University of Chicago

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Maria-Luisa AlegreImmunology, Cell Biology Jeffrey A. Bluestone (grad student)
S. Andrei Anghel Cell & Molecular Biology Robert J. Keenan (grad student)
Stephen L Archer
Philip G. Ashton-RickardtImmunology, Cell Biology
Li Bai Albert Bendelac (post-doc)
Fiyinfolu O. BalogunMolecular Biology, Genetics Pathology2012 Stephen J. Kron (grad student)
Zeeshan Banday Jean Toby Greenberg (post-doc)
James M. BaughMolecular Biology2009 Evgeny Pilipenko (grad student)
Andrew J. BestulCell Biology, Molecular Biology Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology2013 David Richard Kovar (grad student)
Bruce Alan Beutlerinnate immunity Patricia Spear (research scientist)
Brooke J. BevisGolgi, Protein Secretion2002 Benjamin Glick (grad student)
David C. BinderGeneral Biology, Medicine and Surgery, Cell Biology, Oncology Cancer Biology2013 Hans Schreiber (grad student)
William Bloom19251928 Alexander A. Maximow (research scientist)
Jeffrey A. BluestoneCell Biology, Immunology, Molecular Biology
Agata M. BoguszCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Pathology2006 Suzanne D. Conzen (grad student)
Gary G. BorisyCytoskeleton19621966 Edwin W. Taylor (grad student)
Christine Borowski Albert Bendelac (post-doc)
Grant R. BowmanCell Biology, Genetics, Microbiology Biology2004 Aaron P. Turkewitz (grad student)
Jennifer L. BraceGenetics, Molecular Biology2006 Charles Rudin (grad student)
Lydia J. BrightCell Biology, Evolution and Development Biology, Molecular Biology Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology2011 Aaron P. Turkewitz (grad student)
Joseph S. BriguglioGolgi, Protein Secretion Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology2014 Benjamin Glick (grad student)
Donald D. Brownhormone signaling, amphibian development Biochemistry1956 Lloyd M. Kozloff (grad student)
Korey Brownstein Jean Toby Greenberg (post-doc)
Johnnie L. ByrdOncology, Genetics2008 Olufunmilayo I. Olopade (grad student)
Kenneth Lee Byron1990 Mitchel L. Villereal (grad student)
Ronald CarnemollaMolecular Biology2009 Godfrey S. Getz (grad student)
Alexis CarrelTissue culture G. N. Stewart (research scientist)
Eve V. CauterPhysiology Biology, Molecular Biology
Frank M. Child
Nancy M. ChiuImmunology, Pathology, Molecular Biology2000 Chyung-Ru Wang (grad student)
John S. ChoyCell Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology2001 Stephen J. Kron (grad student)
Jenna Christensen David Richard Kovar (grad student)
Chih-pin ChuuOncology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology2005 Shutsung Liao (grad student)
Marcus ClarkPathology, Cell Biology
Adam CloePathology Pathology2011 Stephen Charles Meredith (grad student)
Angela C. ColmoneMolecular Biology, Cell Biology2006 Chyung-Ru Wang (grad student)
Pamela L. ConnerlyGolgi, Protein Secretion2003 Benjamin Glick (grad student)
Suzanne D. ConzenCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Pathology
Gregory CopenhaverGenetics Daphne Preuss (post-doc)
Kevin C. CorbitCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Oncology2001 Marsha Rich Rosner (grad student)
David S. CoursonBiochemistry, General Biophysics Biochemistry and Molecular Biology2011 Ronald S. Rock (grad student)
Andrew T. CowanCell Biology2005 Aaron P. Turkewitz (grad student)
Rodney M. DaleMolecular Biology2007 Eric C. Svensson (grad student)
Gregory D. DarnellBiochemistry, General Biophysics2008 Stephen Charles Meredith (grad student)
Eduardo De RobertisNeuroscience William Bloom (post-doc)
Karen I. DeakGenetics, Molecular Biology, Plant Physiology2008 Jocelyn Malamy (grad student)
Amanda DiGuilio Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics Robert J. Keenan (post-doc)
Alexandra M. DirlamGenetics, Oncology2007 Kay F. MacLeod (grad student)
Peter H. DomerOncology, Molecular Biology
Terry W Du ClosRheumatology, Immunology19741977 Donald Adams Rowley (grad student)
Nickolai O. DulinCell Biology, Oncology
Nathan EllisMolecular Biology, Genetics, Cell Biology
Brett W. EngelmannBiochemistry, Bioinformatics Biology, Nanotechnology Biochemistry and Molecular Biology2013 Piers D. Nash (grad student)
