California Institute of Technology

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Saul J. AdelmanStellar Astronomy1972 Wallace L. W. Sargent (grad student)
Katherine A. AlataloInterstellar matter, radio astronomy, numerical analysis20122015 Philip Appleton (post-doc)
Charles AlcockAstronomy and Astrophysics1977 Peter Martin Goldreich (grad student)
Claudia Joan Alexanderplanetary science
Mark Andrew Allenplanetary and exoplanetary atmospheres, comets, and cold interstellar molecular clouds19781981 G. Wilse Robinson (grad student), Yuk L. Yung (post-doc)
Kurt S. J. AndersonAstronomy and Astrophysics1969 J. Beverley Oke (grad student)
Theocharis Apostolatos1994 Kip S. Thorne (grad student)
Philip Appleton
Lee ArmusObservational Astrophysics
W. David ArnettAstronomy and Astrophysics19671969 William Alfred Fowler (post-doc)
Halton C. Arp1953 Walter Baade (grad student)
John Norris Bahcallnuclear astrophysics, the solar neutrino problem19621963 William Alfred Fowler (post-doc)
Andrew J. BakerAstrophysics2000 Nicholas Z. (Nick) Scoville (grad student)
Nairn R. Baliber
Mary Anne Barsony1989 Nicholas Z. (Nick) Scoville (grad student)
William Alvin BaumUV space spectroscopy1950 William Ralph Smythe (grad student), Richard Tousey (grad student)
Eric E. BecklinExperimental Astrophysics1968 Gerry Neugebauer (grad student)
Charles Arnold Beichmanexo-planet research
Eric Christopher Bellmastrophysics
David Fulmer Benderephemerides of asteroids and comets1937 William Vermillion Houston (grad student)
Dominic J. Benfordastrophysics19921999 Thomas G. Phillips (grad student)
Edo BergerAstronomy2004 Shrinivas R. Kulkarni (grad student)
Varun B. BhaleraoAstrophysics, Instrumentation, Transient, Neutron stars Astrophysics Astrophysics20062012 Fiona A. Harrison (grad student), Shrinivas R. Kulkarni (grad student), Mansi M. Kasliwal (collaborator)
Ravinder S. Bhatia
Nadejda (Nadia) Blagorodnova Mujortova
Andrew William BlainAstronomy and Astrophysics
Roger David BlandfordAstrophysics
Joshua S. Bloomastronomy2002 Shrinivas R. Kulkarni (grad student)
John Gatenby Boltonradio astronomy
Katherine Louise BoumanEvent Horizon Telescope project
Stephen A. Bourke
George Hamilton Bowenbiophysics, astronomy Physics1953 Max Delbrück (grad student)
Corinne M. Boyer
Ido BraslavskyCondensed Matter Physics, General Biophysics20002003 Stephen R Quake (post-doc)
Michael E. (Mike) BrownResearch Areas: Planetary Astronomy; Planetary Science
Robert J. BrunnerAstrophysics Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics19972002 S. George Djorgovski (post-doc), Thomas A. (Tom) Prince (post-doc)
Peter M. Bryant1997 Nicholas Z. (Nick) Scoville (grad student)
J Robert Buchlerastrophysics, chaos, supernovae William Alfred Fowler (post-doc)
Michael W. BuschAstronomy Planetary Science Planetary Science2010 Shrinivas R. Kulkarni (grad student), Steven Jeffrey Ostro (grad student)
Bryan Jay Butler Geological and Planetary Sciences Geological and Planetary Sciences1994 Martin Alphonse Slade (grad student), Duane Owen Muhleman (grad student)
John Michael Carpenter
John Irvin Castorastrophysics1967 J. Beverley Oke (grad student), Robert F. Christy (grad student)
Georgeanne Robertson Caughlanstellar energy generation19611963 William Alfred Fowler (post-doc)
S. B. CenkoAstronomy Physics2009 Shrinivas R. Kulkarni (grad student)
Deepto ChakrabartyAstrophysics19901996 Thomas A. (Tom) Prince (grad student)
Ranga-Ram Chary IPAC20022003 Willliam Reach (post-doc)
