Marquette University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Nancy L. SobczakComputer Science, Artificial Intelligence2007 Martin A. Seitz (grad student)
Franco J. RupcichRadiology, Radiation Physics Biomedical Engineering2013 Taly Gilat-Schmidt (grad student)
Taly Gilat-SchmidtRadiology, Radiation Physics
Shekar N. KurpadBiomedical Engineering, Neuroscience Biology, Radiology
Anthony G. HudetzBiomedical Engineering, Neuroscience Biology
Prateek GroverBiomedical Engineering, Biomechanics Biophysics, General Biomedical Engineering2012 Gerald F. Harris (grad student)
Kelly M. StriflingBiomedical Engineering, Rehabilitation and Therapy, Public Health2006 Gerald F. Harris (grad student)
Einat LiebenthalBiomedical Engineering
Gerald F. HarrisBiomedical Engineering, Biomechanics Biophysics, General
John A. ChorenBiomedical Engineering Biomedical Engineering2011 M Barbara Silver-Thorn (grad student)
Zhuohui GanBiomedical Engineering, Physiology Biology Biomedical Engineering2011 Said H. Audi (grad student)
Dean C. JeutterNeuroscience Biology, Artificial Intelligence, Physiology Biology
Waldemar OrlowApplied Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering, Radiation Chemistry2004 Martin A. Seitz (grad student)
Jianxun HuMaterials Science Engineering, Analytical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry2001 Martin A. Seitz (grad student)
Phillip A. EidlerElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering2001 Martin A. Seitz (grad student)
M Barbara Silver-ThornBiomedical Engineering
Said H. AudiBiomedical Engineering, Physiology Biology
Martin A. SeitzBiomedical Engineering, Biochemistry, Environmental Health
Darrel A. MazzariBiomedical Engineering, Biochemistry, Environmental Health Biomedical Engineering2011 Dean C. Jeutter (grad student)
Dominic E. NathanNeuroscience Biology, Artificial Intelligence, Physiology Biology Biomedical Engineering2010 Dean C. Jeutter (grad student)
William P. EbbenRehabilitation and Therapy, Recreation2006 Dean C. Jeutter (grad student)
Robert W. ProstNeuroscience Biology, Artificial Intelligence, Physiology Biology