University of Cambridge

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
George Biddell AiryAstronomy1823 George Peacock (research assistant)
Edgar Thomas Snowden Appleyard Cavendish Laboratory Cavendish Laboratory1929 Herbert Wakefield Banks Skinner (collaborator), Ernest Rutherford (grad student)
Amanda C. Baker1995 Robert F. Carswell (grad student)
John Evan BaldwinRadio Astronomy Cavendish Astrophysics Group19521956 Martin Ryle (grad student)
Amy Josephine BargerObservational cosmology, distant galaxies and supermassive black holes, observations at X-ray, optical, near-infrared, submillimeter, and radio wavelengths, star formation and accretion histories of the universe19931998 Richard S. Ellis (grad student)
Matthew Geoffrey BaringAstronomy and Astrophysics, Fluid and Plasma Physics1988 Martin John Rees (grad student)
Victoria Barnard Physics19992003 Andrew William Blain (grad student)
Mitchell C. BegelmanAstronomy and Astrophysics Astrophysics1978 Martin John Rees (grad student)
Vasily Belokurov
Andrew William BlainAstronomy and Astrophysics1995 Malcolm Sim Longair (grad student)
Roger David BlandfordAstrophysics1974 Martin John Rees (grad student)
Benjamin M. BoydType Ia Supernovae, Machine Learning, Bayesian Inference
Jarle BrinchmannGalaxies, population synthesis, Wolf-Rayet, IFU, galaxy dynamics, high redshift galaxies, galaxy spectra, low redshift galaxies1999 Richard S. Ellis (grad student)
Jean P BrodieAstrophysics Physics1981 David Alan Hanes (grad student)
Ernest William Brownlunar and planetary motion1897 George Howard Darwin (grad student)
Hermann Alexander Brück
Robert F. Carswell
Caitlin Meryl Casey2010 Scott Chapman (grad student)
Félix Cernuschiastrophysics, theoretical physics1938 Ralph H. Fowler (grad student)
Subramanyan Chandrasekharastrophysics1933 Ralph H. Fowler (grad student), Edward Arthur Milne (grad student)
Ricardo ChavezCosmology, Astronomy Institute of Astronomy20082014 Roberto Terlevich (grad student)
Ann M. CodyAstronomy and Astrophysics Institute of Astronomy20032004 Douglas Owen Gough (grad student)
Martin Cohen1972 David William Dewhirst (grad student)
Leslie John Comriecomputing techniques1924 Arthur Stanley Eddington (grad student)
Robin G. ConwayRadio Astronomy Cavendish Astrophysics Group1957 Martin Ryle (grad student)
Alis Deason Institute of Astronomy Institute of Astronomy20092012 Vasily Belokurov (grad student), Wyn Evans (grad student)
Terrence James Deeming1961 Roderick O. Redman (grad student)
Laetitia DelrezAstronomy Cavendish Laboratory20162019 Didier Queloz (post-doc)
David William DewhirstAstronomy
Allie Vibert DouglasObservational Astronomy and Astrophysics Cambridge Observatory19211923 Arthur Stanley Eddington (grad student)
Philip L. Dufton1972 David W Peat (grad student), Roderick O. Redman (grad student)
James W. Dungeysolar terrestrial science Physics1951 Fred Hoyle (grad student)
Christopher John Durrant1968 Roderick O. Redman (grad student)
Freeman John Dysonq.e.d., solid-state physics, astronomy, nuclear engineering19461947 Nicholas Kemmer (research assistant)
James Eastwood Astronomy James W. Dungey (grad student)
Arthur Stanley EddingtonAstrophysics19011905 Robert Alfred Herman (research assistant), Ernest William Barnes (research assistant), Edmund Taylor Whittaker (research assistant)
Rebecca Anne W. Elsonglobular clusters1986 S. Michael Fall (grad student)
David Stanley Evansoccultation research1941 Arthur Stanley Eddington (grad student)
Andrew C. FabianX-ray Astronomy
S. Michael FallAstrophysics
John Leslie FinneyLiquids, disordered solids19611964 Helen Dick Megaw (grad student)
John Flamsteed1875 Isaac Newton (grad student)
Carlos S. FrenkComputational Cosmology19771981 Bernard J.T. Jones (grad student)
Roy Henry Garstangcalculations of atomic structure and transition probabilities1954 Douglas R. Hartree (grad student)
Gerard Francis Gilmore
Peter Martin GoldreichPlanetary Science19631964 Donald Lynden-Bell (post-doc)
Eduardo Gonzalez SolaresGalaxies and Active Galactic Nuclei, Instrumentation, Surveys and Projects
