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2007 Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, United States 
observational astronomy

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2016 Bianco FB, Modjaz M, Oh SM, Fierroz D, Liu YQ, Kewley L, Graur O. Monte Carlo method for calculating oxygen abundances and their uncertainties from strong-line flux measurements Astronomy and Computing. 16: 54-66. DOI: 10.1016/J.Ascom.2016.03.002  0.48
2015 Graur O, Bianco FB, Modjaz M. A unified explanation for the supernova rate-galaxy mass dependence based on supernovae detected in Sloan galaxy spectra Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. 450: 905-925. DOI: 10.1093/Mnras/Stv713  0.48
2015 Friedman AS, Wood-Vasey WM, Marion GH, Challis P, Mandel KS, Bloom JS, Modjaz M, Narayan G, Hicken M, Foley RJ, Klein CR, Starr DL, Morgan A, Rest A, Blake CH, et al. CfAIR2: Near-infrared light curves of 94 type Ia supernovae Astrophysical Journal, Supplement Series. 220. DOI: 10.1088/0067-0049/220/1/9  0.32
2015 Cucchiara A, Veres P, Corsi A, Cenko SB, Perley DA, Lien A, Marshall FE, Pagani C, Toy VL, Capone JI, Frail DA, Horesh A, Modjaz M, Butler NR, Littlejohns OM, et al. Happy birthday swift: Ultra-long GRB 141121A and its broadband afterglow Astrophysical Journal. 812. DOI: 10.1088/0004-637X/812/2/122  0.48
2015 Ben-Ami S, Hachinger S, Gal-Yam A, Mazzali PA, Filippenko AV, Horesh A, Matheson T, Modjaz M, Sauer DN, Silverman JM, Smith N, Yaron O. Ultraviolet spectroscopy of type iib supernovae: Diversity and the impact of circumstellar material Astrophysical Journal. 803: 1-11. DOI: 10.1088/0004-637X/803/1/40  0.48
2014 Faran T, Poznanski D, Filippenko AV, Chornock R, Foley RJ, Ganeshalingam M, Leonard DC, Li W, Modjaz M, Nakar E, Serduke FJD, Silverman JM. Photometric and spectroscopic properties of Type II-P supernovae Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. 442: 844-861. DOI: 10.1093/Mnras/Stu955  0.48
2014 Faran T, Poznanski D, Filippenko AV, Chornock R, Foley RJ, Ganeshalingam M, Leonard DC, Li W, Modjaz M, Serduke FJD, Silverman JM. A sample of Type II-L supernovae Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. 445: 554-569. DOI: 10.1093/Mnras/Stu1760  0.48
2014 Bianco FB, Modjaz M, Hicken M, Friedman A, Kirshner RP, Bloom JS, Challis P, Marion GH, Wood-Vasey WM, Rest A. Multi-color optical and near-infrared light curves of 64 stripped-envelope core-collapse supernovae Astrophysical Journal, Supplement Series. 213. DOI: 10.1088/0067-0049/213/2/19  0.48
2014 Kelly PL, Filippenko AV, Modjaz M, Kocevski D. The host galaxies of fast-Ejecta core-collapse supernovae Astrophysical Journal. 789. DOI: 10.1088/0004-637X/789/1/23  0.48
2014 Ben-Ami S, Gal-Yam A, Mazzali PA, Gnat O, Modjaz M, Rabinak I, Sullivan M, Bildsten L, Poznanski D, Yaron O, Arcavi I, Bloom JS, Horesh A, Kasliwal MM, Kulkarni SR, et al. SN 2010MB: Direct evidence for a supernova interacting with a large amount of hydrogen-free circumstellar material Astrophysical Journal. 785. DOI: 10.1088/0004-637X/785/1/37  0.48