Frank E. ErfurthOncology, Molecular Biology2002 Peter H. Domer (grad student)
Rochelle E. Esposito
Tobias T. FalzoneGeneral Biophysics Biophysical Sciences2012 David Richard Kovar (grad student)
Murray J. FavusMolecular Biology, Animal Physiology Biology, Pathology, Nutrition
Richard FehonCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Genetics
Benjamin D. FergusonOncology, Molecular Biology Cancer Biology2011 Ravi Salgia (grad student)
Jonathan N. Fitz GeraldCell Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology2002 Stephen J. Kron (grad student)
Ivy FitzgeraldGolgi, Protein Secretion Biophysical Sciences2014 Benjamin Glick (grad student)
Alleda E. FlaggMolecular Biology, Genetics2007 Eric C. Svensson (grad student)
Blake Flood Cell Biology20112014 Rutilio A. Fratti (research assistant)
Godfrey S. GetzCell Biology, Molecular Biology
Ryan GilbrethBiochemistry Biochemistry and Molecular Biology2010 Shohei Koide (grad student)
Benjamin GlickGolgi, Protein Secretion
Danielle GlickOncology, Endocrinology Biology Cancer Biology2011 Kay F. MacLeod (grad student)
Michael Glotzer
John R. Glover Susan L. Lindquist (post-doc)
Lucy A. GodleyOncology, Cell Biology
Reed A. GravesMolecular Biology
Jean Toby GreenbergMolecular Biology, Genetics, Botany Biology
Robert D. GuzyCell Biology2005 Paul T. Schumacker (grad student)
Michael A. HaddadCell Biology, Molecular Biology2001 Aaron P. Turkewitz (grad student)
Christy R. HaganMolecular Biology, Oncology2006 Charles Rudin (grad student)
James R HagmanB cells, T cells, gene expression, epigenetics Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology19831989 Ursula Storb (grad student)
Adam T. HammondGolgi, Protein Secretion2001 Benjamin Glick (grad student)
Israel HanukogluEpithelial sodium channel (ENaC), Steroidogenesis, Keratin structure, Oxidoreductase enzymes, Cell biology Department of Biochemistry19801983 Elaine Fuchs (post-doc)
Laura M. HawkBiochemistry Chemistry2013 Stephen Charles Meredith (grad student)
Tong-Chuan HeMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Genetics
Jonathan A. HicksonMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Oncology2005 Carrie Rinker-Schaeffer (grad student)
Jia HongMolecular Biology2001 Marsha Rich Rosner (grad student)
Sally Horne-BadovinacCell Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology David Bilder (post-doc)
Akira ImamotoCell Biology, Molecular Biology
Paul A. IngramBotany Biology, Genetics, Plant Physiology Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology2010 Jocelyn Malamy (grad student)
Adam James Isabella20112016 Sally Horne-Badovinac (grad student)
Erich B. JaegerGenetics, Oncology2003 Carrie Rinker-Schaeffer (grad student)
Ali JavaheriMolecular Biology, Cell Biology2006 Stephen J. Kron (grad student)
Joanna Jelenska Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology Jean Toby Greenberg (research scientist)
Kenneth A. JohnsonCellular and Molecular Biology Edwin W. Taylor (post-doc)
Shara KabakImmunology2001 Marcus Clark (grad student)
Jacob KachGeneral Biology, Molecular Biology Pathology2013 Nickolai O. Dulin (grad student)
Kelly A. KaiharaCell Biology, Nutrition Molecular Metabolism and Nutrition2012 Barton Wicksteed (grad student)
Alexander J. KarnauskasMolecular Biology, Animal Physiology Biology, Pathology, Nutrition2001 Murray J. Favus (grad student)
Robyn S. KarnauskasMolecular Biology2004 Charles Rudin (grad student)
Krystyna M. KazmierczakMolecular Biology, Microbiology Biology, Genetics2001 Lucia B. Rothman-Denes (grad student)
Robert J. KeenanBiochemistry
Eugene Patrick Kennedyphospholipid biosynthesis1949 Albert L. Lehninger (grad student)
Nayun KimMolecular Biology2000 Ursula Storb (grad student)
James R. KnabbCell Biology Cancer Biology2010 Kay F. MacLeod (grad student)
Shohei KoideBiochemistry, Molecular Biology
David Richard Kovaractin
Stephen J. KronMolecular Biology
Vinay KumarImmunology, Cell Biology
Jennifer D. LanningNeuroscience Biology, Biochemistry2009 Stephen Charles Meredith (grad student)
