University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Dario A. A. VignaliImmunology, Cell Biology
Sudhir AggarwalGeneral, Medicine and Surgery, Physiology Biology Cell Biology and Biochemistry2010 Radhakrishna Rao (grad student)
Kavisha AroraPhysiology Biology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology Cell Biology and Biochemistry2013 Anjaparavanda P. Naren (grad student)
Marcello ArsuraPharmacology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology
Jennifer D. BilyeuPharmacology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology2004 Marcello Arsura (grad student)
Mary-Ann BjornstiMolecular Biology
Dennis D. BlackMolecular Biology, Nutrition
Amy S. BogardCell Biology, Pharmacology, Molecular Biology Molecular Therapeutics and Cell Signaling2013 Rennolds Ostrom (grad student)
Amy M. ClineImmunology2005 Marko Z. Radic (grad student)
Veronica G. ConoleyCell Biology, Virology Biology Cell Biology and Biochemistry2010 Anjaparavanda P. Naren (grad student)
Mitzi DunaganCell Biology Cell Biology and Biochemistry2012 Radhakrishna Rao (grad student)
Nishant DwivediImmunology, Molecular Biology Microbial Pathogenesis, Immunology, and Inflammation2011 Marko Z. Radic (grad student)
Yu FukudaCell Biology, Physiology Biology Pharmaceutical Sciences2008 John D. Schuetz (grad student)
Jo M. GarnerCell Biology, Oncology, Human Development Cancer and Developmental Biology2014 Lawrence Pfeffer (grad student)
Rakesh GoorhaCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Oncology
Wang HaopengCell Biology, Molecular Biology Microbial Pathogenesis, Immunology, and Inflammation2008 Dario A. A. Vignali (grad student)
Loleta D. HarrisCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Oncology2002 Rakesh Goorha (grad student)
Aviv HassidCell Biology
Hannah E. HensonCell & Developmental Biology, Choroid Plexus, Zebrafish
Michael J. HerrCell Biology, Oncology Cell Biology and Biochemistry2013 Lisa K. Jennings (grad student)
George M. HilliardMolecular Biology, Bioinformatics Biology, Genetics
Heidi S. HummelMolecular Biology2000 John Swindle (grad student)
James N. IhleMolecular Biology
Jonathan H. JaggarPhysiology Biology, Cell Biology
Suneet K. JainCell Biology, Physiology Biology Cell Biology and Biochemistry2011 Radhakrishna Rao (grad student)
Lisa K. JenningsCell Biology, Oncology
Leonard R. JohnsonCell Biology
Jill LahtiMolecular Biology
Cynthia S. LancasterMolecular Biology Molecular Sciences2008 Mary-Ann Bjornsti (grad student)
Chunying LiAnimal Physiology Biology, Pathology2005 Anjaparavanda P. Naren (grad student)
Tongyuan LiMolecular Biology2005 Jill Lahti (grad student)
Satish K. NandakumarMolecular Biology, Cell Biology Molecular Therapeutics and Cell Signaling2014 Derek Persons (grad student)
Damodaran NarayananPhysiology Biology, Cell Biology Molecular, Cellular, and Systems Physiology2010 Jonathan H. Jaggar (grad student)
Anjaparavanda P. NarenCell Biology, Biochemistry, Physiology Biology
Fazlullah S. NawaziMolecular Biology, Immunology Molecular Sciences2008 Marko Z. Radic (grad student)
Paul A. NeyCell Biology, Molecular Biology
Rennolds OstromCell Biology, Pharmacology, Molecular Biology
Kaushik ParthasarathiCell Biology, Biochemistry
Himabindu PenmatsaCell Biology, Biochemistry, Physiology Biology Cell Biology and Biochemistry2009 Anjaparavanda P. Naren (grad student)
Derek PersonsMolecular Biology, Cell Biology
Lawrence PfefferPathology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology
Marko Z. RadicMolecular Biology, Immunology
David H. RandleMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Oncology2002 Martine F. Roussel (grad student)
Radhakrishna RaoGeneral, Medicine and Surgery, Physiology Biology
Martine F. RousselMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Oncology
Sivatej SarvaMolecular Biology, Bioinformatics Biology, Genetics Molecular Sciences2008 George M. Hilliard (grad student)
John D. SchuetzCell Biology, Physiology Biology
Brenda A. SchulmanBiochemistry
Chandrima SinhaCell Biology, Biochemistry Cell Biology and Biochemistry2014 Kaushik Parthasarathi (grad student)
D Parker SuttlePharmacology, Oncology, Cell Biology
John SwindleMolecular Biology
Andrea L. SzymczakImmunology, Cell Biology2004 Dario A. A. Vignali (grad student)
Asad TaherbhoyBiochemistry Cell Biology and Biochemistry2011 Brenda A. Schulman (grad student)
Emma M. TillmanMolecular Biology, Nutrition Cell Biology and Biochemistry2013 Dennis D. Black (grad student)
Devin D. TwitchellCell Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology Cell Biology and Biochemistry2013 Gerard P. Zambetti (grad student)
William J. ValentineMolecular Biology, Pathology2004 Lawrence Pfeffer (grad student)
Dario A. VignaliCell Biology, Molecular Biology
Gerard P. ZambettiCell Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology
Heesuk ZangMolecular Biology2002 James N. Ihle (grad student)
Min ZhuangMolecular Biology Molecular Sciences2009 Brenda A. Schulman (grad student)