University of Wisconsin, Madison

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Amy M. BejsovecGenetics, Cell Biology Phil Anderson (grad student)
Michael J. ByersObstetrics and Gynecology2005 Ronald R. Magness (grad student)
Kevin W. McCoolMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Oncology Molecular & Cellular Pharmacology2014 Shigeki Miyamoto (grad student)
Heather T. TaffMicrobiology Biology, Molecular Biology Cellular and Molecular Biology2014 David R. Andes (grad student)
John WeinzirlTuberculosis research1906 Harry Luman Russell (grad student)
William S. MellonPharmacology, Cell Biology
Igor SlukvinCell Biology, Medicine and Surgery
Colleen E. HayesCell Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology
Alvar R. CarlsonAgronomy Agriculture, Plant Pathology Agriculture2004 Heidi F. Kaeppler (grad student)
Kannan Iyyemperumal Jean-Michel Ane (post-doc)
Noder SheibaniCell Biology
Arjang DjamaliPathology, Molecular Biology
Walter G. GoodmanMolecular Biology, Entomology Biology, Animal Physiology Biology
Jean SchwarzbauerExtracellular matrix, integrin signaling in cell adhesion and cell migration Gary R. Craven (grad student)
Summer E. HansonBiomedical Engineering, Cell Biology2011 Peiman Hematti (grad student)
Jeanette K. DucettBiochemistry, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology Cellular & Molecular Bio - AG2012 Elizabeth A. Craig (grad student)
Dhileepkumar JayaramanMolecular Biology, Genetics2011 Jean-Michel Ane (grad student)
Juan E. ZalapaGenetics, Plant Culture Agriculture, Molecular Biology2005 Jack E. Staub (grad student)
Sidonie N. LavergnePharmacology, Immunology, Toxicology2006 Lauren A. Trepanier (grad student)
Keefe T. ChanCell Biology2010 Anna Huttenlocher (grad student)
Robert KaleitaMolecular Biology, Virology Biology, Cell Biology
Harini SampathMolecular Biology2008 James M. Ntambi (grad student)
Marymar G. ButruilleGenetics, Plant Physiology, Molecular Biology2002 Jerry L. Kermicle (grad student)
Jered V. McGivernBiochemistry, Molecular Biology2008 Michael Sheets (grad student)
Moises A. Rivera-BermudezPharmacology2001 William S. Mellon (grad student)
Carolyn NealGenetics2009 Patrick Masson (grad student)
Lucas G. Silva Jean-Michel Ane (post-doc)
Maria C. Suarez-RodriguezGenetics2007 Patrick J. Krysan (grad student)
Megan D. BaumlerNutrition2010 Guy E. Groblewski (grad student)
Charlene RiveraCell Biology, Molecular Biology2007 Anne E. Griep (grad student)
Gary R. CravenRibosomes
Christine E. PfundMolecular Biology, Genetics, Cell Biology2000 Elizabeth A. Craig (grad student)
Sheikh O. JobePhysiology Biology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Molecular Biology Endocrinol-Reprod Physiol - LS2013 Ronald R. Magness (grad student)
Sher L. HendricksonZoology Biology, Molecular Biology, Ecology Biology2003 Robert Bleiweiss (grad student)
Spencer HooverVirology Biology2008 Robert Striker (grad student)
Elizabeth A. Craig
Stephen Y. NakadaPharmacology, Cell Biology
Suresh MarulasiddappaImmunology, Cell Biology, General
Norman R. DrinkwaterGenetics, Molecular Biology
Maria L. FedericoMolecular Biology, Plant Culture Agriculture, Plant Pathology Agriculture2005 Heidi F. Kaeppler (grad student)
Désirée den Os Jean-Michel Ane (post-doc)
Douglas G. McNeelOncology, Molecular Biology, Immunology
Ian J. AmannaCell Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology2004 Colleen E. Hayes (grad student)
Van R. PotterCancer Research, Bioethics1938 Conrad (Arnold) Elvehjem (grad student)
Hugo E. CuevasPlant Culture Agriculture2008 Jack E. Staub (grad student)