Goutam ChattopadhyayAstronomy and astronomical instrumentation; airborne astronomy; coherent and incoherent detection; superconducting detectors; microwave techniques.2000 Jonas Zmuidzinas (grad student)
Eugene ChiangAstronomy2000 Peter Martin Goldreich (grad student)
Yi ChouX-ray Astronomy Phyiscs19881990 Wei-Tou Ni (grad student)
R. Todd Clancy1983 Duane Owen Muhleman (grad student)
Arthur D. Codespace astronomy
Ann M. CodyAstronomy and Astrophysics Astronomy2012 Lynne A. Hillenbrand (grad student)
Judith G. Cohennear-field cosmology1971 Guido Münch (grad student)
Marshall H. CohenRadio Astronomy
Alessandra Corsi20102012 Alan Jay Weinstein (post-doc), Shrinivas R. Kulkarni (post-doc)
David Crisp
Abigail T. CritesCosmology, Extragalactic Astronomy & Astrophysics, Galactic Astronomy & Astrophysics
Jeffrey Nicholas CuzziPlanetary rings1973 Duane Owen Muhleman (grad student)
Yu (Sophia) Daiformation and evolution of galaxies
Daniel DaleAstronomy and Astrophysics George Helou (post-doc)
Leverett DavisTheoretical physics1941 William Vermillion Houston (grad student)
Dorothy N. Davis Locanthiastrophysics19621969 Jesse Leonard Greenstein (research scientist)
Selma de MinkStellar Physics, Stellar evolution, Stellar evolution under extreme conditions Stellar Transients, Progenitors of Supernovae and Gamma-ray bursts Gravitational Wave Astrophysics, Astrophysical sources and their progenitors Binary Interaction, Binary Merge
Tanio Diaz SantosGalaxy formation and evolution20112014 Lee Armus (post-doc)
S. George DjorgovskiAstroinformatics
C. Darren DowellAstronomical instrumentation
Dmitry Duev
Sheila E. Dwyer
Christopher R. Echols
Joshua A. EisnerAstronomy and Astrophysics2005 Lynne A. Hillenbrand (grad student)
Brent L. Ellerbroek1979 Wilhelmus Anthonius Josephus Luxemburg (grad student)
Aaron S. EvansObservational Astrophysics19961999 Nicholas Z. (Nick) Scoville (post-doc)
Alison J. FarmerPlanetary Science2005 Peter Martin Goldreich (grad student)
Alexei V. FilippenkoSupernovae, active galaxies, black holes, gamma-ray bursts, and the expansion of the Universe1984 Wallace L. W. Sargent (grad student)
Krzysztof FindeisenAstrophysics Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics Astrophysics2015 Lynne A. Hillenbrand (grad student)
Lee Samuel FinnGravitational Physics & Cosmology1987 Kip S. Thorne (grad student)
Eanna E. FlanaganGravitational Physics/Theoretical Astrophysics19881993 Kip S. Thorne (grad student)
William Alfred FowlerNuclear Physics, nuclear astrophysics1936 Charles Christian Lauritsen (grad student)
Klaus Joachim Fricke Kellogg Radiation Laboratory19721973 William Alfred Fowler (post-doc)
Aki Fujii
James W Fuller
Jiansong GaoAstronomy and astronomical instrumentation; airborne astronomy; coherent and incoherent detection; superconducting detectors; microwave techniques. Engineering and Applied Science2008 Jonas Zmuidzinas (grad student)
Neil Gehrelsgamma-ray bursts1982 Edward Carroll Stone (grad student), Rochus E. (Robbie) Vogt (grad student)
Andrea Ghezstar formation, investigate the proposed massive black hole at the center of our Galaxy1993 Gerry Neugebauer (grad student)
Luc Gilles
Paul E. Gillett
Kim Gillies
John Evangelos GizisAstronomy and Astrophysics1998 Iain Neill Reid (grad student)
William Joseph Glaccuminfrared arrays IRAC calibration interplanetary dust circumstellar dust hysteresis (memory effects) in detectors
Peter Martin GoldreichPlanetary Science
Alércio M. GomesAstronomy and Astrophysics Mount Wilson and Palomar Observatories19601961 Fritz Zwicky (post-doc)
James R. Graham
Richard Frederick GreenExtragalactic Astronomy and Cosmology, Instrumentation Astronomy1977 Maarten Schmidt (grad student)