2014 Modjaz M, Blondin S, Kirshner RP, Matheson T, Berlind P, Bianco FB, Calkins ML, Challis P, Garnavich P, Hicken M, Jha S, Liu YQ, Marion GH. Optical spectra of 73 stripped-envelope core-collapse supernovae Astronomical Journal. 147. DOI: 10.1088/0004-6256/147/5/99  0.48
2013 Silverman JM, Nugent PE, Gal-Yam A, Sullivan M, Howell DA, Filippenko AV, Arcavi I, Ben-Ami S, Bloom JS, Cenko SB, Cao Y, Chornock R, Clubb KI, Coil AL, Foley RJ, ... ... Modjaz M, et al. Type Ia supernovae strongly interacting with their circumstellar medium Astrophysical Journal, Supplement Series. 207. DOI: 10.1088/0067-0049/207/1/3  0.48
2013 Drout MR, Soderberg AM, Mazzali PA, Parrent JT, Margutti R, Milisavljevic D, Sanders NE, Chornock R, Foley RJ, Kirshner RP, Filippenko AV, Li W, Brown PJ, Cenko SB, Chakraborti S, ... ... Modjaz M, et al. The fast and furious decay of the peculiar type Ic supernova 2005ek Astrophysical Journal. 774. DOI: 10.1088/0004-637X/774/1/58  0.48
2012 Silverman JM, Foley RJ, Filippenko AV, Ganeshalingam M, Barth AJ, Chornock R, Griffith CV, Kong JJ, Lee N, Leonard DC, Matheson T, Miller EG, Steele TN, Barris BJ, Bloom JS, ... ... Modjaz M, et al. Berkeley Supernova Ia Program - I. Observations, data reduction and spectroscopic sample of 582 low-redshift Type Ia supernovae Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. 425: 1789-1818. DOI: 10.1111/J.1365-2966.2012.21270.X  0.48
2012 Ben-Ami S, Gal-Yam A, Filippenko AV, Mazzali PA, Modjaz M, Yaron O, Arcavi I, Cenko SB, Horesh A, Howell DA, Graham ML, Horst JC, Im M, Jeon Y, Kulkarni SR, et al. Discovery and early multi-wavelength measurements of the energetic type IC supernova ptf12gzk: A massive-star explosion in a dwarf host galaxy Astrophysical Journal Letters. 760. DOI: 10.1088/2041-8205/760/2/L33  0.48
2012 Perley DA, Modjaz M, Morgan AN, Cenko SB, Bloom JS, Butler NR, Filippenko AV, Miller AA. The luminous infrared host galaxy of short-duration GRB 100206A Astrophysical Journal. 758. DOI: 10.1088/0004-637X/758/2/122  0.48
2012 Blondin S, Matheson T, Kirshner RP, Mandel KS, Berlind P, Calkins M, Challis P, Garnavich PM, Jha SW, Modjaz M, Riess AG, Schmidt BP. The spectroscopic diversity of Type Ia supernovae Astronomical Journal. 143. DOI: 10.1088/0004-6256/143/5/126  0.48
2012 Modjaz M. Stellar Forensics with the Supernova-GRB Connection Reviews in Modern Astronomy: Zooming in: the Cosmos At High Resolution. 23: 11-36. DOI: 10.1002/9783527644384.Ch2  0.48
2011 Levan AJ, Tanvir NR, Cenko SB, Perley DA, Wiersema K, Bloom JS, Fruchter AS, Postigo Ade U, O'Brien PT, Butler N, van der Horst AJ, Leloudas G, Morgan AN, Misra K, Bower GC, ... ... Modjaz M, et al. An extremely luminous panchromatic outburst from the nucleus of a distant galaxy. Science (New York, N.Y.). 333: 199-202. PMID 21680811 DOI: 10.1126/Science.1207143  0.48
2011 Li W, Leaman J, Chornock R, Filippenko AV, Poznanski D, Ganeshalingam M, Wang X, Modjaz M, Jha S, Foley RJ, Smith N. Nearby supernova rates from the Lick Observatory Supernova Search - II. The observed luminosity functions and fractions of supernovae in a complete sample Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. 412: 1441-1472. DOI: 10.1111/J.1365-2966.2011.18160.X  0.48