Kristi L. LazarBiochemistry2007 Stephen Charles Meredith (grad student)
Ernst LengyelCell Biology, Oncology
David W. LernerCell Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology2013 Sally Horne-Badovinac (grad student)
Stephanie K. LeviGolgi, Protein Secretion2009 Benjamin Glick (grad student)
Lindsay K. LewellynCell Biology Sally Horne-Badovinac (post-doc)
Yujie LiBiochemistry, Cell Biology Genetics2014 David Richard Kovar (grad student)
Shutsung LiaoCell Biology, Molecular Biology
Albert J. Libchabernonlinear dynamics, Fluid turbulence, Biophysics, artificial life, the origin of life, and some physical aspects of cell biology
Jack LilienCell Biology, Molecular Biology1967 Aron Arthur Moscona (grad student)
Frank Rattray Lillieembryology, cell biology1894 Charles Otis Whitman (grad student)
Clark LinMolecular Biology, Cell Biology2005 Marsha Rich Rosner (grad student)
Bernard A. LiuMolecular Biology, Bioinformatics Biology2009 Piers D. Nash (grad student)
Huiping LiuMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Oncology2006 Kay Mcleod (grad student)
Dian Liu Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics Jean Toby Greenberg (grad student)
Simonne C. LongerichImmunology, Molecular Biology2006 Ursula Storb (grad student)
Andrew P. Loria Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology2012 Michael Glotzer (grad student)
Eugene LosevGolgi, Protein Secretion2006 Benjamin Glick (grad student)
Delia Lozano PorrasCell Biology, Immunology Molecular Metabolism and Nutrition2010 Maria-Luisa Alegre (grad student)
Dana R. MacGregorMolecular Biology, Plant Physiology, Genetics2008 Jocelyn Malamy (grad student)
Kay F. MacLeodCell Biology, Molecular Biology
Angus M. MacNicolMolecular Biology, Cell Biology
Carl G. MakiOncology, Molecular Biology
Jocelyn MalamyBotany Biology, Genetics, Plant Physiology Philip N. Benfey (grad student)
Constance A. MarkleMolecular Biology, Genetics, Virology Biology Genetics2012 Lucia B. Rothman-Denes (grad student)
Glenn Marsboom
Jochen Mattner Albert Bendelac (post-doc)
Alexander A. MaximowHistology and Embryology
Sheri McClerklin Jean Toby Greenberg (post-doc)
Philip T. McGilvray Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics Robert J. Keenan (grad student)
Kay McleodMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Oncology
Megan E. McNerneyImmunology2005 Vinay Kumar (grad student)
Jennifer A. McPartlandMicrobiology Biology, Virology Biology, Molecular Biology2008 Lucia B. Rothman-Denes (grad student)
Stephen Charles MeredithBiochemistry, Molecular Biology Biochemistry1982 Ferenc J. Kézdy (grad student)
Erika MoenOncology, Cell Biology Cancer Biology2014 Lucy A. Godley (grad student)
Elisabeth A. MontegnaGolgi, Protein Secretion Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology2010 Benjamin Glick (grad student)
Paul T. MungaiCell Biology, Physiology Biology, Molecular Biology Cellular and Molecular Physiology2012 Paul T. Schumacker (grad student)
Sheldon D. Murphy1958 Kenneth P. DuBois (grad student)
Stanislav NagyBiochemistry, Cell Biology Biochemistry and Molecular Biology2010 Ronald S. Rock (grad student)
Piers D. NashCell Biology, Molecular Biology
Stuart A. NewmanCell Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology Chemistry19651970 Stuart A. Rice (grad student)
Chinonye C. NnakweGenetics, Molecular Biology Pathology2009 Stephen J. Kron (grad student)
Melanie F. NorstromBiochemistry, General Biophysics Biochemistry and Molecular Biology2009 Ronald S. Rock (grad student)
Chika NwachukwuMolecular Biology, Oncology Cancer Biology2010 Funmi Olopade (grad student)
Funmi OlopadeMolecular Biology, Oncology
Olufunmilayo I. OlopadeGenetics, Molecular Biology, Oncology
Caitlin M. OrrMolecular Biology, Cell Biology Molecular Metabolism and Nutrition2015 Barton Wicksteed (grad student)
Kelly R. OstlerMolecular Biology, Oncology Cancer Biology2012 Lucy A. Godley (grad student)
Karen J. OuyangGenetics Genetics2010 Nathan Ellis (grad student)
Kristoffer G. PadjenMolecular Biology2006 Ursula Storb (grad student)
Gopal Pattanayak Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology Jean Toby Greenberg (post-doc)
