University of Chicago

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Peter C. WainwrightEvolution and ecology of functional morphology George V. Lauder (grad student)
Lyda Harris Ecology and Evolution J. Timothy Wootton (research assistant)
Ekaterina A. KhramtsovaPathology, Physiology Biology, General Biology Pathology2014 Jerrold R. Turner (grad student)
Samuel C. NalleImmunology Pathology2011 Jerrold R. Turner (grad student)
Dan YuMolecular Biology, Biomechanics Biophysics Pathology2010 Jerrold R. Turner (grad student)
David R. RaleighCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics Biology Pathology2010 Jerrold R. Turner (grad student)
Amanda M. MarchiandoCell Biology Pathology2010 Jerrold R. Turner (grad student)
W. V. GrahamMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, General Biology Pathology2010 Jerrold R. Turner (grad student)
Daniel ClayburghMolecular Biology, Animal Physiology Biology2006 Jerrold R. Turner (grad student)
Le ShenCell Biology, Pathology2005 Jerrold R. Turner (grad student)
Jerrold R. TurnerMolecular Biology, Biomechanics Biophysics
Michael E. Alfarobiomechanics, evolution of ideas2000 Mark W. Westneat (grad student)
Mark W. WestneatPhylogenetics, Systematics, Biomechanics, Evolution
John J. Socha2002 Michael LaBarbera (grad student)
Rachel Ann Merz Michael LaBarbera (grad student)
Richard W. BlobLocomotion Department of Organismal Biology and Anatomy19992001 Andrew A. Biewener (grad student), Mark W. Westneat (post-doc), James Hopson (grad student)
John EA BertramComparative Biomechanics Andrew A. Biewener (grad student)
Philip S. Anderson2007 Mark W. Westneat (grad student), Michael LaBarbera (grad student)
Michael LaBarbera
Lisa Jane Rosenberger2000 Mark W. Westneat (grad student)
Brad Wright2000 Mark W. Westneat (grad student)
W. James Cooper2006 Mark W. Westneat (grad student)
Kristin M. Sherrard Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology20092015 Michael LaBarbera (grad student), Rick Fehon (post-doc)
Elizabeth E. LeClairdevelopmental biology19901995 Michael LaBarbera (grad student)
Michael TuNeuroethology19911996 Michael H. Dickinson (grad student)
Jonathan R. SilvaBiomedical Engineering Pediatrics20082011 Steve A. N. Goldstein (post-doc)
Aaron Olsen Organismal Biology and Anatomy20092016 Mark W. Westneat (grad student)
Nicholas J. Gidmarkbiomechanics, muscle physiology20152016 Callum F. Ross (post-doc)
Katrina Whitlow2016 Mark W. Westneat (grad student)
J.D. Laurence-Chasen20212021 Callum F. Ross (grad student), Callum F. Ross (post-doc), Nicholas G. Hatsopoulos (grad student)
Kara L. Feilich Organismal Biology and Anatomy2020 Callum F. Ross (post-doc)