Jesse Leonard GreensteinAstronomy
Daniel GrinCosmology, particle astrophysics, astrophysics, particle physics Astronomy2010 Marc P. Kamionkowski (grad student)
Arie William Grossman1990 Duane Owen Muhleman (grad student)
Pierre Guillard20102012 Philip Appleton (post-doc)
James E. Gunnobservational cosmology, dark matter1966 Guido Münch (grad student)
Mark A Gurwellplanetary radio astronomy; atmospheric spectroscopy; blazar monitoring Geological and Planetary Sciences19901995 Duane Owen Muhleman (grad student)
Laura J. HainlineAstronomy and Astrophysics, Astrophysics Physics Astrophysics2008 Andrew William Blain (grad student)
Albert Frank Christian Haldemannpayload and assembly manager1997 Duane Owen Muhleman (grad student)
Gregg W. Hallinan
Christopher Allim Haniffoptics, high spatial resolution imaging, interferometry, optical image formation and retrieval, atmospheric turbulence, adaptive optics, system design and architecture of large optical synthesis arrays
Bradley M. HansenTheoretical Astrophysics1996 E. Sterl Phinney (grad student)
Daniel E. HarrisRadio astronomy1961 John Gatenby Bolton (grad student), Gordon J. Stanley (grad student)
Jay Hauser19791985 David G. Hitlin (grad student)
James C. HermansonAerospace Engineering, General Engineering1985 Paul E. Dimotakis (grad student)
Lars HernquistAstrophysics Physics1985 Roger David Blandford (grad student)
Emil Rudolf Herzog19491951 Fritz Zwicky (research scientist)
Albert HigheAstronomy1981 Robert Walton Vaughan (grad student)
Lynne A. HillenbrandAstronomy and Astrophysics
Anna Y. Q. Homassive-star death Astrophysics2020 Shrinivas R. Kulkarni (grad student)
Mark David Hofstadteratmospheres of planets, comets1992 Duane Owen Muhleman (grad student)
Elizabeth Katherine Holmesdynamics of interplanetary dust Jet Propulsion Laboratory Jet Propulsion Laboratory20022004 Charles Arnold Beichman (post-doc), Thangasamy Velusamy (post-doc)
Keith Douglas Horne1983 J. Beverley Oke (grad student)
John P. HuchraAstronomy and Astrophysics1977 Wallace L. W. Sargent (grad student)
Hanae Inami
Anton B. IvanovAstronomy and Astrophysics, Atmospheric Science Physics, Geophysics2002 Duane Owen Muhleman (grad student)
Bryan A. JacobyAstronomy2005 Shrinivas R. Kulkarni (grad student)
Raymond Jeanloznature and evolution of planetary interiors, as well as the properties of materials at high pressures.1979 Thomas J. Ahrens (grad student)
David Jewitt1983 Yuk L. Yung (grad student)
Helen M. JohnstonAstronomy1992 Shrinivas R. Kulkarni (grad student)
Jun JugakuAstronomy1958 Wallace L. W. Sargent (research scientist)
Lucas W. Kamp
Mansi M. KasliwalAstronomy Astrophysics2011 Shrinivas R. Kulkarni (grad student)
William John Kaufmannpopularizer of astronomy
Kenneth I. Kellermannradio galaxies, quasars, cosmology, the development of new instrumentation for radio astronomy, and the history of radio astronomy1963 Gordon J. Stanley (grad student)
Julia Dusk KennefickActive Galaxies, Spiral Galaxies, Exoplanets Astronomy19891995 S. George Djorgovski (grad student)
Stephen Matthew Kent1980 Wallace L. W. Sargent (grad student)
Robert Burnett KingStellar Spectroscopy
Evan N. Kirbyformation and evolution of galaxies
Joseph Davy KirkpatrickBrown dwarfs, spectral classification, Solar Neighborhood, low-mass stars
Robert P. Kirshnerobservational astronomy1975 J. Beverley Oke (grad student)
Michael John Kleinradio astronomy
Christopher Sharpe KochanekAstronomy and Astrophysics, Astrophysics Physics1989 Roger David Blandford (grad student)
Jin KodaAstronomy.
