Emory University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
John D. AltmanImmunology, Cell Biology
Aftab A. AnsariImmunology, Pathology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology
Carrie D. BealImmunology2006 Brian D. Evavold (grad student)
James E. Bearcell migration19931998 Charles Saxe (grad student)
Adam C. Berger2004 Anita Corbett (grad student)
Matthew L. BettiniImmunology2008 Gilbert J. Kersh (grad student)
Kapil N. BhallaMolecular Biology, Cell Biology
Isaac Bishof Biochemistry Biochemistry20152019 Eric B. Dammer (grad student), Nicholas T Seyfried (grad student)
Anna BuninImmunology2005 Gilbert J. Kersh (grad student)
Kathryn A. CarrollMolecular Biology, Genetics Biological and Biomedical Sciences2011 Hinh Ly (grad student)
Anita Corbett
Krista S. CriderGenetics, Molecular Biology2003 Paula M. Vertino (grad student)
Gary F. CrouseMolecular Biology, Genetics
W. B. DaltonCell Biology, Oncology, Genetics Biological and Biomedical Sciences2008 Vincent W. Yang (grad student)
Eric B. DammerMolecular Biology, Genetics, Pharmacology Human Genetics20082012 Junmin Peng (post-doc)
Gregory A. DaschGenetics, Molecular Biology
Danielle Deandiabetes, islet biology, amino acids, glucagon2011 Gary W. Miller (grad student)
Mary J. DeLongNutrition, Molecular Biology
Cynthia A. DerdeynImmunology, Molecular Biology, Virology Biology
Maxime DesmaretsImmunology, Pathology Biological and Biomedical Sciences2010 James C. Zimring (grad student)
Jack A. DunkleMolecular Basis for Protein Synthesis by the Ribosome Biochemistry Christine M. Dunham (post-doc)
Andrew P. EscaygGenetics, Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics Biology
Robert M. EsterbergGenetics Biological and Biomedical Sciences2008 Andreas Fritz (grad student)
Brian D. EvavoldImmunology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology
Victor Y. Faundez"Cell Biology
Denise B. Flaherty2000 John G. Wood (grad student)
Mandy L. FordImmunology2004 Brian D. Evavold (grad student)
Andreas FritzGenetics, Molecular Biology, Animal Physiology Biology
Christopher R. GilsonImmunology Biological and Biomedical Sciences2010 James C. Zimring (grad student)
Douglas K. GrahamMolecular Biology, Cancer Biology, Pediatric Leukemia, Receptor Tyrosine Kinase
Kathy K. GriendlingCell Biology, Molecular Biology
Michelle T. Harreman2003 Anita Corbett (grad student)
Robb L. HeierMolecular Biology2005 Grant R. MacGregor (grad student)
Krystalyn E. HudsonImmunology Biological and Biomedical Sciences2011 James C. Zimring (grad student)
Kimberley C. JollowImmunology, Pathology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology2000 Aftab A. Ansari (grad student)
Carolyn R. JonasNutrition, Molecular Biology2000 Thomas R. Ziegler (grad student)
Jacob D. KageyGenetics, Cell Biology Biological and Biomedical Sciences2010 Paula M. Vertino (grad student), Ken Moberg (post-doc)
Seth M. Kelly Biological and Biomedical Sciences2009 Anita Corbett (grad student), Ken Moberg (post-doc)
Shana C. Kerr Biological and Biomedical Sciences2010 Anita Corbett (grad student)
Gilbert J. KershImmunology, Molecular Biology
William H. KitchensImmunology, Surgery Biological and Biomedical Sciences2012 Mandy L. Ford (grad student)
Keli N. KolegraffCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Oncology Biological and Biomedical Sciences2011 Asma Nusrat (grad student)
Steven W. L'HeraultCell Biology, Molecular Biology
Steven W. L'HernaultGenetics, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology
