student)
Richard John Creswickcondensed matter theory, particle astrophysics19761981 Harry Lee Morrison (grad student)
Steve CroftRadio Astronomy, SETI
David Dill Cudabackexperimental visible, infrared and radio astronomy1962 Harold F. Weaver (grad student)
Arthur F. DavidsenUltraviolet Telescope Physics and Astronomy1975 C. Stuart Bowyer (grad student)
Marc DavisLarge-scale structure, cosmology, evolution of galaxies
Sumner Prindle Davisastrophysics Physics1952 Francis Arthur Jenkins (grad student)
Dorothy N. Davis Locanthiastrophysics1937 Charles Donald Shane (grad student), Francis Arthur Jenkins (grad student)
André Luiz Carvalho de GouvêaElectroweak interactions and physics beyond the standard model, neutrino oscillations and the origin of neutrino masses.1999 Hitoshi Murayama (grad student)
Imke de PaterAstronomy, Planetary Science, Adaptive optics and Radio Observations of the giant planets, their rings and satellites
Thomas J. Devlinexperimental high energy physics1961 Burton J. Moyer (grad student)
Arjun DeyAstronomy and Astrophysics1994 Hyron Spinrad (grad student)
Dale Flint Dickinsonradio astronomy1964 Burton J. Moyer (grad student)
Nannielou Reier Hepburn Dieter ConklinRadio astronomy
S. George DjorgovskiAstroinformatics1985 Hyron Spinrad (grad student)
Jerry Edelstein1992 C. Stuart Bowyer (grad student)
Kareem J El-BadryGalaxy evolution2016 Daniel R. Weisz (grad student), Eliot Quataert (grad student)
Neal J. EvansAstronomy19681973 Charles Hard Townes (grad student)
David S. EvansSpace physics, aurora1962 Robert Reginald Brown (grad student)
Claude-andré Faucher-giguèreGalaxy formation and evolution, including star formation, galaxy-black hole co-evolution, galactic dynamics, and connections with the intergalactic medium and cosmology. Pulsars. Astronomy Eliot Quataert (post-doc)
Alexei V. FilippenkoSupernovae, active galaxies, black holes, gamma-ray bursts, and the expansion of the Universe
George Hewitt Fisher
Robert T. FisherComputational Astrophysics, Type Ia Supernovae, Turbulence, Star Formation19952002 Christopher F. McKee (grad student), Richard I. Klein (grad student)
Michael Fitzgerald2007 James R. Graham (grad student)
Kenneth Linn Franklin1953 Otto Struve (grad student)
Peter John Arthur GaposchkinAstrophysics1971 Rainer Kurt Sachs (grad student)
Eric L. GarfunkelMaterials Science Engineering, Condensed Matter Physics, Molecular Physics1983 Gabor A. Somorjai (grad student)
Yoram Gatnumerical weather prediction, astronomy, genomics2000 Peter J. Bickel (grad student)
Robert Leon Goldencosmic rays1966 Luis W. Alvarez (grad student)
Gerson Goldhaberparticle physics, astrophysics
Rosa Amelia González Astronomy19891996 James R. Graham (grad student)
W. Miller GossRadio astronomy1967 Harold F. Weaver (grad student)
James R. Graham
Gary Lars Grasdalenearly stages of stellar evolution1972 Leonard Vello Kuhi (grad student), John E. Gaustad (grad student)
J. Woods HalleyCondensed matter and chemical physics theory, simulation and experiment with an emphasis on interfaces and models of prebiotic evolution.1965 Charles Kittel (grad student)
John Michael HauptmanElementary Particles and High Energy Physics1974 George H. Trilling (grad student)
Carl E. HeilesInterstellar matter, radio astronomy, numerical analysis
Louis George Henyey
George Howard Herbig1948 Harold F. Weaver (grad student)
Lea A HirschExtrasolar planets Astronomy20152018 Andrew W. Howard (grad student)
Anna Y. Q. Homassive-star death
Karl George HufbauerHistory of Science1970 Roger Hahn (grad student)
Eric M. HuffAstrophysics Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics Astrophysics2012 David Schlegel (grad student)
George Jerome Igo1953 Luis W. Alvarez (grad student)
John Henry Barrows Irwinphotoelectric photometry, binary star orbits, Cepheid variables, and the history of astronomy19411946 William Hammond Wright (grad student), Arthur Bambridge Wyse (grad student)
Theodor Siegumfeldt Jacobsenradial velocities of cepheids, binary stars1926 Joseph Haines Moore (grad student), William Wallace Campbell (grad student)
Siddharth Jainmolecular radio astronomy2007 William Jack Welch (grad student)
Thomas R. JarboeFluid and Plasma Physics1974 Wulf Bernard Kunkel (grad student)
Raymond Jeanloznature and evolution of planetary interiors, as well as the properties of materials at high pressures.