Arieh KoniglAstrophysics Physics1980 Roger David Blandford (grad student)
Adam L. KrausAstronomy and Astrophysics Astrophysics2010 Lynne A. Hillenbrand (grad student)
Michael Ascher Kuhn2022 Lynne A. Hillenbrand (post-doc)
Shrinivas R. KulkarniAstronomy
Shwetank KumarAstronomy and astronomical instrumentation; airborne astronomy; coherent and incoherent detection; superconducting detectors; microwave techniques. Applied Physics2008 Jonas Zmuidzinas (grad student)
Pawan KumarAstrophysics1988 Peter Martin Goldreich (grad student)
E. Robert Kursinskiatmospheric remote sensing1997 Duane Owen Muhleman (grad student)
Nikolaos KylafisAstrophysics19791981 Peter Martin Goldreich (post-doc)
Barry James LaBontesolar physics1979 Harold Zirin (grad student)
Dong LaiAstronomy and Astrophysics, Astrophysics Physics19941997 Peter Martin Goldreich (post-doc), E. Sterl Phinney (post-doc), Kip S. Thorne (post-doc)
Thomas Lai2021 Lee Armus (post-doc)
James E. Larkinextragalactic astrophyics, adaptive optics (AO) and infrared instrumentation1996 B. Thomas Soifer (grad student)
Kirsten L. Larson20152019 Lee Armus (post-doc), Tanio Diaz Santos (post-doc)
Richard B. Larsonstar formation, galaxy formation, evolution of galaxies1968 Guido Münch (grad student)
Robert B. Leightonsolid state physics, cosmic ray physics, the beginnings of modern particle physics, solar physics, planetary photography, infrared astronomy, and millimeter- and submillimeter-wave astronomy1947 Paul Sophus Epstein (grad student), William Vermillion Houston (grad student)
Roger Paul Linfield1981 Marshall H. Cohen (grad student), Roger David Blandford (grad student), Anthony C. Readhead (grad student)
Yoram LithwickPlanet formation, dynamics of planetary systems, accretion disks, MHD turbulence, cosmological halo formation, gamma-ray bursts.2002 Peter Martin Goldreich (grad student)
Junjun LiuPlanetary Science2006 Peter Martin Goldreich (grad student)
Jonathan I. LunineAstronomy and Astrophysics1985 David J. Stevenson (grad student)
Ragnhild LunnanUnusual transients, time-domain astronomy, observational astronomy.
Ashish Mahabal
Matthew A. Malkanobservational cosmology1983 Wallace L. W. Sargent (grad student)
Swarnima Manohar2016 Nicholas Z. (Nick) Scoville (grad student)
Christopher MartinAstronomy; Physics
Philip Massey
John Samuel Mathis1956 Donald E. Osterbrock (grad student)
Dimitri Mawet
Arthur B. McDonaldparticle physics1970 Charles Andrew Barnes (grad student)
Willaim R. Mcveigh
Aden Baker Meinel
Karin Menendez-DelmestreAstronomy and Astrophysics Astronomy2009 Andrew William Blain (grad student)
Stanimir A. MetchevAstronomy and Astrophysics2006 Lynne A. Hillenbrand (grad student)
Dimitri MihalasAstronomy and Astrophysics1964 J. Beverley Oke (grad student)
Michael Coleman MillerAstronomy and Astrophysics, Astrophysics Physics1990 E. Sterl Phinney (grad student)
Kunal Prakash Mooley Astronomy Astronomy Astronomy Astronomy2015 Steven Theodore Myers (grad student), Dale Andrew Frail (grad student), Gregg W. Hallinan (grad student), Shrinivas R. Kulkarni (grad student)
Forrest S. MozerSpace Plasma Physics, Nuclear Physics, Electrical Engineering19511956 William Alfred Fowler (grad student)
Duane Owen Muhleman
Guido Münchastrophysics
Stephen S. MurrayAstrophysics1971 Edward Carroll Stone (grad student)
Steven Theodore Myers Astronomy1990 Anthony C. Readhead (grad student)
Daniel NadeauAstronomy and Astrophysics1981 Gerry Neugebauer (grad student)
Ramesh NarayanAstronomy and Astrophysics Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy19831984 Roger David Blandford (post-doc)