2011 Modjaz M, Kewley L, Bloom JS, Filippenko AV, Perley D, Silverman JM. Progenitor diagnostics for stripped core-collapse supernovae: Measured metallicities at explosion sites Astrophysical Journal Letters. 731. DOI: 10.1088/2041-8205/731/1/L4  0.48
2011 Chornock R, Filippenko AV, Li W, Marion GH, Foley RJ, Modjaz M, Rafelski M, Becker GD, De Vries WH, Garnavich P, Jorgenson RA, Lynch DK, Malec AL, Moran EC, Murphy MT, et al. The transitional stripped-envelope SN2008ax: Spectral evolution and evidence for large asphericity Astrophysical Journal. 739. DOI: 10.1088/0004-637X/739/1/41  0.48
2011 Modjaz M. Type Ib/c supernovae with and without gamma-ray bursts Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union. 7: 207-211. DOI: 10.1017/S1743921312012938  0.48
2011 Modjaz M. Stellar forensics with the supernova-GRB connection - Ludwig Biermann Award Lecture 2010 Astronomische Nachrichten. 332: 434-447. DOI: 10.1002/asna.201111562  0.48
2010 Kocevski D, Thöne CC, Ramirez-Ruiz E, Bloom JS, Granot J, Butler NR, Perley DA, Modjaz M, Lee WH, Cobb BE, Levan AJ, Tanvir N, Covino S. Limits on radioactive powered emission associated with a short-hard GRB 070724A in a star-forming galaxy Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. 404: 963-974. DOI: 10.1111/J.1365-2966.2010.16327.X  0.48
2010 Maurer JI, Mazzali PA, Deng J, Filippenko AV, Hamuy M, Kirshner RP, Matheson T, Modjaz M, Pian E, Stritzinger M, Taubenberger S, Valenti S. Characteristic velocities of stripped-envelope core-collapse supernova cores Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. 402: 161-172. DOI: 10.1111/J.1365-2966.2009.15905.X  0.48
2010 Levesque EM, Bloom JS, Butler NR, Perley DA, Cenko SB, Prochaska JX, Kewley LJ, Bunker A, Chen HW, Chornock R, Filippenko AV, Glazebrook K, Lopez S, Masiero J, Modjaz M, et al. GRB 090426: The environment of a rest-frame 0.35-s gamma-ray burst at a redshift of 2.609 Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. 401: 963-972. DOI: 10.1111/J.1365-2966.2009.15733.X  0.48
2010 Lewis F, Russell DM, Jonker PG, Linares M, Tudose V, Roche P, Clark JS, Torres MAP, Maitra D, Bassa CG, Steeghs D, Patruno A, Migliari S, Wijnands R, Nelemans G, ... ... Modjaz M, et al. The double-peaked 2008 outburst of the accreting milli-second X-ray pulsar, IGR J00291+5934 Astronomy and Astrophysics. 517. DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361/201014382  0.48
2009 Kocevski D, West AA, Modjaz M. Modeling the Grb Host Galaxy Mass Distribution: Are GRBs unbiased tracers of star formation? Astrophysical Journal. 702: 377-385. DOI: 10.1088/0004-637X/702/1/377  0.48
2009 Modjaz M, Li W, Butler N, Chornock R, Perley D, Blondin S, Bloom JS, Filippenko AV, Kirshner RP, Kocevski D, Poznanski D, Hicken M, Foley RJ, Stringfellow GS, Berlind P, et al. From shock breakout to peak and beyond: Extensive panchromatic observations of the type Ib supernova 2008D associated with swift x-ray transient 080109 Astrophysical Journal. 702: 226-248. DOI: 10.1088/0004-637X/702/1/226  0.48