Jenher Jengnumerical weather prediction, astronomy, genomics2002 Peter J. Bickel (grad student)
Harold Lester Johnson1948 Harold F. Weaver (grad student)
Bernard J.T. Jonesformation of galaxies Joseph Ivor Silk (post-doc)
Paul Kalas
Katherina J. Kechrisnumerical weather prediction, astronomy, genomics2003 Peter J. Bickel (grad student)
James Chalmers Kemp1961 Jerome Ralph Singer (grad student), Erwin Louis Hahn (post-doc)
Carl Clarence Kiessastrophysics1913 William Wallace Campbell (grad student)
Ivan R. Kingstar clusters
Richard I. Kleincomputational astrophysics
Gabriel Kojoianradio astronomy1966 William Chinowsky (grad student), Emilio Segrè (grad student)
David Chih-Yuen KooAstronomy and Astrophysics, Astrophysics Physics Astronomy1981 Hyron Spinrad (grad student), Ivan R. King (grad student)
Eric J KorpelaAstronomy, Interstellar medium, SETI, astrobiology, UV instrumentation, Radio Instrumentation Astronomy Astronomy Space Sciences Laboratory Space Sciences Laboratory19882019 C. Stuart Bowyer (grad student), Jerry Edelstein (collaborator), David P. Anderson (collaborator), Dan Werthimer (collaborator)
Robert Paul KraftAstrophysics1955 George Howard Herbig (grad student), Otto Struve (grad student)
Richard Gordon KronExtragalactic Astronomy & Astrophysics, Galactic Astronomy & Astrophysics1978 Ivan R. King (grad student)
Gerald Edward KronAstronomy1938 Albert Edward Whitford (grad student), Joel Stebbins (grad student)
Leonard Vello Kuhi1964 George Howard Herbig (grad student)
Shrinivas R. KulkarniAstronomy1984 Carl E. Heiles (grad student)
Jaimyoung Kwonnumerical weather prediction, astronomy, genomics2000 Peter J. Bickel (grad student)
John Howard LacyAstronomy and Astrophysics, Fluid and Plasma1979 Charles Hard Townes (grad student)
Jing Leinumerical weather prediction, astronomy, genomics Statistics2010 Peter J. Bickel (grad student)
Chun Ming Leung astronomy George B. Field (grad student)
Armin Otto Leuschner
Nancy Levenson Astronomy1997 James R. Graham (grad student)
Elizaveta Levinanumerical weather prediction, astronomy, genomics2002 Peter J. Bickel (grad student)
Jingyi Linumerical weather prediction, astronomy, genomics Biostatistics2013 Peter J. Bickel (grad student)
Susana LizanoInterstellar medium; magnetohydrodynamics; star formation; gravitational collapse; stellar winds; protoplanetary disks; ionized regions; radiative transport in ionized, neutral and molecular gas.1988 Frank H. Shu (grad student)
James P. Lloyd19972002 James R. Graham (grad student)
Clarence Roger Lynds1955 Gerald Edward Kron (grad student)
Jacob W. LynnFluid and Plasma Physics, Astrophysics Physics Physics2014 Eliot Quataert (grad student)
Maud Worcester MakemsonArchaeoastronomy1930 Armin Otto Leuschner (grad student)
Geoffrey W. MarcyAstronomy and Astrophysics
Christopher MartinAstronomy; Physics Physics1986 C. Stuart Bowyer (grad student)
Robert D. MathieuStructure, kinematics and dynamics of star clusters and star-forming regions; stellar binary populations; blue stragglers and other objects on alternative stellar evolution pathways; stellar angular momentum evolution.1983 Ivan R. King (grad student)
Christopher MatznerAstronomy and Astrophysics, Astrophysics Physics1999 Christopher F. McKee (grad student)
Nicholas Ulrich MayallAstronomy1934 William Hammond Wright (grad student)
James Dennis McBride2014 Carl E. Heiles (grad student)
Matthew McCluskeyHigh pressure and semi-conductor physics.1997 Eugene E. Haller (grad student)
Christopher F. McKeeTheory of the interstellar medium and of star formation1970 George B. Field (grad student)
Andrew McKellarAstrophysics1933 Francis Arthur Jenkins (grad student)
Delbert Harold McNamara1950 Gerald Edward Kron (grad student)
Aden Baker Meinel1949 Charles Donald Shane (grad student)
Harrison Shepler Mendenhall1929 Joseph Haines Moore (grad student)
Paul Willard MerrillStellar spectroscopy1913 William Wallace Campbell (grad student), William Hammond Wright (grad student), Joseph Haines Moore (grad student)
Peter MészárosHigh energy astrophysics1972 George B. Field (grad student)
Richard Warren Michie
