Institut Pasteur, Paris

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Thierry BoonImmunology, Cancer François Jacob (post-doc)
François Gros François Jacob (grad student)
Chiara ZurzoloApical trafficking, Nanotubes
Donald D. Brownhormone signaling, amphibian development19591960 Jacques Lucien Monod (research scientist)
Emmanuelle Marie CharpentierInfection Biology19931995 Patrice Courvalin (grad student)
François CuzinOncogenic Viruses François Jacob (grad student)
Bennett M. ShapiroEgg sperm fusion1970 François Jacob (post-doc)
Charles G CochraneMolecular Mechanisms of Inflammatory Injury, Development of a Synthetic Peptide Pulmonary Surfactant for Use in Infant and Adult Human Beings19591960 Pierre Grabar (post-doc)
Anne Dejean Molecular Biology19801984 Pierre Tiollais (grad student)
Umut SahinPML, SUMO, Ubiquitin, Degradation, Targeted Therapies Cell Biology and Infection20072010 Anne Dejean (post-doc)
James P Di
Francesco ColucciImmunology, Reproduction, Cancer Immunology19972000 James P DiSanto (post-doc)
James P Di
James P DiSanto
Simona Zompi Immunology20022004 Francesco Colucci (grad student)
Pierre Grabarimmunohistochemistry