Bret J. NaylorAstronomy and astronomical instrumentation; airborne astronomy; coherent and incoherent detection; superconducting detectors; microwave techniques. Physics2008 Jonas Zmuidzinas (grad student)
Gerry Neugebauerinfrared astronomy1960 Robert L. Walker (grad student)
Omid NoroozianAstronomy and astronomical instrumentation; airborne astronomy; coherent and incoherent detection; superconducting detectors; microwave techniques. Electrical Engineering2012 Jonas Zmuidzinas (grad student)
Robert W. NoyesSolar and stellar seismology; solar structure and dynamics; detection and characterization of planets around other stars; origin and evolution of planetary systems.1963 Robert B. Leighton (grad student)
Eran Oded OfekAstrophysics Astronomy Shrinivas R. Kulkarni (post-doc)
J. Beverley Okestellar and extragalactic astronomy
Bernard More Oliverelectronics, radio engineering, physics, astronomy, computer science, and biology1940 Samuel Stuart Mackeown (grad student)
Ben R. Oppenhiemer1999 Shrinivas R. Kulkarni (grad student)
Steven Jeffrey Ostroplanetary radar astronomy
Arkadas I. Ozakin2004 Peter Martin Goldreich (grad student), Mark B. Wise (grad student)
Don Nelson PageCosmology, theoretical gravitational physics1976 Kip S. Thorne (grad student)
Dimitri Anastassios Papanastassiou1970 Gerald J. Wasserburg (grad student)
Rahul I. Patel
Vasiliki PavlidouAstronomy and Astrophysics20082011 Anthony C. Readhead (post-doc)
Timothy J. Pearson
Laura M. Perez MunozCatalysis, Molecular Therapy Astronomy2013 John R. Carpenter (grad student)
Bruce A. Peterson1969 Maarten Schmidt (grad student)
Thomas G. Phillipsmillimeter and submillimeter-wave detection for astronomy
E. Sterl PhinneyTheoretical Astrophysics
Carolyn C. PorcoSaturn's rings, Endeladus Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences19741983 Peter Martin Goldreich (grad student)
William H. Press1973 Kip S. Thorne (grad student)
Thomas A. (Tom) PrinceAstrophysics
Alvise RaccanelliCosmology, Astrophysics, Physics, Astronomy Jet Propulsion Laboratory Olivier P. Dore (post-doc)
Darin Ragozzine20042009 Michael E. (Mike) Brown (grad student)
Vikram Ravi
Anthony C. Readheadobservational cosmology
Russell Ormond Redman1982 Peter Gregory Wannier (grad student)
Iain Neill Reid
Mark J. ReidAstronomy and Astrophysics1976 Duane Owen Muhleman (grad student)
Adric R. Riedel
Robert Thomas Roodstellar evolution, stellar abundances and nucleosynthesis19711973 William Alfred Fowler (post-doc)
Carl Albert RouseAstrophysics1956 Carl D. Anderson (grad student), Eugene Woodville Cowan (grad student)
Helene Roussel20012005 George Helou (post-doc)
Jagmit S. SandhuAstronomy2001 Shrinivas R. Kulkarni (grad student)
Anneila I. SargentAstronomy and Astrophysics, Astrophysics Physics1978 Peter Martin Goldreich (grad student)
Wallace L. W. Sargent19591962 Jesse Leonard Greenstein (post-doc)
Re'em SariAstrophysics
Paul SchechterAstrophysics, Cosmology1975 James E. Gunn (grad student)
F. Peter Schloerb Astronomy1978 Duane Owen Muhleman (grad student)
Donald P. SchneiderAstronomy and Astrophysics1982 James E. Gunn (grad student)
Kate ScholbergElementary Particles and High Energy1997 Charles W. Peck (grad student), Barry Clark Barish (grad student)
Nicholas Z. (Nick) Scoville
Leonard Searle
Richard Langley Searsastrophysicists19611964 William Alfred Fowler (research scientist)
George A. Seielstad1963 Gordon J. Stanley (grad student)
Kathryn Pierce Shah1992 Duane Owen Muhleman (grad student)
Alice Shapley2003 Charles C. Steidel (grad student)
Stephen Alan Shectman Astronomy1974 James E. Gunn (grad student)
Gregory Alan ShieldsAstronomy and Astrophysics1973 J. Beverley Oke (grad student)
Henry L. ShipmanAstrophysics Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics, General Physics1971 J. Beverley Oke (grad student)