2009 Wang X, Li W, Filippenko AV, Foley RJ, Kirshner RP, Modjaz M, Bloom J, Brown PJ, Carter D, Friedman AS, Gal-Yam A, Ganeshalingam M, Hicken M, Krisciunas K, Milne P, et al. The golden standard type ia supernova 2005cf: Observations from the ultraviolet to the near-infrared wavebands Astrophysical Journal. 697: 380-408. DOI: 10.1088/0004-637X/697/1/380  0.48
2009 Poznanski D, Butler N, Filippenko AV, Ganeshalingam M, Li W, Bloom J, Chornock R, Foley RJ, Nugent PE, Silverman JM, Cenko SB, Gates EL, Leonard DC, Miller AA, Modjaz M, et al. Improved standardization of type II-P supernovae: Application to an expanded sample Astrophysical Journal. 694: 1067-1079. DOI: 10.1088/0004-637X/694/2/1067  0.48
2009 Blondin S, Prieto JL, Patat F, Challis P, Hicken M, Kirshner RP, Matheson T, Modjaz M. A second case of variable NaI D lines in a highly reddened type Ia supernova Astrophysical Journal. 693: 207-215. DOI: 10.1088/0004-637X/693/1/207  0.48
2009 Miller AA, Chornock R, Perley DA, Ganeshalingam M, Li W, Butler NR, Bloom JS, Smith N, Modjaz M, Poznanski D, Filippenko AV, Griffith CV, Shiode JH, Silverman JM. The exceptionally luminous type II-linear supernova 2008es Astrophysical Journal. 690: 1303-1312. DOI: 10.1088/0004-637X/690/2/1303  0.48
2009 Foley RJ, Chornock R, Filippenko AV, Ganeshalingam M, Kirshner RP, Li W, Cenko SB, Challis PJ, Friedman AS, Modjaz M, Silverman JM, Wood-Vasey WM. SN 2008ha: An extremely low luminosity and exceptionally low energy supernova Astronomical Journal. 138: 376-391. DOI: 10.1088/0004-6256/138/2/376  0.48
2009 Read AM, Saxton RD, Jonker PG, Kuulkers E, Esquej P, Pojmanski G, Torres MAP, Goad MR, Freyberg MJ, Modjaz M. XMMSL1 J060636.2-694933: An XMM-Newton slew discovery and Swift/Magellan follow up of a new classical nova in the LMC Astronomy and Astrophysics. 506: 1309-1317. DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361/200912082  0.48
2008 Covino S, D'Avanzo P, Klotz A, Perley DA, Amati L, Campana S, Chincarini G, Cucchiara A, D'Elia V, Guetta D, Guidorzi C, Kann DA, Küpcü Yoldas A, Misra K, Olofsson G, ... ... Modjaz M, et al. The complex light curve of the afterglow of GRB071010A Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. 388: 347-356. DOI: 10.1111/J.1365-2966.2008.13393.X  0.48
2008 Modjaz M, Kewley L, Kirshner RP, Stanek KZ, Challis P, Garnavich PM, Greene JE, Kelly PL, Prieto JL. Measured metallicities at the sites of nearby broad-lined type Ic supernovae and implications for the supernovae gamma-ray burst connection Astronomical Journal. 135: 1136-1150. DOI: 10.1088/0004-6256/135/4/1136  0.48
2008 Modjaz M, Kirshner RP, Blondin S, Challis P, Matheson T. Double-peaked oxygen lines are not rare in nebular spectra of core-collapse supernovae Astrophysical Journal. 687: L9-L12. DOI: 10.1086/593135  0.48
2008 Gal-Yam A, Bufano F, Barlow T, Baron E, Benetti S, Cappellaro E, Challis PJ, Ellis RS, Filippenko AV, Foley RJ, Fox DB, Hicken M, Kirshner RP, Leonard DC, Li W, ... ... Modjaz M, et al. GALEX Spectroscopy of SN 2005ay suggests a UV spectral uniformity among type II-P supernovae . DOI: 10.1086/592744  0.48