Keelia M. RhoadsToxicology, Pharmacology2010 Lauren A. Trepanier (grad student)
Christa L. CortesioCell Biology2010 Anna Huttenlocher (grad student)
Paul C. MarkerPhysiology Biology, Cell Biology, Oncology
Maggie BurhansNutrition Nutritional Sciences2013 James M. Ntambi (grad student)
James M. BugniGenetics, Molecular Biology2001 Norman R. Drinkwater (grad student)
Timothy J. KinsellaMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Oncology
Surawut WatanaPharmacology, Molecular Biology2003 William S. Mellon (grad student)
Laura M. VaughnGenetics, Plant Culture Agriculture2010 Patrick Masson (grad student)
Vânia C. Silva Jean-Michel Ane (post-doc)
Katie A. ClarkGenetics, Molecular Biology2010 Patrick J. Krysan (grad student)
Michelle A. FalkowskiNutrition, Molecular Biology2011 Guy E. Groblewski (grad student)
Renee L. ShirleyGenetics, Molecular Biology2000 Michael R. Culbertson (grad student)
Dhananjay M. NawandarVirology, Oncology
Nelson Lopez-HoyoMolecular Biology, Microbiology Biology, Cell Biology2002 Elizabeth A. Craig (grad student)
Jennifer H. GutzmanCell Biology, Oncology, Toxicology2004 Linda A. Schuler (grad student)
Mary Y. SunNutrition, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Physiology Biology, Human Development Nutritional Sciences2013 Ronald R. Magness (grad student)
Melanie B. GillinghamNutrition, Animal Physiology Biology2000 Denise M. Ney (grad student)
Fiona J. FernandesCell Biology2008 Robert Striker (grad student)
Christine ScroogyImmunology, Cell Biology
Robert M. SeiserSecretion, mRNA-ER association Biochemistry Elizabeth A. Craig (post-doc)
George WildingToxicology, Oncology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology
William SugdenVirology Biology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology
Jack E. StaubAgronomy Agriculture, Molecular Biology
Mary A. McGillPlant Culture Agriculture, Agronomy Agriculture, Genetics2009 Heidi F. Kaeppler (grad student)
Arijit Mukerjee Jean-Michel Ane (post-doc)
Anath ShalevMolecular Biology, Endocrinology Biology, Nutrition
Karen M. SpachNutrition, Immunology2005 Colleen E. Hayes (grad student)
Michael SheetsEarly Embryonic Development in Frogs Marvin Wickens (grad student)
Jaye C. Gardiner Oncology2011 Nathan M. Sherer (grad student)
Yuh-Lin WuMolecular Biology2001 Milo C. Wiltbank (grad student)
Mahmoud A. AbourayaPharmacology, Toxicology2011 Lauren A. Trepanier (grad student)
Sa K. YooCell Biology2012 Anna Huttenlocher (grad student)
Tomas A. ProllaGenetics, Animal Physiology Biology, Molecular Biology
Janet E. MertzTranscriptional regulation in DNA tumor viruses and breast cancer
Bret R. WilliamsMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Genetics2004 Norman R. Drinkwater (grad student)
Linda A. SchulerCell Biology
Katherine L. BaldwinCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Genetics Cellular & Molecular Bio - AG2013 Patrick Masson (grad student)
Sanhita Chakraborty Jean-Michel Ane (post-doc)
Shih-Heng SuGenetics, Molecular Biology Plant Breeding & Plant Genetics2012 Patrick J. Krysan (grad student)
Scott W. MessengerCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Physiology Biology Nutritional Sciences2012 Guy E. Groblewski (grad student)
Qiaoning GuanGenetics, Bioinformatics Biology2006 Michael R. Culbertson (grad student)
Randall L. DimondMicrobiology, Developmental Genetics, Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Immunochemistry
Qinglian LiuBiochemistry2002 Elizabeth A. Craig (grad student)
Lisa M. ArendtCell Biology, Oncology2007 Linda A. Schuler (grad student)
Jamie N. HadacGenetics, Molecular Biology, Oncology, Public Health Cancer Biology2014 Richard B. Halberg (grad student)
