University of Wisconsin, Madison

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Aude S. Ada-NguemaCell Biology, Pharmacology2005 Patricia J. Keely (grad student)
Habib Al salehRadiology Medical Physics2013 Walter F. Block (grad student)
Adam W. AlaniPharmaceutical Chemistry2007 Joseph R. Robinson (grad student)
Ashley G. AndersonRadiology, Electricity and Magnetism Physics, General Medical Physics2014 Oliver Wieben (grad student)
Arjun ArunachalamElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Medical Biophysics2006 Willis Tompkins (grad student)
Dennis E. BahrBiomedical Engineering Biomedical Engineering2012 Willis Tompkins (grad student)
Walter F. BlockBiomedical Engineering, Radiology
Ethan BrodskyElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Radiology2006 Walter F. Block (grad student)
Eric M. BultmanBiomedical Engineering, Radiology Biomedical Engineering2012 Walter F. Block (grad student)
David G. BuschkeBiomedical Engineering Biomedical Engineering2012 Brenda M. Ogle (grad student)
Paul J. CampagnolaBiomedical Engineering, Pharmacy
Naomi C. CheslerBiomedical Engineering, General Engineering, Higher Education, Physiology Biology
Amy S. ChungPharmaceutical Chemistry, Biomedical Engineering2009 John W. Kao (grad student)
Andrew G ClarkBiology Zoology20042008 William M. Bement (research assistant)
Stephanie G. Cone Mechanical Engineering2019 Darryl G. Thelen (post-doc)
John M. FlobergRadiology Medical Physics2012 Charles Anthony Mistretta (grad student)
Marcus Laird ForrestOncology, Pharmacy, Nanotechnology20042006 Glen S. Kwon (post-doc)
Yao FuPharmacy, Biomedical Engineering Pharmaceutical Sciences2012 John W. Kao (grad student)
Gary FullertonMedical Biophysics, Radiology1974 John Roderick Cameron (grad student)
Daniel Gil Biomedical Engineering20152021 Melissa C. Skala (grad student)
Xiaoxiao GuMaterials Science Engineering, Biomedical Engineering2010 Kristyn S. Masters (grad student)
Tianliang GuBiomedical Engineering2004 Charles Anthony Mistretta (grad student)
Gunnsteinn HallBiomedical Engineering, Pharmacy Biomedical Engineering2012 Paul J. Campagnola (grad student)
Andrew M. HandorfBiomedical Engineering, Cell Biology, General Biology Biomedical Engineering2014 Wan-Ju Li (grad student)
Tiffany Heaster Biomedical Engineering20142020 Melissa C. Skala (grad student)
Jessica N. HeckCell Biology2011 Patricia J. Keely (grad student)
Leah C. Henze BancroftRadiology, Biomedical Engineering Biomedical Engineering2014 Walter F. Block (grad student)
Catherine D. HinesBiomedical Engineering, Pathology2010 Scott B. Reeder (grad student)
Michael F. InsanaBiomedical Engineering Medical Physics1983 James A. Zagzebski (grad student)
Youngkyoo JungElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Radiology2007 Willis Tompkins (grad student)
John W. KaoBiomedical Engineering, Cell Biology, General Engineering
Maya R. KartaImmunology, Virology Biology, General Molecular & Cellular Pharmacology2014 Patricia J. Keely (grad student)
Steven R. KecskemetiRadiology, General Biophysics Physics2012 Oliver Wieben (grad student)
Patricia J. KeelyBiomedical Engineering
Lauren A. KeithRadiology Medical Physics2012 Charles Anthony Mistretta (grad student)
Richard KijowskiRadiology, Biomedical Engineering, General Biology
Melissa A KinneyStem cell engineering, tissue engineering, systems biology
Jessica L. KlaersMedical Biophysics, Biomedical Engineering2010 Walter F. Block (grad student)
Kyle R. KleinbeckBiomedical Engineering, Medicine and Surgery2011 John W. Kao (grad student)
Nicholas A. KourisBiomedical Engineering, Cell Biology Biomedical Engineering2012 Brenda M. Ogle (grad student)
Lina KwongCell Biology2005 Patricia J. Keely (grad student)
Wai-Yip T. LeePharmaceutical Chemistry, Ophthalmology2003 Joseph R. Robinson (grad student)
Wan-Ju LiBiomedical Engineering, Cell Biology, General Biology
Aiming LuBiomedical Engineering, Radiology2004 Walter F. Block (grad student)
Kristyn S. MastersBiomedical Engineering
Yousef MazaheriMedical Biophysics, General Biophysics2001 Charles Anthony Mistretta (grad student)
Cynthia H. McColloughBiomedical Engineering, Radiology Medical Physics19851991 Charles Anthony Mistretta (grad student)
