Barry Cyril Sanders, PhD

Physics & Astronomy University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada 
Quantum Optics, Quantum Information

Barry Sanders is Scientific Director of Calgary’s “Quantum City” and Director of the Institute for Quantum Science and Technology at the University of Calgary. His 1988 Doctor of Philosophy and 2018 Doctor of Science are from Imperial College London, and his research includes theory of quantum sensing, quantum communication, quantum computing and quantum optics. He has held distinguished international visiting professorships and is a Scientist Mentor with the Creative Destruction Lab at both the Universities of Toronto and Calgary. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, of the United Kingdom Institute of Physics, of the American Physical Society, and of Optica—formerly the American Optical Society— and he is the recipient of the City of Calgary International Achievement Award in 2022.

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Thomas Walter Bannerman Kibble grad student 1984-1985 Imperial College (Physics Tree)
 (Diploma (now MSc))
Peter L. Knight grad student 1985-1987 Imperial College London (Physics Tree)
 (PhD & DIC)
Crispin W. Gardiner post-doc 1989-1990 University of Waikato (Physics Tree)
Gerard James Milburn post-doc 1990-1991 University of Queensland (Physics Tree)
 (2nd Postdoc with Milburn)


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Jacob H Davidson research assistant University of Calgary (Physics Tree)
Neil Sinclair research assistant University of Calgary
Pengqing Zhang research assistant 2015- University of Science & Technology of China (Physics Tree)
Leigh Stephenson research assistant 2003-2003 Macquarie University (Physics Tree)
Peter Gagliardi research assistant 2006-2006 University of Calgary
Jared Stang research assistant 2007-2007 University of Calgary
Kevin Hynes research assistant 2008-2008 University of Calgary
Boris Braverman research assistant 2011-2011 University of Calgary
Atharva Shukla research assistant 2022-2022 (Physics Tree)
Chinmay Giridhar research assistant 2023-2023 (Physics Tree)
David Amaro Alcalá grad student (Physics Tree)
Ashkan Bayat grad student (Physics Tree)
Archismita Dalal grad student (Physics Tree)
Monika Deviat grad student (Physics Tree)
Sagnik Dutta grad student (Physics Tree)
Asma Farhat grad student (Physics Tree)
Pragati Gupta grad student (Physics Tree)
Nehad AttaElmanan AbdElrahim Mabrouk grad student (Physics Tree)
Zach Manson grad student (Physics Tree)
Eduardo Paez grad student (Physics Tree)
Saubhik Sarkar grad student (Physics Tree)
Mehreen Shabbir grad student (Physics Tree)
Yadong Wu grad student University of Calgary (Physics Tree)
Abdullah Khalid grad student 2013- University of Calgary (Physics Tree)
Pantita Palittapongarnpim grad student 2013- University of Calgary
Shu Xu grad student 2014- University of Science & Technology of China (Physics Tree)
Jizhou Wu grad student 2015- University of Science & Technology of China (Physics Tree)
Akhtar Munir Khan grad student 2016- University of Science & Technology of China (Physics Tree)
Hamza Qureshi grad student 2017- University of Calgary (Physics Tree)
Qian Chen grad student 2018- University of Science and Technology (Physics Tree)
John Ingall grad student 1993-1997 Macquarie University (Physics Tree)
Junjie Shi grad student 1997-2000 Macquarie University (Physics Tree)
Levente Horvath grad student 1996-2001 Macquarie University (Physics Tree)
Michael Skotiniotis grad student 2005-2007 University of Calgary
Michaël Durocher grad student 2005-2008 University of Calgary
Peter Brooke grad student 2003-2009 Macquarie University (Physics Tree)
ZengBin Wang grad student 2003-2009 University of Calgary (Physics Tree)
Iyad Mahmoud Abu-Ajamieh grad student 2004-2009 University of Calgary
Regina Howard grad student 2005-2009 University of Calgary
Adrian Keet grad student 2009-2009 University of Calgary
Nathan Wiebe grad student 2005-2010 University of Calgary (Physics Tree)
Saleh Rahimi Keshari grad student 2008-2010 University of Calgary
Alexander Hentschel grad student 2007-2011 University of Calgary (Physics Tree)
Michael Skotiniotis grad student 2012 University of Calgary
Mark R. Adcock grad student 2004-2012 University of Calgary (Physics Tree)
Borzumehr Toloui Semnani grad student 2005-2012 University of Calgary
Ran Hee Choi grad student 2010-2012 University of Calgary
Benjamin Lavoie grad student 2007-2013 University of Calgary
