University of Oregon

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Stephen A. BanseC. elegans genetics of intercellular RNAi signaling Institute of Molecular Biology20012005 Franklin Stahl (research assistant)
David George BearRNA Synthesis and Trafficking in Muscle Cells Institute of Molecular Biology19781982 Peter Hans von Hippel (post-doc)
Charles C. CareyMolecular Biology, Plant Physiology2002 Vicki L. Chandler (grad student)
Vicki L. ChandlerMolecular Biology, Plant Physiology
Mark A. Compton2006 Tom Hall Stevens (grad student)
Clarke R. ConantDNA transcription and replication2004 Peter Hans von Hippel (grad student)
Amy A. Connolly Chemistry and Biochemistry2014 Tom Hall Stevens (grad student)
Glen E. Cronan Biology2011 Tom Hall Stevens (grad student)
Andrew R. Flannery2005 Tom Hall Stevens (grad student)
Ryan L. Frei Chemistry2012 Tom Hall Stevens (grad student)
Jim P. GoodarziDNA transcription and replication2004 Peter Hans von Hippel (grad student)
Daniel T. Grimes Institute of Molecular Biology20132018 Rebecca D. Burdine (post-doc)
Elena A. KouzminovaMolecular Biology2000 Eric Selker (grad student)
Jeanne LoringMolecular Biology, Cell Biology19731979 James A. Weston (grad student)
Jillian M. Lottridge2006 Tom Hall Stevens (grad student)
Craig T. MillerDevelopmental and evolutionary genetics2001 Charles B. Kimmel (grad student)
John J. NalewayLive cell imaging, fluorescence microscopy, high-content screening
John NewportCell Cycle Peter Hans von Hippel (grad student)
Jasper D. RineGenetics, Genomics and Development1979 Ira Herskowitz (grad student)
Melissa M. Rolls20012007 Chris Q. Doe (post-doc)
Joel H. Rothman Tom Hall Stevens (grad student)
Margaret E. SaksMolecular Biology
Eric N. Senning2009 Tom Hall Stevens (grad student)
Nicholas Robert Smith2010 Tom Hall Stevens (grad student)
Gerald Ralph SmithRecombination and DNA Break Repair
Karen U. SpragueMolecular Biology
Tom Hall Stevens
Richard C. StewartMolecular Biology, Microbiology Biology, Biochemistry19871990 Frederick W. Dahlquist (post-doc)
Nora TerwilligerMolecular Biology
Peter Hans von HippelDNA transcription and replication
Ry WagnerMolecular Biology
Julia R. WidomDNA transcription and replication Chemistry and Biochemistry2013 Peter Hans von Hippel (grad student)