Chloe M. McCoyBiomedical Engineering Biomedical Engineering2012 Kristyn S. Masters (grad student)
Charles Anthony MistrettaRadiology, Biomedical Engineering
Katarzyna ModzelewskaCell Biology2006 Patricia J. Keely (grad student)
Elyssa L. MonzackBiomedical Engineering Biomedical Engineering2012 Kristyn S. Masters (grad student)
Catherine J. MoranBiomedical Engineering, Medical Biophysics2009 Walter F. Block (grad student)
Pouria MossahebiBiomedical Engineering, Radiology Biomedical Engineering2013 Walter F. Block (grad student)
Yogeeta NarkarPharmacy2006 Joseph R. Robinson (grad student)
Regina K. NelsonBiomedical Engineering, General Engineering, Higher Education, Physiology Biology Biomedical Engineering2013 Naomi C. Chesler (grad student)
Elizabeth J. NettRadiology Medical Physics2013 Oliver Wieben (grad student)
Amit J. NimunkarBiomedical Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering2009 Willis Tompkins (grad student)
Brenda M. OgleBiomedical Engineering, Cell Biology
Kinam ParkBiomedical Engineering Pharmacy Joseph R. Robinson (grad student)
Scott B. ReederBiomedical Engineering, Radiology
Kristin M. RichingBiomedical Engineering Biomedical Engineering2013 Patricia J. Keely (grad student)
Joseph R. Robinsoncontrolled drug delivery, ocular drug disposition and bioadhesives1966 Takeru Higuchi (grad student)
Karien J. RodriguezBiomedical Engineering, Cell Biology2010 Kristyn S. Masters (grad student)
Alejandro Roldan-AlzateMechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering2008 Naomi C. Chesler (grad student)
Kevin RoyaltyRadiology, Biomedical Engineering Biomedical Engineering2014 Charles Anthony Mistretta (grad student)
Amaliris RuizMaterials Science Engineering Materials Science2013 Kristyn S. Masters (grad student)
Abdul Kader SagarFLIM, Biophotonics, Microglia Biomedical Engineering20132019 Kevin W. Eliceiri (grad student)
Mahdi Salmani RahimiBiomedical Engineering, Radiology Biomedical Engineering2014 Block F. Walter (grad student)
Tsu-Wang ShenBiomedical Engineering, Biostatistics Biology2005 Willis Tompkins (grad student)
Melissa C. SkalaBiomedical Engineering, Optics Physics
Michael SpeidelRadiology, Biomedical Engineering
Nade SritanyaratanaRadiology, Biomedical Engineering, General Biology Biomedical Engineering2014 Walter F. Block (grad student)
Tracy J. Stefonek-PuccinelliMaterials Science Engineering, Biomedical Engineering2009 Kristyn S. Masters (grad student)
Diana M. Tabima MartinezBiomedical Engineering, Physiology Biology2010 Naomi C. Chesler (grad student)
Udomchai TechavipooSystem Science Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Acoustics Physics Electrical and Computer Engineering20012004 Willis Tompkins (grad student), Tomy Varghese (grad student)
Michael T. TomkowiakRadiology, Biomedical Engineering Biomedical Engineering2013 Walter F. Block (grad student)
Willis TompkinsBiomedical Engineering
Corbin TreacyFrench Studies
Steven M. TrierBiomedical Engineering, Cell Biology2010 Patricia J. Keely (grad student)
Rebecca R. VanderpoolBiomedical Engineering2010 Naomi C. Chesler (grad student)
Karl K. VigenRadiology, Medical Biophysics2000 Charles Anthony Mistretta (grad student)
Heather WaldeckBiomedical Engineering, Cell Biology, Materials Science Engineering2011 John W. Kao (grad student)
Block F. WalterBiomedical Engineering, Radiology
Joseph WangBiomedical Engineering, Nanotechnology, Chemical Engineering19781980 Walter J. Blaedel (post-doc)
Andrew L. WentlandRadiology, Biomedical Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering Medical Physics2013 Oliver Wieben (grad student)
Oliver WiebenElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Medical Biophysics2002 Willis Tompkins (grad student)
Siobhan D. WilsonPharmacology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology2006 Patricia J. Keely (grad student)
Nimit WorakulPharmacy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry2001 Joseph R. Robinson (grad student)
Michele A. WozniakCell Biology, Molecular Biology2005 Patricia J. Keely (grad student)
Huimin WuRadiology, Biomedical Engineering Medical Physics2012 Walter F. Block (grad student)
Changfang ZhuBiomedical Engineering2007 Willis Tompkins (grad student)