Robyn M. MillanElectricity and Magnetism Physics, Atmospheric Sciences2002 Robert Peichung Lin (grad student)
Rudolf MinkowskiAstronomy
Richard Irwin Mitchell Astronomy1955 Otto Struve (grad student)
John D. MonnierAstronomy and Astrophysics, Astrophysics Physics Physics Space Sciences Laboratory19931999 Charles Hard Townes (grad student), William C. Danchi (grad student)
Joseph Haines Moore
Telemachos C. MouschoviasAstronomy and Astrophysics Astronomy1975 George B. Field (grad student)
Leonidas Moustakas1998 Marc Davis (grad student)
Albert Gray Mowbray1943 Nicholas Ulrich Mayall (grad student)
Forrest S. MozerSpace Plasma Physics, Nuclear Physics, Electrical Engineering
Philip Steven Muirhead James P. Lloyd (grad student)
Joan Rie Najita1992 Frank H. Shu (grad student)
Seth Barnes NicholsonSolar physics1915 Armin Otto Leuschner (grad student)
Eve Charis OstrikerAstronomy and Astrophysics1993 Christopher F. McKee (grad student), Frank H. Shu (grad student)
Antonella Palmesegalaxy surveys, gravitational waves, multi-messenger astronomy, cosmology
Joshua E. PeekInterstellar matter, radio astronomy, numerical analysis2008 Carl E. Heiles (grad student)
Hrvoje PetekSolid State Spectroscopy19801985 C. Bradley Moore (grad student)
Gordon Hemenway PettengillRadio Astronomy, Planetary Remote Sensing1955 Owen Chamberlain (grad student)
John Gardner Phillipsspectroscopy
A. Keith Piercesolar spectroscopy1948 Charles Donald Shane (grad student)
Daniel Magnes Popperstellar astrophysics1938 Arthur Bambridge Wyse (grad student), Joseph Haines Moore (grad student)
George Worrall PrestonAstronomy1959 George Howard Herbig (grad student)
Ervin J Prousecelestial mechanics1939 Charles Donald Shane (grad student)
Laura J. Pyrak-NolteFluid and Plasma Physics, Geophysics1988 Neville G. W. Cook (grad student)
Eliot QuataertAstrophysics Physics, General Physics
Malcolm Isaac Raffastrophysics, genetic engineering Astronomy1976 Hyron Spinrad (grad student)
David M. Rank Charles Hard Townes (post-doc)
Gibson ReavesAstronomy1952 Charles Donald Shane (grad student)
Gail Anne Reichertactive galactic nuclei1982 C. Stuart Bowyer (grad student)
Stephen P. Reynoldshigh-energy astrophysics1980 Christopher F. McKee (grad student)
Adam G. Riess19961999 Alexei V. Filippenko (post-doc)
Philip Shaefer Riggsstellar and galactic astronomy1944 Robert Julius Trumpler (grad student)
Mark O. Robbinsnon-equilibrium processes1983 Leopoldo M. Falicov (grad student)
Ralph Robert Robbinstheoretical studies of helium1966 Eugene Raymond Capriotti (grad student)
Timothy RobishawInterstellar matter, radio astronomy, numerical analysis2008 Carl E. Heiles (grad student)
Sergio RodriguezPhysics, Condensed Matter Physics, Mathematical Physics1958 Charles Kittel (grad student)
Elizabeth Roemer1955 George Howard Herbig (grad student)
Frank Elmore Ross1901 Ernest Julius Wilczynski (grad student)
John Albert Russellmeteor spectroscopy1943 Robert Julius Trumpler (grad student)
Jorge Sahadeinteracting binary systems19551957 Otto Struve (research scientist)
Heidi Marie SchellmanInteractions of quarks and leptons, decay of weak vector bosons, high-intensity neutrino experiments, cosmological high-energy physics.1984 George H. Trilling (grad student)
David SchlegelAstrophysics Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics
Richard Alan Schwartzsolar flares1984 Kinsey Amor Anderson (grad student), Robert Peichung Lin (grad student)
Uros SelakAstrophysics Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics
Charles Donald ShaneStellar spectroscopy1920 William Wallace Campbell (grad student), Joseph Haines Moore (grad student)
Joseph C. ShieldsAstronomy and Astrophysics1991 Alexei V. Filippenko (grad student)
Joshua H. ShiodeAstrophysics Physics, General Physics Astrophysics2013 Eliot Quataert (grad student)
Uri ShumlakFluid and Plasma Physics, Aerospace Engineering1992 Edward Clemens Morse (grad student)
Thomas Alan ShuttAstronomy and Astrophysics, Elementary Particles and High Energy Physics1993 Bernard Sadoulet (grad student)
Mary Catherine SilberGeneral Biophysics, Applied Mathematics, Molecular Biology1989 Edgar Knobloch (grad student)
