University of Arizona

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Megan J. Williams Biomedical Engineering2014 Jonathan V. Geest (grad student)
Marie NearingAnimal Culture and Nutrition Agriculture, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology Animal Sciences2013 Ronald E. Allen (grad student)
Christopher J. SullivanBiomedical2002 James B. Hoying (grad student)
Mark A. SchwartzBiomedical2005 James B. Hoying (grad student)
Kevin A. GreerBiomedical2006 James B. Hoying (grad student)
Trevor R. CardinalBiomedical Physiological Sciences2007 James B. Hoying (grad student)
Carlos C. ChangBiomedical Biomedical Engineering2008 James B. Hoying (grad student)
Joelle E. SarllsBiomedical2006 Theodore P. Trouard (grad student)
Dominique L. JenningsBiomedical Biomedical Engineering2008 Theodore P. Trouard (grad student)
James B. HoyingBiomedical
Kevin D. HarkinsBiomedical Biomedical Engineering2009 Theodore P. Trouard (grad student)
Theodore P. TrouardBiomedical
John W. TotenhagenBiomedical Biomedical Engineering2012 Theodore P. Trouard (grad student)
Eriko S. YoshimaruBiomedical Biomedical Engineering2013 Theodore P. Trouard (grad student)
Marek RomanowskiBiomedical Engineering
Christian F. GainerBiomedical Engineering Biomedical Engineering2013 Marek Romanowski (grad student)
Jonathan V. GeestBiomedical Engineering, Biomechanics Biophysics, Neuroscience Biology
Ronald E. AllenBiomedical Engineering, Molecular Biology
Jennifer L. ElsterBiomedical Engineering, Molecular Biology Biomedical Engineering2009 Ronald E. Allen (grad student)
James SchwiegerlingBiomedical Engineering, Optics Physics, Ophthalmology
Edward A. DeHoogBiomedical Engineering, Optics Physics, Ophthalmology Biomedical Engineering2008 James Schwiegerling (grad student)
Sarah J. LeungBiomedical Engineering, Pharmacy Biomedical Engineering2012 Marek Romanowski (grad student)
Timothy S. TroutmanBiomedical, Optics, Oncology Biomedical Engineering2008 Jennifer K. Barton (grad student)
Vrushali R. KordeBiomedical, Optics, Oncology Optical Sciences2009 Jennifer K. Barton (grad student)
Amy M. WinklerBiomedical, Optics, Oncology Optical Sciences2010 Jennifer K. Barton (grad student)
Jennifer K. BartonBiomedical, Optics, Oncology
Kirk W. GossageBiomedical, Optics, Oncology2004 Jennifer K. Barton (grad student)
Lida P. HaririBiomedical, Optics, Oncology2007 Jennifer K. Barton (grad student)
Alexandre R. TumlinsonBiomedical, Optics, Oncology Biomedical Engineering2007 Jennifer K. Barton (grad student)
Garret T. BonnemaBiomedical, Optics, Oncology Optical Sciences2008 Jennifer K. Barton (grad student)
Nicholas W. BaetzBiomedical, Physiology, Ophthalmology Cell Biology & Anatomy2009 W Daniel Stamer (grad student)
Grant M. SumidaBiomedical, Physiology, Ophthalmology Physiological Sciences2010 W Daniel Stamer (grad student)
Lindsey H. MillardBiomedical, Physiology, Ophthalmology Medical Pharmacology2010 W Daniel Stamer (grad student)
W Daniel StamerBiomedical, Physiology, Ophthalmology
Shannon M. ConleyBiomedical, Physiology, Ophthalmology2006 W Daniel Stamer (grad student)
Zhou WanBiomedical, Physiology, Ophthalmology2007 W Daniel Stamer (grad student)
Renata F. RamosBiomedical, Physiology, Ophthalmology Biomedical Engineering2008 W Daniel Stamer (grad student)
Jacob L. BeverageOphthalmology2003 James Schwiegerling (grad student)
Junoh ChoiOptics Physics, Ophthalmology Optical Sciences2008 James Schwiegerling (grad student)
Carl H. ChancyOptics Physics, Ophthalmology Optical Sciences2014 James Schwiegerling (grad student)
Jochen StraubOptics Physics, Ophthalmology, Medicine and Surgery2003 James Schwiegerling (grad student)
Heather L. DurkoOptics Physics, Radiology Optical Sciences2014 Lars R. Furenlid (grad student)
Lars R. FurenlidRadiology, Biomedical Engineering