2008 Wood-Vasey WM, Friedman AS, Bloom JS, Hicken M, Modjaz M, Kirshner RP, Starr DL, Blake CH, Falco EE, Szentgyorgyi AH, Challis P, Blondin S, Mandel KS, Rest A. Type Ia supernovae are good standard candles in the near infrared: Evidence from PAIRITEL Astrophysical Journal. 689: 377-390. DOI: 10.1086/592374  0.48
2008 Perley DA, Li W, Chornock R, Prochaska JX, Butler NR, Chandra P, Pollack LK, Bloom JS, Fllippenko AV, Swan H, Yuan F, Akerlof C, Auger MW, Cenko SB, Chen HW, ... ... Modjaz M, et al. GRB 071003: Broadband follow-up observations of a very bright gamma-ray burst in a galactic halo Astrophysical Journal. 688: 470-490. DOI: 10.1086/591961  0.48
2008 Rest A, Matheson T, Blondin S, Bergmann M, Welch DL, Suntzeff NB, Smith RC, Olsen K, Prieto JL, Garg A, Challis P, Stubbs C, Hicken M, Modjaz M, Wood-Vasey WM, et al. Spectral identification of an ancient supernova using light echoes in the large magellanic cloud Astrophysical Journal. 680: 1137-1148. DOI: 10.1086/587158  0.48
2008 Immler S, Modjaz M, Landsman W, Bufano F, Brown PJ, Milne P, Dessart L, Holland ST, Koss M, Pooley D, Kirshner RP, Filippenko AV, Panagia N, Chevalier RA, Mazzali PA, et al. Swift and chandra detections of supernova 2006jc: Evidence for interaction of the supernova shock with a circumstellar shell Astrophysical Journal. 674: L85-L88. DOI: 10.1086/529373  0.48
2008 Dessart L, Blondin S, Brown PJ, Hicken M, Hillier DJ, Holland ST, Immler S, Kirshner RP, Milne P, Modjaz M, Roming PWA. Using quantitative spectroscopic analysis to determine the properties and distances of type II plateau supernovae: SN 2005cs and SN 2006bp Astrophysical Journal. 675: 644-669. DOI: 10.1086/526451  0.48
2007 Kocevski D, Modjaz M, Bloom JS, Foley R, Starr D, Blake CH, Falco EE, Butler NR, Skrutskie M, Szentgyorgyi A. Multicolor infrared observations of SN 2006aj. I. The supernova associated with XRF 060218 Astrophysical Journal. 663: 1180-1186. DOI: 10.1086/518159  0.48
2007 Hao H, Stanek KZ, Dobrzycki A, Matheson T, Bentz MC, Kuraszkiewicz J, Garnavich PM, Howk JC, Calkins ML, Worthey G, Modjaz M, Serven J. Strongly variable z = 1.48 Fe II and Mg II absorption in the spectra of z = 4.05 GRB 060206 Astrophysical Journal. 659: L99-L102. DOI: 10.1086/518032  0.48
2007 Brown PJ, Dessart L, Holland ST, Immler S, Landsman W, Blondin S, Blustin AJ, Breeveld A, Dewangan GC, Gehrels N, Hutchins RB, Kirshner RP, Mason KO, Mazzali PA, Milne P, ... Modjaz M, et al. Early ultraviolet, optical, and x-ray observations of the type IIP SN 2005cs in M51 with Swift Astrophysical Journal. 659: 1488-1495. DOI: 10.1086/511968  0.48
2007 Modjaz M. Diverse deaths of massive stars: Properties of SN Ib/c Aip Conference Proceedings. 937: 404-411. DOI: 10.1063/1.2803600  0.48
2007 Modjaz M. Comprehensive and extensive CfA observations of type Ib and Ic supernovae Aip Conference Proceedings. 924: 285-290. DOI: 10.1063/1.2774871  0.48