Karen R. KritschNutrition, Molecular Biology2000 Denise M. Ney (grad student)
Julie A. KeatingVirology Biology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology Cellular and Molecular Biology2012 Robert Striker (grad student)
Nihal AhmadOncology, Cell Biology
David MackeyMolecular Biology Oncology1997 Bill Sugden (grad student)
William J. BurlinghamImmunology, Cell Biology
Patrick J. KrysanMolecular Biology, Genetics
Thaddeus G. GolosAnimal Physiology Biology, Molecular Biology
Jill M. SchartnerImmunology, Cell Biology2009 Christine Scroogy (grad student)
Oswaldo Valdés-López Jean-Michel Ane (post-doc)
Matthew R. MysliwiecMolecular Biology2009 Youngsook Lee (grad student)
Kathryn S. OrvisGenetics, Agronomy Agriculture, Molecular Biology, Plant Culture Agriculture2000 Irwin L. Goldman (grad student)
Justin A. SpanierImmunology2011 Colleen E. Hayes (grad student)
Gareth Wyn Griffithscryo immuno-EM, phagocytosis, nano-particle therapy against tuberculosis1975 Stanley D. Beck (grad student)
Siwat SangsritavongAnimal Culture and Nutrition Agriculture2002 Milo C. Wiltbank (grad student)
Travis J. JerdePharmacology, Cell Biology2005 Stephen Y. Nakada (grad student)
Pui Y. LamCell Biology Cellular and Molecular Biology2014 Anna Huttenlocher (grad student)
James NienhuisPlant Pathology Agriculture, Molecular Biology, Genetics
Philip Feigelson1951 Conrad (Arnold) Elvehjem (grad student)
Stephanie E. PeychalOncology, Genetics2008 Norman R. Drinkwater (grad student)
Mani S. MahadevanGenetics, Cell Biology
Allison StrohmPlant Culture Agriculture, Genetics, Molecular Biology Cellular and Molecular Bio2014 Patrick Masson (grad student)
Shane Bernard Jean-Michel Ane (grad student)
Melba M. TejeraCell Biology Cellular and Molecular Pathology2014 Suresh Marulasiddappa (grad student)
Rhiannon R. PenkertMolecular Biology, Virology Biology, Cell Biology2011 Robert Kaleita (grad student)
Jonathan S. FinkelMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Genetics2008 Michael R. Culbertson (grad student)
Helene C. EisenmanCell Biology, Molecular Biology2003 Elizabeth A. Craig (grad student)
Timothy M. PiazzaCell Biology, Oncology, Molecular Biology2008 Linda A. Schuler (grad student)
Elizabeth M. DahlyNutrition, Animal Physiology Biology2003 Denise M. Ney (grad student)
Amit K. BhattCell Biology, Molecular Biology2002 Anna Huttenlocher (grad student)
Anne GrierMolecular Biology, Cell Biology
Andrew J. WiemerBiochemistry Anna Huttenlocher (post-doc)
Patrick MassonGenetics, Plant Physiology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology
Lynn Allen-HoffmannToxicology, Molecular Biology
Michael R. CulbertsonMolecular Biology, Genetics
Travis L. SchmitOncology, Cell Biology2010 Nihal Ahmad (grad student)
Pierre-Marc Delaux Jean-Michel Ane (post-doc)
Elenita I. KaninMolecular Biology2007 Aseem Z. Ansary (grad student)
Marilyn H. HoviusPlant Pathology Agriculture, Agronomy Agriculture2003 Irwin L. Goldman (grad student)
Kavita TewariImmunology, Cell Biology2007 Marulasiddappa Suresh (grad student)
Kenneth A. JohnsonCellular and Molecular Biology1975 Gary G. Borisy (grad student)
David R. AndesAntifungal drug resistance, Microbiology Biology, Molecular Biology
Roberto Sartori FilhoAnimal Physiology Biology, Animal Culture and Nutrition Agriculture, Veterinary Science Biology2002 Milo C. Wiltbank (grad student)
Kwadwo Owusu-OforiPharmacology, Molecular Biology2010 Stephen Y. Nakada (grad student)
Brian R. FritzMolecular Biology, Animal Physiology Biology2002 Michael Sheets (grad student)
Heidi F. KaepplerMolecular Biology, Plant Culture Agriculture, Plant Pathology Agriculture