Esayas Shume
Damon Paul SimonelliPlanetary Science
Neil Sinclair Maria Spiropulu (post-doc)
Tom Siofer
Martin Alphonse Slade
Catherine L. SlesnickAstronomy and Astrophysics, Astrophysics Physics Astrophysics2008 Lynne A. Hillenbrand (grad student)
Alicia Margarita SoderbergAstrophysics Physics, Statistics2007 Shrinivas R. Kulkarni (grad student)
B. Thomas SoiferGalaxy Evolution & Infrared Instrumentation
Baruch T. SoiferAstronomy and Astrophysics, Optics Physics
Gordon J. StanleyRadioastronomy
Karl Roald Stapelfeldt1991 Nicholas Z. (Nick) Scoville (grad student)
John R. Staufferastrophysics
Leo C SteinGeneral relativity, gravitation, gravitational waves, compact objects, black holes Physics20152018 Yanbei Chen (post-doc)
Charles L. Steinhardt
Paul J. Steinhardtparticle physics, astrophysics, cosmology, condensed-matter physics1974 Richard P. Feynman (research assistant), Barry Clark Barish (research assistant), Frank Joseph Sciulli (research assistant)
Reiner Stenzel1970 Roy W Gould (grad student)
Lawrence M. Stepp
Matthew A. Stevenson Astronomy2014 Anthony C. Readhead (grad student)
Natalia I. Storch Physics2015 Dong Lai (grad student)
Matthew C. SumnerAstronomy and astronomical instrumentation; airborne astronomy; coherent and incoherent detection; superconducting detectors; microwave techniques. Physics2011 Jonas Zmuidzinas (grad student)
Shriharsh P. TendulkarAstronomy Astrophysics2014 Shrinivas R. Kulkarni (grad student)
Saul Arno TeukolskyGravitational Physics/Theoretical Astrophysics19701973 Kip S. Thorne (grad student)
Kip S. ThorneGravitational Physics/Theoretical Astrophysics
Scott TremaineAstronomy and Astrophysics19751977 Peter Martin Goldreich (post-doc)
Vivian Uextragalactic astronomy Astrophysics2006 Richard S. Ellis (research assistant)
Schuyler D. Van Dyk
Thangasamy VelusamyAstrophsyics
Joaquin D. VieiraCosmology, Extragalactic Astronomy & Astrophysics, Galactic Astronomy & Astrophysics20092013 Andrew Evan Lange (post-doc)
Benjamin F. VillacAerospace Engineering
Rochus E. (Robbie) VogtLaser Interferometer Gravitational- wave Observatory
Robert V. Wagonergravitational astrophysics19651968 William Alfred Fowler (post-doc)
George Wallersteinchemical composition of stellar atmospheres1958 Walter Baade (grad student), Jesse Leonard Greenstein (grad student)
Peter Gregory Wannier
William Roger Wardtheoretical astrophysics1973 Peter Martin Goldreich (grad student)
Kurt W. Weiler1970 George A. Seielstad (grad student)
Eric W. Weisstein1996 Duane Owen Muhleman (grad student)
Michael Wolock Wernerinfrared astronomy Gerry Neugebauer (research scientist)
Sloane J. WiktorowiczAstronomy Planetary Science2009 Shrinivas R. Kulkarni (grad student)
Robert LeRoy WildeyLunar observation1962 Halton C. Arp (grad student), Allan Rex Sandage (grad student)
Clifford Martin WillAstronomy and Astrophysics1971 Kip S. Thorne (grad student)
Albert George Wilson1948 Harry Bateman (grad student), Fritz Zwicky (research scientist)
Olin Chaddock WilsonStellar spectrscopy1934 Paul Willard Merrill (grad student)
Christine D. Wilson1990 Nicholas Z. (Nick) Scoville (grad student)
Amos YahilAstrophysics.1970 Steven C. Frautschi (grad student), George Zweig (grad student)
Louise Gray Youngspectroscopic analysis of planetary atmospheres1963 Stanford S. Penner (grad student)
Herman Zanstraastrophysics19251926 Paul Sophus Epstein (post-doc)
Harold Zirinsolar astronomy
Jonas ZmuidzinasAstronomy and astronomical instrumentation; airborne astronomy; coherent and incoherent detection; superconducting detectors; microwave techniques.
Fritz Zwickytheoretical and observational astronomy