Heleni Rovithis-Livaniou

1986- University of Athens, Greece, Zografou, Greece 
"Heleni Rovithis-Livaniou"

Assistant Professor (retired), Department of Physics, University of Athens, Greece, (since 1986). She was born in Serifos, Cyclades, Greece. She received her B.Sc. in Mathematics from the University of Athens, Greece (1969), her M.Sc. (1974), and her Ph.D. (1976), both from the Victoria University of Manchester. She has worked as Teaching Assistant in the Astronomical Laboratory at the University of Patras. (1970- 1973) and at the University of Athens (1974-1978) and as Chief Assistant in the latter (1978-1982). She became Lecturer in 1982 and Assistant Professor in 1986 at the Department of Physics of the University of Athens. Her scientific and research interests are both theoretical and observational. The first include Stellar Structure and Evolution of Binary Stars, and the latter ground based and satellite Photometric and Spectroscopic Observations of various types of variable stars, like eclipsing binaries, CVs, symbiotics, pulsating.