Richard Bruce HallickMolecular Biology1971 Hector Floyd DeLuca (grad student)
Mara H. FeldOncology, Toxicology2008 Norman R. Drinkwater (grad student)
Hak AuthMolecular Biology, Pharmacology2008 William S. Mellon (grad student)
Colin R. JetcoateCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Animal Physiology Biology
Jamie S. Lyman GingerichGenetics2006 Francisco J. Pelegri (grad student)
Anthony Bortolazzo Jean-Michel Ane (grad student)
Joshua A. DesotelleMolecular Biology, Oncology2011 David F. Jarrard (grad student)
Stuart D. ShumwayMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Immunology2001 Shigeki Miyamoto (grad student)
Karen ChinchillaMolecular Biology2011 Michael R. Culbertson (grad student)
Brittney D. Jung-HynesOncology2010 Nihal Ahmad (grad student)
Peggy P. HuangBiochemistry, Genetics2004 Elizabeth A. Craig (grad student)
Kristopher C. CarverMolecular Biology, Cell Biology2009 Linda A. Schuler (grad student)
Sandra Van CalcarNutrition2009 Denise M. Ney (grad student)
Benjamin J. PerrinCell Biology2005 Anna Huttenlocher (grad student)
Francisco J. PelegriCell Biology, Genetics
Jon S. OdoricoMolecular Biology, Cell Biology
Aseem Z. AnsaryMolecular Biology
Jerry L. KermicleGenetics, Plant Physiology, Molecular Biology
Lauren A. TrepanierToxicology, Molecular Biology
K. N. De AbrewToxicology, Molecular Biology2007 Lynn Allen-Hoffmann (grad student)
Felix M. NavarroPlant Pathology Agriculture, Molecular Biology, Genetics2005 James Nienhuis (grad student)
Debra A. BressanGenetics, Molecular Biology2000 John H. J. Petrini (grad student)
Walter Schneider Van R. Potter (grad student)
Siyoung Choi2012 William Leo Murphy (grad student)
Ahmet GumenVeterinary Science Biology, Animal Physiology Biology2003 Milo C. Wiltbank (grad student)
Elyse LeeToxicology, Oncology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology2005 George Wilding (grad student)
Tonia C. JorgensonGenetics, Oncology2010 Norman R. Drinkwater (grad student)
Junchao CaiVeterinary Science Biology, Immunology2002 William J. Burlingham (grad student)
Marulasiddappa SureshImmunology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology
Emily L. PutiriGenetics2009 Francisco J. Pelegri (grad student)
Michelle Keller-Pearson Jean-Michel Ane (grad student)
Matthew D. MorseImmunology, Medicine and Surgery, Oncology2011 Douglas G. McNeel (grad student)
Shelby L. O'ConnorMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Immunology2004 Shigeki Miyamoto (grad student)
Behzad Gerami-NainiObstetrics and Gynecology2006 Thaddeus G. Golos (grad student)
J. Chloë BulinskiMicrotubules Gary G. Borisy (grad student)
Carol M. KiekhaeferMolecular Biology, Physiology Biology, Pathology2006 Nader Sheibani (grad student)
Heather A. HundleyBiochemistry2005 Elizabeth A. Craig (grad student)
Christopher D. ZahmOncology Cancer Biology2014 Richard B. Halberg (grad student)
Kevin M. HaigisGenetics, Oncology Genetics19962002 William F. Dove (grad student)
Erin L. MacLeodNutrition2010 Denise M. Ney (grad student)
Santos J. FrancoCell Biology, Molecular Biology2005 Anna Huttenlocher (grad student)
Peiman HemattiBiomedical Engineering, Cell Biology
Elsa Messinese Jean-Michel Ane (grad student)
Nader SheibaniCell Biology, Molecular Biology
Que LanEntomology Biology, Molecular Biology
John H. J. PetriniGenetics, Molecular Biology
Ann E. RoznerCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Immunology2011 Ted Golos (grad student)
Kanokporn BoonsirichaiGenetics, Botany Biology2003 Patrick Masson (grad student)
