The University of Alabama

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Haj A. AllaliMolecular Biology, Systematic Biology Biological Sciences2011 Juan Lopez-Bautista (grad student)
Jack A. DunkleMolecular Basis for Protein Synthesis by the Ribosome
Rosianna R. GrayMolecular Biology2008 Harry E. Heath (grad student)
Harry E. HeathMolecular Biology
Wallace E. HolznagelGenetics, Molecular Biology, Zoology Biology2000 Charles Lydeard (grad student)
Daryl W. LamBotany Biology Biological Sciences2010 Juan Lopez-Bautista (grad student), Frederick William Zechman (grad student)
Juan Lopez-BautistaMolecular Biology, Systematic Biology
Charles LydeardGenetics, Molecular Biology, Zoology Biology
Jing MengCell Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology2003 Edwin C. Stephenson (grad student)
Russell L. MintonZoology Biology, Genetics2001 Charles Lydeard (grad student)
Jeffrey D. SidesZoology Biology, Genetics2005 Charles Lydeard (grad student)
Edwin C. StephensonCell Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology
Amy R. WethingtonMolecular Biology, Zoology Biology2004 Charles Lydeard (grad student)