Jonathan D. Paul
Thomas D. PetesGenetics
Tiphanie J. PhillipsImmunology2004 Philip G. Ashton-Rickardt (grad student)
Evgeny PilipenkoMolecular Biology
Milton D Pividori
Isam M. QahwashPathology, Molecular Biology2008 Stephen Charles Meredith (grad student)
Keshava RajagopalCell Biology, Immunology, Molecular Biology2001 Jeffrey A. Bluestone (grad student)
Catherine A. ReinkeGolgi, Protein Secretion2004 Benjamin Glick (grad student)
Erica J. ReschlyPathology2001 Godfrey S. Getz (grad student)
Edwin E. ReyesCell Biology Immunology2015 Donald J. Vander Griend (grad student)
Benjamin L. RiccaGeneral Biophysics, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry Biochemistry and Molecular Biology2010 Ronald S. Rock (grad student)
Carrie Rinker-SchaefferMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Oncology
Ronald S. RockBiochemistry, General Biophysics
Joel L. Rosenbaumflagella of the bi-flagellate alga Chlamydomonas as a model system for studying the assembly of cell organelles Biology19631966 Frank M. Child (post-doc)
Marsha Rich RosnerCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Oncology
Lucia B. Rothman-DenesMolecular Biology, Microbiology Biology, Virology Biology
Peter S. RoycewiczGenetics Genetics2010 Jocelyn Malamy (grad student)
Charles RudinMolecular Biology Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology19861991 Ursula Storb (grad student)
Ingrid C. RulifsonAnimal Physiology Biology, Immunology2000 Jeffrey A. Bluestone (grad student)
Peter M. SadowPathology, Molecular Biology2002 Roy E. Weiss (grad student)
Ravi SalgiaOncology, Molecular Biology
Linda C. SamuelsonMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Genetics Microbiology1984 Rosann A. Farber (grad student)
Mark M. SasakiOncology, Molecular Biology2007 Carl G. Maki (grad student)
Seth T. Scanlon Albert Bendelac (grad student)
Kathryn ScherpelzBiochemistry, Mental Health Biochemistry and Molecular Biology2014 Stephen Charles Meredith (grad student)
Robert C. SchickelMolecular Biology, Cell Biology Cancer Biology2009 Kay F. MacLeod (grad student)
Manfred Schliwa Gary G. Borisy (grad student)
Igor SchneiderEvolution, Evodevo Organismal Biology and Anatomy20092012 Neil Shubin (post-doc)
Hans SchreiberPathology, Oncology, Cell Biology
Paul T. SchumackerCell Biology, Pathology
Kimberly L. SciarrettaBiochemistry, Pathology2005 Stephen Charles Meredith (grad student)
Nan SethakornCell Biology, Oncology Cancer Biology2012 Nickolai O. Dulin (grad student)
Marina N. SharifiMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Oncology Cancer Biology2014 Kay F. MacLeod (grad student)
Michael L. ShelanskiNeural development, cytoskeleton19631967 Edwin W. Taylor (grad student)
Jay ShresthaMolecular Biology, Genetics, Botany Biology Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology2010 Jean Toby Greenberg (grad student)
Maria I. SierraCell Biology, Molecular Biology Pathology2009 Piers D. Nash (grad student)
Harinder SinghImmunology
Brian J. SkaggsImmunology, Pharmacology2002 Marcus Clark (grad student)
Colleen T. SkauCell Biology, Biochemistry, Genetics Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology2011 David Richard Kovar (grad student)
Jonathan F. SoderholmGolgi, Protein Secretion2003 Benjamin Glick (grad student)
Patricia Spearherpes simplex virus Bernard Roizman (grad student)
DeQuantarius J. Speed Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology Jean Toby Greenberg (grad student)
Michael T. SpiottoPathology, Oncology, Cell Biology2003 Hans Schreiber (grad student)
Jonathan StaleyCell Biology, Genetics
Camille M. SteberBotany Biology, Molecular Biology Rochelle E. Esposito (grad student)
G. N. Stewart
Emina A. StojkovicBiochemistry, Microbiology Biology2005 Lucia B. Rothman-Denes (grad student)
Ursula StorbMolecular Biology, Cell Biology
Rita L. StrackGolgi, Protein Secretion Biochemistry and Molecular Biology2010 Benjamin Glick (grad student)
Curtis StrobeckPaleozoology, Molecular Biology Richard Lewontin (grad student)
Daniel E. StronginGolgi, Protein Secretion2007 Benjamin Glick (grad student)