Jeffrey A. StarkeEnvironmental Engineering, Civil Engineering, Molecular Biology2011 George W. Harrington (grad student)
Aekyong KimToxicology2004 Terry D. Oberley (grad student)
Richard S. MaserGenetics2001 John H. J. Petrini (grad student)
Raymond L. EriksonReversible protein phosphorylation and cell proliferation1963 Wacław Szybalski (grad student)
Brian C. SchutteHuman Development, Medicine and Surgery, Biochemistry Biochemistry1988 Michael Matthew Cox (grad student)
Hernando LopezAnimal Culture and Nutrition Agriculture, Animal Physiology Biology, Veterinary Science Biology2004 Milo C. Wiltbank (grad student)
Shelly M. Wuerzberger-DavisMolecular Biology2004 Shigeki Miyamoto (grad student)
Tien-Cheng ChangObstetrics and Gynecology, Physiology Biology, Cell Biology2007 Thaddeus G. Golos (grad student)
Géraldine Lougnon Jean-Michel Ane (grad student)
Christopher C. OberleyOncology, Molecular Biology, Genetics Cancer Biology2012 Norman R. Drinkwater (grad student)
Melanie DartImmunology, Cell Biology2007 William J. Burlingham (grad student)
Barry D. BavisterZoology Biology, Cell Biology, Animal Physiology Biology
Bharti SolankiGenetics2009 Francisco J. Pelegri (grad student)
Zachary Keyser Jean-Michel Ane (grad student)
Heath SmithOncology, Molecular Biology, Immunology Cancer Biology2012 Douglas G. McNeel (grad student)
Warrren HeidemanMolecular Biology
Richard B. ValleeAxonal transport, Neural development, Dynein Gary G. Borisy (post-doc)
Terri DiMaioCell Biology, Molecular Biology2007 Nader Sheibani (grad student)
Rebecca M. AronBiochemistry2007 Elizabeth A. Craig (grad student)
Caroline M. PiskunVeterinary Science Biology, Molecular Biology Comparative Biomedical Science2014 Timothy J. Stein (grad student)
Lawrence N. KwongGenetics, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Oncology2006 William F. Dove (grad student)
Cheol-Koo LeeGenetics, Nutrition, Toxicology2003 Tomas A. Prolla (grad student)
Paul A. NuzziCell Biology, Immunology, Pharmacology2006 Anna Huttenlocher (grad student)
Anna HuttenlockerImmunology, Cell Biology
Branden Furseth Jean-Michel Ane (grad student)
Lewis G. SheffieldAnimal Physiology Biology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology
Youngsook LeeMolecular Biology
Robert K. VincentMolecular Biology, Cell Biology2007 Jon S. Odorico (grad student)
Christen Y. YuenGenetics2003 Patrick Masson (grad student)
Matthew B. CrookMolecular Biology, Microbiology Biology Jean-Michel Ane (post-doc)
Irina VyazunovaEntomology Biology, Molecular Biology2008 Que Lan (grad student)
Yafan LiOncology, Pathology, Toxicology2005 Terry D. Oberley (grad student)
Carla F. BenderGenetics, Molecular Biology2002 John H. J. Petrini (grad student)
Heinz Schalleranimal viruses H. Gobind Khorana (post-doc)
James M. NtambiGenetic regulation of metabolism
Carla d. PiccinatoAnimal Physiology Biology2008 Milo C. Wiltbank (grad student)
Ronald R. MagnessPhysiology Biology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Molecular Biology
Pei-Yun ChangPharmacology, Immunology2006 Shigeki Miyamoto (grad student)
Jessica G. DrenzekObstetrics and Gynecology2008 Thaddeus G. Golos (grad student)
Robert StrikerVirology Biology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology
Duane D. HallMolecular Biology2000 Warrren Heideman (grad student)
Qingyong XuImmunology, Medicine and Surgery2007 William J. Burlingham (grad student)
Frank M. GrazianoImmunology, Cell Biology, Ophthalmology
Xiaoyan GeGenetics2009 Francisco J. Pelegri (grad student)
Marian Lund Jean-Michel Ane (grad student)
Irwin L. GoldmanGenetics, Agronomy Agriculture, Molecular Biology, Plant Culture Agriculture
