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Philip S. Anderson (Info) U Mass Amherst retina 2012‑09‑14
Elizabeth L. Brainerd (Info) Brown mooseo 2009‑09‑22
Diane A. Kelly (Info) U Mass Amherst DKelly 2011‑09‑02
Chang Soo S. Kim (Info) UC Irvine contrast agent, nanoparticle cgkcs95 2016‑07‑08
Nathan J. Kley (Info) Stoneybrook fishguy 2009‑09‑24
Vincent M. Rotello (Info) U Mass Amherst Supramolecular Chemistry, Nanotechnology rotellogroup 2011‑09‑05
Adam P. Summers (Info) Friday Harbor Labs, University of Washington mooseo 2009‑09‑22
Andrea B. Ward (Info) lphernandez 2010‑03‑23
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