Hasan Yardimci, Ph.D. - Publications

2006 Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD 
Condensed Matter Physics, Physical Chemistry

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2020 Kose HB, Xie S, Cameron G, Strycharska MS, Yardimci H. Duplex DNA engagement and RPA oppositely regulate the DNA-unwinding rate of CMG helicase. Nature Communications. 11: 3713. PMID 32709841 DOI: 10.1038/s41467-020-17443-7  0.44
2019 Eickhoff P, Kose HB, Martino F, Petojevic T, Abid Ali F, Locke J, Tamberg N, Nans A, Berger JM, Botchan MR, Yardimci H, Costa A. Molecular Basis for ATP-Hydrolysis-Driven DNA Translocation by the CMG Helicase of the Eukaryotic Replisome. Cell Reports. 28: 2673-2688.e8. PMID 31484077 DOI: 10.1016/j.celrep.2019.07.104  0.44
2019 Burnham DR, Kose HB, Hoyle RB, Yardimci H. The mechanism of DNA unwinding by the eukaryotic replicative helicase. Nature Communications. 10: 2159. PMID 31089141 DOI: 10.1038/s41467-019-09896-2  0.44
2019 Kose HB, Larsen NB, Duxin JP, Yardimci H. Dynamics of the Eukaryotic Replicative Helicase at Lagging-Strand Protein Barriers Support the Steric Exclusion Model. Cell Reports. 26: 2113-2125.e6. PMID 30784593 DOI: 10.1016/j.celrep.2019.01.086  0.72
2015 Yardimci H, Zhang Y. Charting oxidized methylcytosines at base resolution. Nature Structural & Molecular Biology. 22: 656-61. PMID 26333715 DOI: 10.1038/nsmb.3071  0.72
2014 Duxin JP, Dewar JM, Yardimci H, Walter JC. Repair of a DNA-protein crosslink by replication-coupled proteolysis. Cell. 159: 346-57. PMID 25303529 DOI: 10.1016/j.cell.2014.09.024  0.72
2014 Yardimci H, Walter JC. Prereplication-complex formation: a molecular double take? Nature Structural & Molecular Biology. 21: 20-5. PMID 24389553 DOI: 10.1038/nsmb.2738  0.72
2012 Yardimci H, Wang X, Loveland AB, Tappin I, Rudner DZ, Hurwitz J, van Oijen AM, Walter JC. Bypass of a protein barrier by a replicative DNA helicase. Nature. 492: 205-9. PMID 23201686 DOI: 10.1038/nature11730  0.72
2012 Yardimci H, Loveland AB, van Oijen AM, Walter JC. Single-molecule analysis of DNA replication in Xenopus egg extracts. Methods (San Diego, Calif.). 57: 179-86. PMID 22503776 DOI: 10.1016/j.ymeth.2012.03.033  0.72
2011 Fu YV, Yardimci H, Long DT, Ho TV, Guainazzi A, Bermudez VP, Hurwitz J, van Oijen A, Schärer OD, Walter JC. Selective bypass of a lagging strand roadblock by the eukaryotic replicative DNA helicase. Cell. 146: 931-41. PMID 21925316 DOI: 10.1016/j.cell.2011.07.045  0.72
2010 Yardimci H, Loveland AB, Habuchi S, van Oijen AM, Walter JC. Uncoupling of sister replisomes during eukaryotic DNA replication. Molecular Cell. 40: 834-40. PMID 21145490 DOI: 10.1016/j.molcel.2010.11.027  0.72
2008 Yardimci H, van Duffelen M, Mao Y, Rosenfeld SS, Selvin PR. The mitotic kinesin CENP-E is a processive transport motor. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 105: 6016-21. PMID 18427114 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.0711314105  0.72
2006 Yardimci H, Leheny RL. Aging of the Johari-Goldstein relaxation in the glass-forming liquids sorbitol and xylitol. The Journal of Chemical Physics. 124: 214503. PMID 16774419 DOI: 10.1063/1.2197494  1
2005 Yardimci H, Chung B, Harden JL, Leheny RL. Phase behavior and local dynamics of concentrated triblock copolymer micelles. The Journal of Chemical Physics. 123: 244908. PMID 16396574 DOI: 10.1063/1.2132278  1
2004 Bandyopadhyay R, Liang D, Yardimci H, Sessoms DA, Borthwick MA, Mochrie SG, Harden JL, Leheny RL. Evolution of particle-scale dynamics in an aging clay suspension. Physical Review Letters. 93: 228302. PMID 15601124 DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.93.228302  1
2003 Yardimci H, Leheny RL. Memory in an aging molecular glass Europhysics Letters. 62: 203-209. DOI: 10.1209/epl/i2003-00347-0  1
2002 Stone MB, Chen Y, Rittner J, Yardimci H, Reich DH, Broholm C, Ferraris DV, Lectka T. Frustrated three-dimensional quantum spin liquid in CuHpCl Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics. 65: 644231-6442312.  1
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2021 Cameron G, Yardimci H. Studying chromosome biology with single-molecule resolution in Xenopus laevis egg extracts. Essays in Biochemistry. PMID 33438722 DOI: 10.1042/EBC20200026  0.16
2020 Yardimci S, Burnham DR, Terry SYA, Yardimci H. Three-dimensional super-resolution fluorescence imaging of DNA. Scientific Reports. 10: 12504. PMID 32719468 DOI: 10.1038/s41598-020-68892-5  0.08
