University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Patrick T. MartoneBiomechanics, Phycology Botany Department2011 Cathryn L. Clarke Murray (collaborator), Sandra Lindstrom (collaborator)
John Gosline
Christopher D. Harley Cathryn L. Clarke Murray (collaborator)
Robert W. BlakeBiomechanics
Douglas S. Fudge2003 John Gosline (grad student)
Mark W. DennyBiomechanics, intertidal ecology John Gosline (grad student)
Emily CarringtonBiomechanics, intertidal ecology John Gosline (post-doc)
Robert E. ShadwickKinematics, Biomechanics, Materials John Gosline (post-doc)
Vikram B. Baliga2017 Douglas L. Altshuler (post-doc)
William Sheel
Douglas L. Altshuleranimal flight, biomechanics, motor control, visual guidance, visual neuroscience
Tania Lamlocomotion
Evan A. EvansNano-microscale biomechanics; ultrasensitive force probes and extreme resolution optical techniques; material properties of cellular structure; role of structural forces in cell biochemistry
William M. MegillBiomimetics Physics19942002 John Gosline (grad student), Robert W. Blake (grad student), Boye Ahlborn (grad student)
Kathleen FosterComparative muscle function/biomechanics20092010 Robert E. Shadwick (research assistant)
Katie E. Marshalllow temperature physiology, entomology Zoology20132016 Christopher D. Harley (post-doc)