Zahra Shaterzadeh-Yazdi grad student 2007-2014 University of Calgary
Khulud Almutairi grad student 2011-2014 University of Calgary (Physics Tree)
Nathan Babcock grad student 2005-2015 University of Calgary
Hessa Alotaibi grad student 2010-2015 University of Calgary
Dongsheng Wang grad student 2011-2015 University of Calgary (Physics Tree)
Ish Dhand grad student 2012-2015 University of Calgary
Ehsan Zahedinejad grad student 2011-2016 University of Calgary
Jonathan Johannes grad student 2013-2016 University of Calgary (Physics Tree)
Wei-Wei Zhang grad student 2014-2016 University of Calgary (Physics Tree)
Mehdi Ahmadi grad student 2016-2017 University of Calgary (Physics Tree)
Seyed Shakib Vedaie grad student 2015-2020 University of Calgary (Physics Tree)
Naeem Akhtar grad student 2022 University of Science & Technology of China (Physics Tree)
Salini Karuvade grad student 2022 (Physics Tree)
Mohsen Bagherimehrab grad student 2016-2022 University of Calgary (Physics Tree)
Abdul Wahab Khan grad student 2018-2023 University of Science & Technology of China (Physics Tree)
Mahkame Salimi Moghadam grad student 2021-2023 University of Calgary (Physics Tree)
Nigum Arshed post-doc 2015- University of Science & Technology of China (Physics Tree)
Namrata Shukla post-doc 2016- University of Calgary (Physics Tree)
Carlo Maria Scandolo post-doc 2018- University of Calgary (Physics Tree)
Abhijeet Alase post-doc 2019- University of Calgary (Physics Tree)
Andrew Matacz post-doc 1995-1995 Macquarie University (Physics Tree)
Bruce Wielinga post-doc 1995-1998 Macquarie University (Physics Tree)
Dien Alfred Rice post-doc 1997-2000 Macquarie University (Physics Tree)
Marie Wintrebert-Fouquet post-doc 1996-2001 Macquarie University (Physics Tree)
Stephen Bartlett post-doc 2000-2003 Macquarie University (Physics Tree)
Xiaoguang Wang post-doc 2001-2003 Macquarie University (Physics Tree)
Dominic Berry post-doc 2001-2004 Macquarie University (Physics Tree)
Andrew Weily post-doc 2001-2006 Macquarie University (Physics Tree)
Shohini Ghose post-doc 2003-2006 University of Calgary (Physics Tree)
Somshubhro Bandyopadhyay post-doc 2004-2006 University of Calgary
Andrew Scott post-doc 2004-2006 University of Calgary
Jonathan Walgate post-doc 2004-2006 University of Calgary
Hilary Carteret post-doc 2005-2007 University of Calgary
Rene Stock post-doc 2005-2007 University of Calgary (Physics Tree)
Peter Shipley Turner post-doc 2005-2007 University of Calgary
Ali Tayefeh Rezakhani post-doc 2006-2009 University of Calgary
Aidan Roy post-doc 2006-2009 University of Calgary
Peng Xue post-doc 2006-2009 University of Calgary
Artur Scherer post-doc 2007-2010 University of Calgary
Jeong San Kim post-doc 2008-2011 University of Calgary
Ben Fortescue post-doc 2009-2011 University of Calgary
Patrick Ming-yin Leung post-doc 2010-2012 University of Calgary
Vlad Gheorghiu post-doc 2011-2013 University of Calgary
Neil Lovett post-doc 2011-2013 University of Calgary
Yunjiang Wang post-doc 2011-2013 University of Calgary
Collin M. Trail post-doc 2011-2014 University of Calgary (Physics Tree)
Joydip Ghosh post-doc 2013-2015 University of Calgary
Mehdi Ahmadi post-doc 2015-2017 University of Calgary (Physics Tree)
Yunlong Xiao post-doc 2017-2019 University of Calgary (Physics Tree)
Yunlong Xiao post-doc 2017-2019 University of Calgary (Physics Tree)
Weiping Zhang research scientist 1992-1999 Macquarie University (Physics Tree)
Karl-Peter Marzlin research scientist 2003-2008 University of Calgary


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Carlo Maria Scandolo collaborator University of Calgary (Physics Tree)
Philip Walther collaborator (Physics Tree)
Hubert de Guise collaborator 1998- Lakehead University (Physics Tree)
Gilad Gour collaborator 2004- University of Calgary (Physics Tree)
Alexandre Blais collaborator 2011- Université de Sherbrooke (Physics Tree)
Bei Zeng collaborator 2012- University of Guelph (Physics Tree)
Yuval R. Sanders collaborator 2014- University of Waterloo (Physics Tree)
Gavin K. Brennen collaborator 2015- Macquarie University
Stephen M. Barnett collaborator 1985-1986 (Physics Tree)
Myungshik Kim collaborator 1994-1996 Imperial College London (Physics Tree)
Norbert Lütkenhaus collaborator 1997-2000 University of Waterloo (Physics Tree)
James D. Cresser collaborator 1993-2003 Macquarie University (Physics Tree)
Peter Rohde collaborator 2015-2015 University of Technology Sydney (Physics Tree)
Jeffrey H. Shapiro collaborator 2016-2017 MIT (E-Tree)
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