2015 Yardimci H, Ozcelik AO, Surucuoglu MS, Ozdogan Y. Relationship between hypertension and consumption frequency of certain foods Pakistan Journal of Nutrition. 14: 94-99. DOI: 10.3923/pjn.2015.94.99  0.01
2015 Pehlivanoglu F, Yardimci H, Turutoglu H. Freezing and thawing milk samples before culture to improve diagnosis of bovine staphylococcal mastitis Veterinarski Arhiv. 85: 59-66.  0.01
2012 Pehlivanoglu F, Yardimci H. Detection of methicillin and vancomycin resistance in staphylococcus strains isolated from bovine milk samples with mastitis Kafkas Universitesi Veteriner Fakultesi Dergisi. 18: 849-855.  0.01
2012 Yardimci H, Ozdogan Y, Ozcelik AO, Surucuoglu MS. Fast-food consumption habits of university students: The sample of Ankara Pakistan Journal of Nutrition. 11: 265-269.  0.01
2011 Cantas H, Muwonge A, Sareyyupoglu B, Yardimci H, Skjerve E. Q fever abortions in ruminants and associated on-farm risk factors in northern Cyprus Bmc Veterinary Research. 7: 13. PMID 21414196 DOI: 10.1186/1746-6148-7-13  0.01
2011 ŞAhal M, Gazyaǧci S, Ural K, Yardimci H. Cutaneous candidiasis in two guinea pigs Ankara Universitesi Veteriner Fakultesi Dergisi. 58: 291-294.  0.01
2010 Seker E, Kuyucuoğlu Y, Sareyyüpoğlu B, Yardımcı H. PCR detection of Shiga toxins, enterohaemolysin and intimin virulence genes of Escherichia coli O157:H7 strains isolated from faeces of Anatolian water buffaloes in Turkey. Zoonoses and Public Health. 57: e33-7. PMID 19968854 DOI: 10.1111/j.1863-2378.2009.01285.x  0.01
2010 Findik A, Yardimci H. The comparison of agglutination, hemagglutination inhibition and indirect hemagglutination tests in the serological diagnosis ofinfectious coryza in chickens Ankara Universitesi Veteriner Fakultesi Dergisi. 57: 69-72.  0.01
2010 Ok A, Yardimci H. Isolation of Salmonella spp. in cage birds in Ankara Ankara Universitesi Veteriner Fakultesi Dergisi. 57: 201-203.  0.01
2010 Şeker E, Yardimci H. The aerobic bacterial flora of the nasal cavity in healthy Anatolian water buffalo calves Ankara Universitesi Veteriner Fakultesi Dergisi. 57: 65-67.  0.01
2008 Seker E, Yardimci H. First isolation of Escherichia coli O157:H7 from faecal and milk specimens from anatolian water buffaloes (Bubalus bubalus) in Turkey. Journal of the South African Veterinary Association. 79: 167-70. PMID 19496315  0.01
2008 Sareyyüpoǧlu B, Ok AC, Cantekin Z, Yardimci H, Akan M, Akçay A. Polymerase chain reaction detection of Salmonella spp. in fecal samples of pet birds Avian Diseases. 52: 163-167. PMID 18459317 DOI: 10.1637/8052-070507-Reg  0.01
2002 Yardimci H, Erdeǧer J, Akan M, Yildirim M. Colonization, translocation and antibody response in experimental Campylobacter infection of chickens Turkish Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences. 26: 1367-1374.  0.01
2001 Altay G, Yardimci H. Detection of Antibodies Against Salmonella Enteritidis in Chicken Serum and Egg Yolk with ELISA Turkish Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences. 25: 983-988.  0.01
2001 Aydin N, Yardimci H, Gümüşsoy KS, Erdem B. The Diagnosis of Antibodies Against Newcastle Disease Virus by HI and ELISA Tests in Vaccinated Chickens Turkish Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences. 25: 1-5.  0.01
2000 Şirvanci M, Tekelioǧlu MH, Duran C, Yardimci H, Onat L, Özer K. Primary epiploic appendagitis: CT manifestations Clinical Imaging. 24: 357-361. PMID 11368937 DOI: 10.1016/S0899-7071(00)00236-9  0.01
1999 Şanli Y, Bilgili A, Filazi A, Yarsan E, Aşti R, Kurtdede N, Yardimci H. The Effects of some Antibacterial Drugs on the Immune System of Poultry Turkish Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences. 23: 547-555.  0.01
1996 Uras C, Altinkaya E, Yardimci H, Goksel S, Yavuz N, Kaptanoglu L, Akcal T. Peritoneal cytology in the determination of free tumour cells within the abdomen in colon cancer Surgical Oncology. 5: 259-263. PMID 9129139  0.01
1987 Diker KS, Yardimci H, Arda M. Studies on the effect of some disinfectants on Campylobacter jejuni Mikrobiyoloji Bulteni. 21. PMID 3447021  0.01
1986 Diker KS, Yardimci H. Comparison of Campylobacter jejuni isolation methods and the effect of moisture content on colony morphology Mikrobiyoloji Bulteni. 20: 115-119. PMID 3561277  0.01
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