Rein Silberbergcosmic rays, radiation effects1960 Gerson Goldhaber (grad student)
Joseph Ivor SilkCosmology
Samuel Silverradio astronomy, upper atmosphere
Charlotte Emma Moore SitterlyAstronomy1931 Armin Otto Leuschner (grad student)
Howard Alan SmithResearch Area Stars and the Interstellar Medium1976 Charles Hard Townes (grad student)
Harding Eugene SmithAstronomy and Astrophysics1974 Hyron Spinrad (grad student)
Jennifer L. Sokoloski1999 Lars Bildsten (grad student)
Hyron Spinradgalactic evolution, physical constitution of comets1961 Albert Edward Whitford (grad student), Nicholas Ulrich Mayall (grad student)
John R. Staufferastrophysics1981 Hyron Spinrad (grad student)
Joel StebbinsAstronomy1903 William Wallace Campbell (grad student)
Charles Bruce Stephensonastrophysics1959 William Pendry Bidelman (grad student), Charles Donald Shane (grad student)
Albert Victor Stern1950 Gerald Edward Kron (grad student)
Sidney Norman Stone1957 Harold F. Weaver (grad student), Otto Struve (grad student)
Linda E. StrubbeAstrophysics Physics Astrophysics2011 Eliot Quataert (grad student)
Otto StruveAstrophysics
Conrad Ray SturchAstronomy1965 George Worrall Preston (grad student)
Richard SuperfineNanotechnology, Biophysics19861991 Yuen-Ron Shen (grad student)
Jonathan J. Swiftmolecular radio astronomy2006 William Jack Welch (grad student)
Jonathan C. Tan2001 Christopher F. McKee (grad student)
Jill Cornell Tarter1975 Joseph Ivor Silk (grad student)
John Robert ThorstensenAstronomy and Astrophysics1980 C. Stuart Bowyer (grad student)
Eugene Richard Tomerdynamical astronomy, electromagnetic theory for use in communications, and computational methods of applied mathematics1978 Heinz Otto Cordes (grad student)
Robert Julius Trumpler
Jean L. Turner1984 William Jack Welch (grad student)
Roger K. Ulrich Astronomy1968 Louis George Henyey (grad student)
William Foster van AltenaAstronomy and Astrophysics1966 Stanislaus Vasilevskis (grad student)
Peter van de Kampastrometry, parallax and proper motions of stars.1925 William Wallace Campbell (grad student), Robert Grant Aitken (grad student), Joseph Haines Moore (grad student), Robert Julius Trumpler (grad student)
Schuyler D. Van Dyk19931996 Alexei V. Filippenko (post-doc)
George Wallersteinchemical composition of stellar atmospheres
Frederick M. WalterAstronomy and Astrophysics.1981 C. Stuart Bowyer (grad student)
David Quentin Warkmeteorology1959 John Gardner Phillips (grad student)
Harold F. Weaver Astronomy1942 Robert Julius Trumpler (grad student)
Zodiac T. Webstermolecular radio astronomy2002 William Jack Welch (grad student)
William Henry Wehlaustellar astrophysics1953 Harold F. Weaver (grad student)
Lauren M Weissexoplanets Astronomy Astronomy20152016 Geoffrey W. Marcy (grad student), Andrew W. Howard (grad student)
Daniel R. WeiszAstronomy
William Jack Welchmolecular radio astronomy1960 Victor H. Rumsey (grad student)
Michael Wolock Wernerinfrared astronomy19691972 Charles Hard Townes (post-doc)
Fred Lawrence WhippleAstrophysics1931 Armin Otto Leuschner (grad student)
Martin WhiteCosmology
Gary Allen Williamssuperfluid helium1974 Richard E. Packard (grad student)
Jeffrey Alan Willickobservational cosmology1991 C. Stuart Bowyer (grad student)
Robert Farquhar Winginfrared astronomy1967 Hyron Spinrad (grad student)
Eli Wiston
Yue Wusolid state NMR, metallic glass, interfacial water Alexander Pines (post-doc)
John R. WygantSpace Plasma Physics1983 Forrest S. Mozer (grad student)
Arthur Bambridge Wyse1934 Robert Grant Aitken (grad student), Joseph Haines Moore (grad student)
Na Xunumerical weather prediction, astronomy, genomics2008 Peter J. Bickel (grad student)
Ying Xunumerical weather prediction, astronomy, genomics Statistics2011 Peter J. Bickel (grad student)
Donghui Yannumerical weather prediction, astronomy, genomics2009 Peter J. Bickel (grad student)
Jonas ZmuidzinasAstronomy and astronomical instrumentation; airborne astronomy; coherent and incoherent detection; superconducting detectors; microwave techniques.1987 Christopher F. McKee (grad student), Albert L. Betz (grad student)