Jean-Michel AnePlant Physiology, Molecular Biology, Plant Pathology Agriculture
Ray F. EvertBotany Biology, Molecular Biology, Plant Physiology
Günter BlobelIntracellular Protein Traffic1966 Van R. Potter (grad student)
Tammy L. PalenskiToxicology, Ophthalmology, Cell Biology Molecular & Env Tox - PH2013 Nader Sheibani (grad student)
Amy J. AndrewBiochemistry2007 Elizabeth A. Craig (grad student)
Kran SuknunthaCell Biology, Medicine and Surgery Cellular & Molecular Pathology2013 Igor Slukvin (grad student)
Gennaro FazioAgronomy Agriculture, Molecular Biology2001 Jack E. Staub (grad student)
Sang-Kyu ParkGenetics, Nutrition, Molecular Biology2006 Tomas A. Prolla (grad student)
William T. SimonsonCell Biology2007 Anna Huttenlocher (grad student)
Kurt W. SaupeCell Biology, Medicine and Surgery
Kari Forshey Jean-Michel Ane (grad student)
Katherine S. HackbartEndocrinology Biology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Animal Culture and Nutrition Agriculture Endocrinol-Reprod Physiology2013 Milo C. Wiltbank (grad student)
Gopika G. NairHuman Development, Cell Biology, Genetics Endocrinol-Reprod Physiol2014 Jon S. Odorico (grad student)
Kai F. HungPlant Physiology, Genetics, Molecular Biology2004 Patrick Masson (grad student)
Kevin Garcia Jean-Michel Ane (post-doc)
Danielle Westhoff SmithVirology Biology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology Cellular and Molecular Bio - AG2014 William Sugden (grad student)
Jeanne M. Bourdeau-HellerOncology, Genetics, Pathology, Cell Biology2006 Terry D. Oberley (grad student)
Jayne M. SquirrellZoology Biology, Cell Biology, Animal Physiology Biology2000 Barry D. Bavister (grad student)
Timothy J. SteinVeterinary Science Biology, Molecular Biology
Maria GiakoumopoulosObstetrics and Gynecology, Cell Biology2010 Thaddeus G. Golos (grad student)
Anna HuttenlocherCell Biology
Akhilesh KumarHuman Pluripotent Stem Cells
Shigeki MiyamotoMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Immunology
Eric G. SchmuckCell Biology, Medicine and Surgery2011 Kurt W. Saupe (grad student)
Anne E. GriepCell Biology, Botany Biology
Robin E. LindemanCell Biology, Genetics2011 Francisco J. Pelegri (grad student)
Tomás Rush Jean-Michel Ane (grad student)
David Marburger Jean-Michel Ane (grad student)
Denise M. NeyNutrition, Molecular Biology
George W. HarringtonEnvironmental Engineering, Civil Engineering, Molecular Biology
Kathy BartonGenetics, Molecular Biology, Plant Physiology
Eui S. ShinCell Biology, Ophthalmology, Molecular Biology Cellular & Molecular Bio - AG2013 Nader Sheibani (grad student)
Alison E. MeyerCell Biology, Molecular Biology2009 Elizabeth A. Craig (grad student)
Muthusubramanian VenkateshwaranPlant Physiology, Molecular Biology, Plant Pathology Agriculture2010 Jean-Michel Ane (grad student)
Sang-Min ChungGenetics, Botany Biology, Agronomy Agriculture2002 Jack E. Staub (grad student)
Radhika PuttaguntaGenetics2006 Tomas A. Prolla (grad student)
Ashley T. DoanCell Biology, Molecular Biology2007 Anna Huttenlocher (grad student)
James A.ThomsonCell Biology, Molecular Biology
Weng C. ManMolecular Biology2006 James M. Ntambi (grad student)
Konstantin S. LeskovMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Oncology2001 Timothy J. Kinsella (grad student)
Jennifer J. GavinskiAnimal Physiology Biology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology2008 Lewis G. Sheffield (grad student)
Li-Sen YoungGenetics, Plant Physiology2005 Patrick Masson (grad student)
Thomas Irving Jean-Michel Ane (post-doc)
Aparna VidyasagarPathology, Molecular Biology2011 Arjang Djamali (grad student)
