U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Charles M BachmannCostal remote sensing, imaging science, spectroscopy, radiative transfer modeling and theory
Günter Brücknersolar physics
Georgios ChintzoglouSolar Astrophysics, Space Weather Space Science Division20132016 Angelos Vourlidas (grad student)
Talbot Albert Chubbsolar flares
Lawrence Dunkelmanultraviolet detectors and optical materials Optics Division1947 Richard Tousey (research scientist)
Sidney EdelsonSolar physics
Herbert GurskyX-ray astronomy
Frederick Theodore Haddockradio astronomy19411955 John P. Hagen (research scientist)
John P. Hagensolar radio astronomy1935 Albert Hoyt Taylor (research scientist)
Dustin A Hickey
Igor Jurkevich
Christina Kaye LaceyMassive Star Formation, Supernova Remnants, Radio Supernovae, Inter stellar Medium, HII regions, Cosmic Ray Production19982000 Kurt W. Weiler (post-doc)
Cornell Henry Mayerradio astronomy
Tony MroczkowskiAstrophysics, Astronomy and Experimental Physics
Ana Gomes Nash
Homer Edward Newellspace science
Dianne Kasnic PrinzSolar Radiation
Maurice Mandel Shapirohigh-energy physics and cosmic rays
Rein Silberbergcosmic rays, radiation effects
Joseph William Siryatmospheric and earth-science19461949 Homer Edward Newell (research scientist)
David Eric Siskindaeronomy of the middle and upper atmosphere
Charlotte Emma Moore SitterlyAstronomy
Richard Touseysolar research from space
Schuyler D. Van Dyk Remote Sensing Division19901993 Kurt W. Weiler (post-doc)
Kurt W. Weiler
Thomas L. Wilsonradioastronomy, astrophysics
Kent Sebastian WoodX-ray astronomy