Douglas Owen GoughAstrophysical fluid dynamics, helioseismology, asteroseismology Institute of Astronomy1967 Roger J. Tayler (grad student), Donald Lynden-Bell (grad student)
William Michael Herbert GreavesAstronomy1923 Henry Frederick Baker (grad student), Edward Victor Appleton (grad student)
Maximilian N. GüntherAstronomy; Astrophysics; Exoplanets; Stellar Flares Department of Physics20142018 Didier Queloz (grad student)
Yusuke HagiharaCelestial mechanics19231925 Henry Frederick Baker (post-doc), Arthur Stanley Eddington (post-doc)
Will HandleyCosmology, Machine Learning, Bayesian Statistics Mike Hobson (grad student), Anthony N. Lasenby (grad student)
Christopher Allim Haniffoptics, high spatial resolution imaging, interferometry, optical image formation and retrieval, atmospheric turbulence, adaptive optics, system design and architecture of large optical synthesis arrays Cavendish Laboratory Institute for Astronomy1988 John Evan Baldwin (grad student), Craig Douglas Mackay (grad student)
Martin O. HarwitInfrared astronomy Fred Hoyle (post-doc)
Keith A HawkinsAstronomy, Astrophysics Astronomy Astronomy20132018 Gerard Francis Gilmore (grad student), Paula Jofre (grad student)
Cyril HazardRadio Astronomy
Xavier Hernandez Gerard Francis Gilmore (grad student)
Philip W. Hill Roderick O. Redman (grad student)
Arthur Robert Hinksastronomy, geography
Craig HoganAstronomy and Astrophysics, Theory Physics Martin John Rees (grad student)
Michael A. Hoskinhistory of stellar astronomy
Fred Hoylecosmology1939 Rudolf Ernst Peierls (research assistant), Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac (grad student)
John B. Hutchings1969 Andrew David Thackeray (grad student)
Kate Isaak Physics Stafford Withington (grad student)
Robert G. Izzardevolution of single, binary and multiple stars; the origin of the chemical elements; disc and planet formation in binary stars; stellar nucleosynthesis and chemically peculiar stars; astrostatistics of single and multiple stellar systems; globular cluster20002004 Christopher Adam Tout (grad student)
Allon Jameson Physics19982001 Andrew William Blain (grad student), Malcolm Sim Longair (grad student)
John Trevor Jefferiessolar physics
Herbert Jehletheoretical physics, biophysics19331934 Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac (post-doc), Arthur Stanley Eddington (post-doc)
Paula Jofre
Bernard J.T. Jonesformation of galaxies Dennis W. Sciama (grad student), Martin John Rees (grad student)
Gareth Christopher JonesAstrophysics
Ajit K. KembhaviAstrophysics Martin John Rees (post-doc)
Robert C. Kennicutt
Edward J. Kibblewhiteoptical/IR astronomy1971 Roderick O. Redman (grad student)
Zdenka Kuncic Institute of Astronomy1996 Martin John Rees (grad student)
Ofer Lahav1988 Donald Lynden-Bell (grad student), George P. Efstathiou (grad student)
Anthony N. Lasenbycosmology, Cosmic Microwave Background radiation, gravitational theory, mathematical physics
Alex LazarianAstrophysics Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Fluid and Plasma Physics1994 Martin John Rees (grad student)
Julia C. Lee Institute of Astronomy19962000 Andrew C. Fabian (grad student)
Malcolm Sim LongairExperimental Astrophysics1967 Martin Ryle (grad student)
Donald Lynden-BellAstrophysical black holes, Active Galactic Nuclei1960 Leon Mestel (grad student)
Craig Douglas Mackay Cavendish Laboratory, Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory1969 Martin Ryle (grad student)
Alasdair Dougal Mackey
William Hunter McCreaTheoretical astronomy1929 Ralph H. Fowler (grad student), Arthur Stanley Eddington (grad student), Hans Kienle (grad student), Edward Arthur Milne (grad student), Frederick John Marrian Stratton (grad student)
George Cunliffe McVittieastronomy, meteorology19281930 Arthur Stanley Eddington (grad student)
Cole F. MeldorfCosmology20222023 Will Handley (grad student)
Andrew G. Michalitsianos1972 Gordon Worrall (grad student), Christopher John Durrant (grad student)