2007 Meynet G, Walborn NR, Hunter I, Martayan C, Van Marle AJ, Marchenko S, Vink JS, Limongi M, Levesque EM, Modjaz M. Evolution of massive stars at low metallicity Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union. 3: 571-576. DOI: 10.1017/S1743921308020954  0.48
2007 Modjaz M, Kewley L, Kirshner RP, Stanek KZ, Challis P, Garnavich PM, Greene JE, Kelly PL, Prieto JL. Metallicities at the sites of nearby SN and implications for the SN-GRB connection Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union. 3: 503-508. DOI: 10.1017/S1743921308020887  0.48
2006 Modjaz M, Stanek KZ, Garnavich PM, Berlind P, Blondin S, Brown W, Calkins M, Challis P, Diamond-Stanic AM, Hao H, Hicken M, Kirshner RP, Prieto JL. Early-time photometry and spectroscopy of the fast evolving SN 2006aj associated with GRB 060218 Astrophysical Journal. 645: L21-L24. DOI: 10.1086/505906  0.48
2006 Stanek KZ, Gnedin OY, Beacom JF, Gould AP, Johnson JA, Kollmeier JA, Modjaz M, Pinsonneault MH, Pogge R, Weinberg DH. Protecting life in the Milky Way: Metals keep the GRBs away Acta Astronomica. 56: 333-345.  0.48
2005 Tominaga N, Tanaka M, Nomoto K, Mazzali PA, Deng J, Maeda K, Umeda H, Modjaz M, Hicken M, Challis P, Kirshner RP, Wood-Vasey WM, Blake CH, Bloom JS, Skrutskie MF, et al. The unique type Ib supernova 2005bf: A WN star explosion model for peculiar light curves and spectra Astrophysical Journal. 633: L97-L100. DOI: 10.1086/498570  0.48
2005 Modjaz M, Moran JM, Kondratko PT, Greenhill LJ. Probing the magnetic FIELD at subparsec radii in the accretion disk of NGC 4258 Astrophysical Journal. 626: 104-119. DOI: 10.1086/429559  0.48
2002 Peterson BM, Berlind P, Bertram R, Bischoff K, Bochkarev NG, Borisov N, Burenkov AN, Calkins M, Carrasco L, Chavushyan VH, Chornock R, Dietrich M, Doroshenko VT, Ezhkova OV, Filippenko AV, ... ... Modjaz M, et al. Steps toward determination of the size and structure of the broad-line region in active galactic nuclei. XVI. A 13 year study of spectral variability in NGC 5548 Astrophysical Journal. 581: 197-204. DOI: 10.1086/344197  0.48
2002 Li W, Filippenko AV, Van Dyk SD, Hu J, Qiu Y, Modjaz M, Leonard DC. A Hubble Space Telescope Snapshot survey of nearby supernovae Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. 114: 403-415. DOI: 10.1086/342493  0.48
2001 Li W, Filippenko AV, Gates E, Chornock R, Gal-Yam A, Ofek EO, Leonard DC, Modjaz M, Rich RM, Riess AG, Treffers RR. The unique type Ia supernova 2000cx in NGC 524 Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. 113: 1178-1204. DOI: 10.1086/323355  0.48
2001 Modjaz M, Li W, Filippenko AV, King JY, Leonard DC, Matheson T, Treffers RR, Riess AG. The subluminous type Ia supernova 1998de in NGC 252 Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. 113: 308-325. DOI: 10.1086/319338  0.48
1999 Jha S, Garnavich PM, Kirshner RP, Challis P, Soderberg AM, Macri LM, Huchra JP, Barmby P, Barton EJ, Berlind P, Brown WR, Caldwell N, Calkins ML, Kannappan SJ, Koranyi DM, ... ... Modjaz M, et al. The type Ia supernova 1998bu in M96 and the Hubble constant Astrophysical Journal, Supplement Series. 125: 73-97. DOI: 10.1086/313275  0.48
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