Weihua ShanToxicology, Oncology, Molecular Biology2011 Terry D. Oberley (grad student)
Tenneille E. LudwigVeterinary Science Biology, Animal Physiology Biology2001 Barry D. Bavister (grad student)
David A. Knechtcell motility1982 Randall L. Dimond (grad student)
Richard B. HalbergGenetics, Molecular Biology, Oncology, Public Health
Stephanie MarkovinaCell Biology2008 Shigeki Miyamoto (grad student)
Gustavo TiscorniaGenetics2001 Mani S. Mahadevan (grad student)
Jeniel E. NettMolecular Biology, Microbiology Biology2009 David R. Andes (grad student)
Terry D. OberleyOncology, Genetics, Pathology, Cell Biology
Guy E. GroblewskiCell Biology, Nutrition, Animal Physiology Biology
Yixin TangCell Biology2009 Noder Sheibani (grad student)
Milo C. WiltbankAnimal Physiology Biology, Cell Biology, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Shuquan ZhuAgronomy Agriculture, Plant Pathology Agriculture, Genetics2002 Heidi F. Kaeppler (grad student)
Shivangi Vayla Jean-Michel Ane (grad student)
Kevin Cope Jean-Michel Ane (grad student)
Robert BleiweissZoology Biology, Molecular Biology, Ecology Biology
David F. JarrardMolecular Biology, Oncology
William F. DoveGenetics, Molecular Biology
Alex B. Novikoff Van R. Potter (post-doc)
Idella YambenMolecular Biology, Cell Biology2010 Anne Grier (grad student)
Masaya HayashiGenetics, Biochemistry2010 Elizabeth A. Craig (grad student)
Li H. YuenGenetics2011 Jean-Michel Ane (grad student)
Zhanyong SunAgronomy Agriculture, Genetics2004 Jack E. Staub (grad student)
Rita A. BureshPhysiology Biology, Cell Biology, Oncology2011 Paul C. Marker (grad student)
Kate M. CooperCell Biology2008 Anna Huttenlocher (grad student)
Ted GolosCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Immunology
Kiki ChuMolecular Biology2008 James M. Ntambi (grad student)
Suzanne E. BerryOncology, Molecular Biology2001 Timothy J. Kinsella (grad student)
Sarah A. WernimontImmunology, Cell Biology2011 Anna Huttenlocker (grad student)
John P. StangaGenetics2008 Patrick Masson (grad student)
Devanshi Khokhani Jean-Michel Ane (post-doc)
Suraphon ChaiwongsarMolecular Biology, Genetics2007 Patrick J. Krysan (grad student)
Kala M. KasparCell Biology, Nutrition, Animal Physiology Biology2005 Guy E. Groblewski (grad student)
R. K. HydeCell Biology, Molecular Biology2004 Anne E. Griep (grad student)
Cassandra M. Theusch2010 Cynthia Czajkowski (grad student)
Laurens Andersonchemistry of the sugars1950 Henry A. Lardy (grad student)
Philip SiekevitzMolecular biology of PSDs19511954 Van R. Potter (post-doc)
Fritz Heinz Bachtransplantation medicine, immunobiology
Israel HanukogluEpithelial sodium channel (ENaC), Steroidogenesis, Keratin structure, Oxidoreductase enzymes, Cell biology19771980 Colin R. Jefcoate (grad student), Harry J. Karavolas (grad student)
John J. NalewayLive cell imaging, fluorescence microscopy, high-content screening Biochemistry19831985 Laurens Anderson (post-doc)
Charles YeamanCell Biology, General Biology Cell & Molecular Biology19861993 Alan C. Rapraeger (grad student)
Shirley J. WrightMolecular Biology, Cell Biology19861988 Gerald P. Schatten (post-doc)
Barry Douglas Bruceplant cell biology Botany19901994 Kenneth Keegstra (post-doc)
Christopher S. NavaraCell Biology, Molecular Biology19911995 Gerald P. Schatten (grad student)
David A Casimir Biochemistry19931996 James M. Ntambi (grad student)
Angela M. MabbNeuroscience20022007 Shigeki Miyamoto (grad student)
Angie Umana Biochemistry20072010 Rutilio A. Fratti (research assistant)
Amelia LinnemannGenetics, Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics Biology Medicine/Endocrinology20122016 Dawn Belt Davis (research scientist)