Carnegie Mellon University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Alice L. BeanElementary Particles and High Energy Physics, Theory Physics1987 Robert Walter Kraemer (grad student)
Costel ConstantinCondensed Matter Physics Department of Physics Randall M. Feenstra (post-doc)
Scott DodelsonCosmology
Steven A. DytmanElementary Particles and High Energy Physics, Radiation Physics1978 Robert Alan Eisenstein (grad student)
Peter Edward Freeman
Truman Paul Kohmanradiochemistry
Ian LowTheoretical particle physics from within and beyond the standard model: theories of electroweak symmetry breaking; properties of the Higgs boson; aspects of dark matter.2001 Ira Z. Rothstein (grad student)
Serzhan SakipovMD simulations, Quantum Chemical calculations, Ion channels, Protein-small molecule interactions Chemistry20132018 Maria G Kurnikova (grad student)
Arthur R. SmithCondensed Matter Physics19961998 Randall M. Feenstra (post-doc)