Ole Möller Department of Physics19972001 Andrew William Blain (grad student), Malcolm Sim Longair (grad student)
Michael Houston Montgomery Institute ofAstronomy Douglas Owen Gough (post-doc)
Simon Leo MorrisAstronomy1984 Martin J. Ward (grad student)
Jayant Vishnu NarlikarAstronomy, Astrophysics, Cosmology Institute of Astronomy19601963 Fred Hoyle (grad student)
Jason John Nassau1927 Arthur Stanley Eddington (research scientist)
Priyamvada Natarajan1998 Martin John Rees (grad student)
Jeremiah P. Ostrikertheoretical astrophysics19641965 Donald Lynden-Bell (post-doc)
Bernard Ephraim Julius Pagelchemical abundances1955 Fred Hoyle (grad student)
Joseph L. Pawseyradio astronomy1935 John Ashworth Ratcliffe (grad student)
John Andrew Peacock1981 Malcolm Sim Longair (grad student)
David W Peat1964 Roderick O. Redman (grad student)
Michael A. C. Perrymanastronomy1980 Malcolm Sim Longair (grad student)
E. Sterl PhinneyTheoretical Astrophysics1983 Martin John Rees (grad student)
Stavros Plakidis Physics1931 Arthur Stanley Eddington (grad student)
Didier QuelozExoplanets
Hernán QuintanaClusters of galaxies, cosmology, galaxies, extragalactic astronomy1973 Brandon Carter (grad student)
Enrico Ramirez-RuizAstrophysics Physics Martin John Rees (grad student)
John Ashworth RatcliffeRadioastronomy19201924 Edward Victor Appleton (grad student)
Peter ReadAtmospheric, Oceanic, Planetary Physics Cavendish Astrophysics Group19751979 Gareth Wynn-Williams (grad student), Martin Ryle (grad student)
Anthony C. Readheadobservational cosmology1972 Antony Hewish (grad student)
Roderick O. Redman1931 Arthur Stanley Eddington (grad student)
Martin John Rees Institute of Astronomy19641967 Dennis W. Sciama (grad student)
Christopher S. ReynoldsAstronomy and Astrophysics19931996 Andrew C. Fabian (grad student)
Martin RyleRadio Astronomy
William C. SaslawCosmology, radio galaxies, stellar dynamics1971 Dennis W. Sciama (grad student)
John R. ShakeshaftRadio astronomy1954 Martin Ryle (grad student)
Edward S. Shire
Michael Jessop Smyth1952 William Michael Herbert Greaves (grad student), Hermann Alexander Brück (research assistant)
Frederick John Marrian StrattonAstrophysics Cambridge Observatory Cambridge Observatory1908 Arthur Robert Hinks (post-doc), George Howard Darwin (post-doc)
Peter A. StrittmatterExtragalactic Astronomy, Cosmology, Theoretical Astrophysics, Active Galactic Nuclei, Instrumentation, Astronomy Education1966 Leon Mestel (grad student)
Otto StruveAstrophysics19281929 Arthur Stanley Eddington (research scientist)
Zenzaburo Suemoto1952 Roderick O. Redman (post-doc)
Peter Alan SweetAstrophysics Fred Hoyle (grad student)
Roger J. Taylerastrophysics19501953 Hermann Bondi (grad student)
Andrew David Thackeray1937 Arthur Stanley Eddington (grad student)
Christopher Adam Tout Institute of Astronomy1989 Peter P. Eggleton (grad student)
Peter G. TuthillOptical interferometry John Evan Baldwin (grad student)
Harry van der LaanRadio Astronomy Cavendish Astrophysics Group1962 Martin Ryle (grad student)
Bram Venemans Department of Physics19992000 Andrew William Blain (grad student)
Laura L Watkins Institute of Astronomy Institute of Astronomy20062010 Wyn Evans (grad student), Vasily Belokurov (grad student)
Adrian S. Webster1971 John R. Shakeshaft (grad student)
Simon David Manton Whiteclustering of galaxies, cold dark matter universe, semi-analytic cosmological simulations1977 Donald Lynden-Bell (grad student)
Richard Wielebinski1963 Martin Ryle (grad student)
Andrew Stephen WilsonRadio Astronomy Cavendish Astrophysics Group Cavendish Astrophysics Group1973 John R. Shakeshaft (grad student), Martin Ryle (grad student)
Stafford Withington
Ramon David Wolstencroft1962 Donald Blackwell (grad student)
Richard van der Riet WoolleyAstronomy1931 Arthur Stanley Eddington (grad student), Frederick John Marrian Stratton (grad student)
Gordon Worrall1965 Roderick O. Redman (grad student)
Gareth Wynn-WilliamsAstronomy Cavendish Astrophysics Group19681971 Martin Ryle (grad student)