Tianhe SunMolecular Biology, Cell Biology2001 Ursula Storb (grad student)
Arunkumar Sundaram Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics Robert J. Keenan (post-doc)
Eric C. SvenssonMolecular Biology
Juliesta E. SylvesterMolecular Biology Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology Neuroscience2010 Stephen J. Kron (grad student), Anthony A. Kossiakoff (grad student), Daphne Preuss (research assistant), Philip S. Ulinski (research assistant)
Brooke E. SylvesterGenetics, Molecular Biology, Oncology Cancer Biology2011 Olufunmilayo I. Olopade (grad student)
Atsushi TanakaMolecular Biology, Immunology Immunology2009 Ursula Storb (grad student)
Azusa TanakaImmunology, Human Development Immunology2013 Marcus Clark (grad student)
Ruth T. TaniguchiImmunology, Cell Biology2009 Vinay Kumar (grad student)
Edwin W. TaylorThe Mechanism of Molecular Motors1957 William Bloom (grad student), Raymond Elliott Zirkle (grad student), Robert B Uretz (grad student)
Karla A. TempleMolecular Biology, Nutrition2004 Fredric E. Wondisford (grad student)
Thelma R. TennantMolecular Biology, Oncology2003 Carrie Rinker-Schaeffer (grad student)
Brian T. TobeMolecular Biology, Genetics, Cell Biology2004 Stephen J. Kron (grad student)
Kristin TracyCell Biology Cancer Biology2010 Kay F. MacLeod (grad student)
Nicholas TrakulMolecular Biology2004 Marsha Rich Rosner (grad student)
Andrew TrumanMolecular chaperones, Hsp70, DNA damage, proteomics MGCB20102015 Stephen J. Kron (post-doc)
Lev M TsypinMicrobiology MGCB20132017 Aaron P. Turkewitz (research assistant)
Aaron P. TurkewitzCell Biology, Evolution and Development Biology, Molecular Biology
Gijs A. van SeventerImmunology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology
Donald J. Vander GriendOncology, Molecular Biology2004 Carrie Rinker-Schaeffer (grad student)
Paul A. VanderLaanPathology, Immunology, Nutrition2006 Godfrey S. Getz (grad student)
David J. VanderWeeleMolecular Biology2005 Charles Rudin (grad student)
Jennifer L. VenerisCell Biology, Oncology Cancer Biology2010 Carrie Rinker-Schaeffer (grad student)
Mitchel L. Villereal
Gregory R. VlacichCell Biology, Genetics2007 Gene Webb (grad student)
Paul A. VoldenMolecular Biology, Medicine and Surgery, Psychobiology Psychology, Oncology, Women's Studies Molecular Metabolism and Nutrition2014 Suzanne D. Conzen (grad student)
Edward W. J. Wallace Mathematics20102016 Jack D. Cowan (grad student), D. Allan Drummond (post-doc)
Olivia A. WaltonGolgi, Protein Secretion2000 Benjamin Glick (grad student)
Chyung-Ru WangImmunology, Pathology, Molecular Biology
Leo D. WangMolecular Biology, Immunology2003 Marcus Clark (grad student)
Gene WebbCell Biology, Genetics
Roy E. WeissPathology, Molecular Biology
Barton WicksteedCell Biology, Nutrition
Gregg A Wildenbergevolution
Audrey M. Williams Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology2015 Sally Horne-Badovinac (grad student)
John B. WojcikBiochemistry, Molecular Biology Biochemistry and Molecular Biology2010 Shohei Koide (grad student)
Fredric E. WondisfordMolecular Biology, Nutrition
Terrence N Wong20032007 Tao Pan (grad student)
Leslie L. WooMolecular Biology, Genetics, Cell Biology2007 Nathan Ellis (grad student)
Geoffrey D. WoolPathology, Medicine and Surgery, Molecular Biology2008 Godfrey S. Getz (grad student)
Terry H. WuPathology, Immunology, Oncology2001 Hans Schreiber (grad student)
Yiying XuImmunology, Pathology Pathology2014 Maria-Luisa Alegre (grad student)
Mel YamsekBiochemistry Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics Robert J. Keenan (grad student)
Sho YanoMolecular Biology, Microbiology Biology, Virology Biology Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology2009 Lucia B. Rothman-Denes (grad student)
Tae Yeon YooCell division, kinetochore, cell nucleus, microscopy Biochemistry & Molecular20092011 Tobin R. Sosnick (research assistant)
Kae Yoshino
Allison L. ZajacCytoskeleton, dynein, cell polarity2015 Sally Horne-Badovinac (post-doc)
Frank W. Zhong Cell and Molecular Biology Robert J. Keenan (grad student)
Marion R. ZillhardtCell Biology, Oncology Cancer Biology2011 Ernst Lengyel (grad student)