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Max Born research assistant 1931 Universität Göttingen (Physics Tree)
Niels Bohr research assistant 1932 Copenhagen University (Physics Tree)
Ralph H. Fowler grad student 1933 Cambridge (Physics Tree)
 (Polytropic Distributions.)
Edward Arthur Milne grad student 1933 Cambridge (MathTree)


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Edward A. Spiegel research assistant 1954 Chicago
John Hazlehurst grad student Yerkes Observatory (Physics Tree)
Gordon Webb Wares grad student 1940 Chicago
Louis R. Henrich grad student 1942 Chicago (Physics Tree)
Wasley Sven Krogdahl grad student 1942 Chicago
Ralph E. Williamson grad student 1943 Chicago (Physics Tree)
Margaret Kiess Krogdahl grad student 1944 Chicago
Guido Münch grad student 1946 Chicago
Merle Eleanor Tuberg grad student 1946 Chicago (Physics Tree)
Marjorie Hall Harrison grad student 1947 Chicago (Physics Tree)
Esther M. Conwell grad student 1948 Chicago (Chemistry Tree)
Anne Barbara Underhill grad student 1948 Chicago
Su-Shu Huang grad student 1949 Chicago (Physics Tree)
Marshal Henry Wrubel grad student 1949 Chicago
Arthur D. Code grad student 1950 Chicago
Frank Norman Edmonds grad student 1950 Chicago
Henry George Horak grad student 1950 Chicago (Physics Tree)
Donald E. Osterbrock grad student 1952 Chicago
H. Lawrence Helfer grad student 1953 Chicago (Physics Tree)
Eberhart Jensen grad student 1953 Chicago (Physics Tree)
D. Nelson Limber grad student 1953 Chicago (Physics Tree)
Russell M. Kulsrud grad student 1954 Chicago (Physics Tree)
George Edward Backus grad student 1956 Chicago (Physics Tree)
Surindar Kumar Trehan grad student 1958 Chicago (Physics Tree)
Frederic Edward Bisshopp grad student 1959 Chicago (Physics Tree)
Peter Oliver Vandervoort grad student 1960 Chicago
Donat Gotthard Wentzel grad student 1960 Chicago
Norman Ronald Lebovitz grad student 1961 Chicago (MathTree)
James Philip Wright grad student 1961 Chicago (Physics Tree)
Bimla Buti grad student 1962 Chicago (Physics Tree)
Jerome Kristian grad student 1962 Chicago (Physics Tree)
Yousef Sobouti grad student 1960-1963 Chicago (Physics Tree)
Lawrence L. Lee grad student 1964 Chicago (Physics Tree)
Jeremiah P. Ostriker grad student 1964 Chicago
Maurice James Young Clement grad student 1965 Chicago (Physics Tree)
Robert F. Tooper grad student 1965 Illinois Institute of Technology
Elliott Krefetz grad student 1966 Chicago (Physics Tree)
Carl Edward Rosenkilde grad student 1966 Chicago (Physics Tree)
Lawrence Franklin Rossner grad student 1966 Chicago (Physics Tree)
Morris L. Aizenman grad student 1967 Chicago (Physics Tree)
Edward Prentiss Lee grad student 1968 Chicago (Physics Tree)
Yavuz Nutku grad student 1969 Chicago (Physics Tree)
Philip Joel Greenberg grad student 1970 Chicago (Physics Tree)
Sotirios C. Persides grad student 1970 Chicago
Sotirios Bonanos grad student 1971 Chicago (Physics Tree)
F. Paul Esposito grad student 1971 Chicago (Physics Tree)
Amagh Nduka grad student 1971 Chicago (Physics Tree)
Roger Stettner grad student 1972 Chicago (Physics Tree)
John L. Friedman grad student 1973 Chicago (Physics Tree)
Bonnie Duboff Miller grad student 1973 Chicago (Physics Tree)
John Charles Miller grad student 1974 Chicago (Physics Tree)
Steven L. Detweiler grad student 1975 Chicago (Physics Tree)
Paul H. Roberts post-doc Yerkes Observatory (Physics Tree)
Mário Schenberg post-doc 1942 Yerkes Observatory (Physics Tree)
Roy Henry Garstang post-doc 1951-1952 Yerkes Observatory
Kevin H. Prendergast post-doc 1954-1956 Chicago
William Hill Reid post-doc 1957 Chicago (MathTree)
Lodewijk Woltjer post-doc 1958 Chicago (Physics Tree)
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