Boston University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Derek A. AffonceBiomedical Engineering2008 Kenneth Lutchen (grad student)
Prashant N. BansalBiomedical Engineering, Radiology, Biomechanics Biophysics2011 Mark Grinstaff (grad student)
Carissa L. BellardineBiomedical Engineering2006 Kenneth Lutchen (grad student)
Catalina Bordeianu Chemistry20162018 Mark Grinstaff (post-doc)
Kelley A. BurridgeBiomedical Engineering2006 Joyce Wong (grad student)
Michel Camplo Chemistry20062009 Mark Grinstaff (research scientist)
Stacy Chin Chemistry20122017 Mark Grinstaff (grad student)
Ming-Jay ChowBiomechanics Biophysics, Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering Mechanical Engineering2013 Katherine Y. Zhang (grad student)
Kenneth M. ChrobakBiomedical Engineering2007 Joe Tien (grad student)
Aaron Colby Biomedical Engineering20092014 Mark Grinstaff (grad student)
Brianne K Connizzo
Eric Dane Chemistry20102014 Mark Grinstaff (post-doc)
Lovorka DegoricijaPolymer Chemistry, Biomedical Engineering2007 Mark Grinstaff (grad student)
Wynter J. DuncansonBiomedical Engineering2009 Joyce Wong (grad student)
Iriny Ekladious Biomedical Engineering20122018 Mark Grinstaff (grad student)
Evan A. EvansNano-microscale biomechanics; ultrasensitive force probes and extreme resolution optical techniques; material properties of cellular structure; role of structural forces in cell biochemistry
Eric Falde Biomedical Engineering20102015 Mark Grinstaff (grad student)
David FelsonMedicine and Surgery, Biomechanics Biophysics
Shaun F. FilocamoGeneral Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering, Organic Chemistry2006 Mark Grinstaff (grad student)
Jonathan Freedman Pharmacology20102016 Mark Grinstaff (grad student)
Cynthia Ghobril Chemistry20112014 Mark Grinstaff (post-doc)
Guilhem Godeau Chemistry20092010 Mark Grinstaff (post-doc)
Andrew P. GoldenBiomedical Engineering, Cell Biology2008 Joe Tien (grad student)
Mark GrinstaffPolymers, Biomedical Engineering, Diagnostics, Biomaterials, Radiology, Biomechanics Biophysics
Aaron P. GrisetBiomedical Engineering, Polymer Chemistry, Oncology2010 Mark Grinstaff (grad student)
Joseph Hersey Biomedical Engineering20102015 Mark Grinstaff (grad student)
Jeffrey G. JacotBiomedical Engineering2006 Joyce Wong (grad student)
David W. Kaczkarespiratory mechanics, gas exchange, functional lung imaging, computational modeling2000 Kenneth Lutchen (grad student)
Jonah Kaplan Biomedical Engineering20092015 Mark Grinstaff (grad student)
Xiaojuan KhooBiomedical Engineering2010 Mark Grinstaff (grad student)
Michelle E. KinahanBiomedical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering2013 Joyce Wong (grad student)
Marlena D. Konieczynska Chemistry20102016 Mark Grinstaff (grad student)
Benjamin Lakin Biomedical Engineering20092014 Mark Grinstaff (grad student)
Caroline M. LaMannaBiomedical Engineering2013 Mark Grinstaff (grad student)
Adam S. LaPradBiomedical Engineering, Biomechanics Biophysics, Physiology Biology2011 Kenneth Lutchen (grad student)
Cara L. Lewismusculoskeletal biomechanics
Xinrong LinMaterials Science Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, General Engineering Chemistry GRS2014 Mark Grinstaff (grad student)
Nathanael R. LumanGeneral Chemistry2006 Mark Grinstaff (grad student)
Kenneth LutchenBiomedical Engineering, Biomechanics Biophysics, Physiology Biology
Jessica L. MaxwellEpidemiology, Rehabilitation and Therapy Epidemiology SPH2015 David Felson (grad student)
Steven R. MeyersBiomedical Engineering2008 Mark Grinstaff (grad student)
Meredtih Mintzer Chemistry20092011 Mark Grinstaff (post-doc)
Brad Nelsonequine cartilage imaging and repair Biomedical Engineering20112017 Mark Grinstaff (grad student)
Hadi T. NiaTumor Microenvironment
Jingbo NiuPublic Health, Gerontology2006 David Felson (grad student)
Abigail M. OelkerPolymer Chemistry2009 Mark Grinstaff (grad student)
Carla Prata Chemistry20022006 Mark Grinstaff (post-doc)
Gavrielle M. PriceBiomedical Engineering, Physiology Biology, Cell Biology2010 Joe Tien (grad student)
Maryam Salari Chemistry20152017 Mark Grinstaff (post-doc)
Sumona SarkarBiomedical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering, Polymer Chemistry College of Engineering College of Engineering20042006 Joyce Wong (grad student), Tejal A. Desai (grad student)
Olga V. SazonovaBiomedical Engineering, Cell Biology2011 Joyce Wong (grad student), Matthew Nugent (grad student)
Joshua J. StefanikMedicine and Surgery, Biomechanics Biophysics2010 David Felson (grad student)
Rachel Stewart Biomedical Engineering20082014 Mark Grinstaff (grad student)
Sarah E. StidhamOrganic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, General Chemistry Chemistry GRS2014 Mark Grinstaff (grad student)
Kristie (Charoen) Tevis Biomedical Engineering20102016 Mark Grinstaff (grad student)
Nora T. TgavalekosBiomedical Engineering2006 Kenneth Lutchen (grad student)
Joe TienBiomedical Engineering, Physiology Biology, Biomechanics Biophysics
James G. TruslowBiomedical Engineering2011 Joe Tien (grad student)
Yang-Sheng TzengBiomedical Engineering, Radiology2008 Kenneth Lutchen (grad student)
Nitinun Bell Varongchayakul Biomedical Engineering20132018 Mark Grinstaff (grad student)
Marcos F. Vidal MeloRadiology, Biomedical Engineering, Biomechanics Biophysics
Michel Walther Chemistry20022007 Mark Grinstaff (post-doc)
Julia Wang Biomedical Engineering20122017 Mark Grinstaff (grad student)
Tyler J. WellmanRadiology, Biomedical Engineering, Biomechanics Biophysics2013 Marcos F. Vidal Melo (grad student)
Gwilym R. WilliamsPublic Health, Biostatistics Biology, Medicine and Surgery2000 David Felson (grad student)
Corin WilliamsBiomedical Engineering2011 Joyce Wong (grad student)
Jesse B. WolinskyBiomedical Engineering2009 Mark Grinstaff (grad student)
Joyce Wong
Ruiqing Xiao Chemistry20122018 Mark Grinstaff (grad student)
Raphael YaoBiomedical Engineering2013 Joyce Wong (grad student)
Stefan T. YoheBiomedical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering2013 Mark Grinstaff (grad student)
Xiaoxiang ZhangBiochemistry, Biomedical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering2011 Mark Grinstaff (grad student)
Katherine Y. ZhangMechanical Engineering, Biomechanics Biophysics
Yu ZouMechanical Engineering, Biomechanics Biophysics2011 Katherine Y. Zhang (grad student)
Kimberly A. ZubrisBiomedical Engineering, Nanotechnology, Pharmacology, Oncology2011 Mark Grinstaff (grad student)