Roy L.SutliffCell Biology, Physiology Biology, Pharmacology
Altaf A. LalImmunology, Molecular Biology
Samuel T. LamitinaCell Biology, Molecular Biology2002 Steven W. L'Herault (grad student)
Allison Lange Biological and Biomedical Sciences2008 Anita Corbett (grad student)
Winston Y. LeeImmunology, Molecular Biology Biological and Biomedical Sciences2009 A Parkos (grad student)
Jeoffrey J. LevineGenetics, Oncology2003 Paula M. Vertino (grad student)
Tong Li-MastersPharmacology2001 Edward Morgan (grad student)
Justine S. LiepkalnsImmunology, Pathology, Molecular Biology Biological and Biomedical Sciences2012 James C. Zimring (grad student)
Wesley C. LindseyGenetics2002 Steven W. L'Hernault (grad student)
Gilbert D. LoriaImmunology, Virology Biology, Pathology Biological and Biomedical Sciences2012 John D. Altman (grad student)
Mary E. LucasGenetics, Molecular Biology Biological and Biomedical Sciences2009 Paula M. Vertino (grad student)
Menghua LuoNutrition2008 Thomas R. Ziegler (grad student)
Hinh LyMolecular Biology, Genetics
Alicia N. LyleCell Biology, Molecular Biology2009 Kathy K. Griendling (grad student)
Rebecca M. LynchImmunology, Virology Biology Biological and Biomedical Sciences2010 Cynthia A. Derdeyn (grad student)
Grant R. MacGregorCell Biology, Genetics
Kenneth J. MandellCell Biology2005 A Parkos (grad student)
Kavita A. Marfatia2002 Anita Corbett (grad student)
Melinda D. MarisGenetics2006 Andreas Fritz (grad student)
Melinda S. MartinGenetics, Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics Biology2007 Andrew P. Escayg (grad student)
Laura M. McLane2008 Anita Corbett (grad student)
Lisa J. McLayVirology Biology, Molecular Biology Biological and Biomedical Sciences2013 Hinh Ly (grad student)
Lisa K. McNeilImmunology2002 Brian D. Evavold (grad student)
Joseph D. Miller2003 John D. Altman (grad student)
Erica S. ModesteRacial Differences in Alzheimer's Disease Biochemistry Biochemistry2018 Eric B. Dammer (grad student), Nicholas T Seyfried (research scientist)
Edward Morgan
Nelson B. MoseleyImmunology, Cell Biology2011 John D. Altman (grad student)
Ainsley C. NicholsonMolecular Biology, Genetics2000 Gary F. Crouse (grad student)
Yvonne S. NkabyoPharmacology, Toxicology2005 Thomas R. Ziegler (grad student)
Dean NoeMolecular Biology, Cell Biology
Brian A. NorrisVirology Biology, Cell Biology, Immunology Biological and Biomedical Sciences2013 Bali Pulendran (grad student)
Asma NusratCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Oncology
Kevin L. ObholzGenetics, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Animal Physiology Biology2006 Grant R. MacGregor (grad student)
Charles A. ParkosCell Biology
A ParkosCell Biology, Molecular Biology
Melissa J. ParsonsMolecular Biology, Oncology2006 Paula M. Vertino (grad student)
Pritty PatelCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Oncology2011 Paula M. Vertino (grad student)
Emma J. Patten-HittNutrition, Molecular Biology2001 Mary J. DeLong (grad student)
Mary K. PitnerGenetics, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Oncology Biological and Biomedical Sciences2013 Harold Saavedra (grad student)
Kristi M. PorterCell Biology, Physiology Biology, Pharmacology Biological and Biomedical Sciences2012 Roy L.Sutliff (grad student)
Bali PulendranVirology Biology, Cell Biology, Immunology
Kanika F. Pulliam Biological and Biomedical Sciences2009 Anita Corbett (grad student)
Troy D. QuerecVirology Biology, Bioinformatics Biology2007 Bali Pulendran (grad student)
Alana L. ReedPhysiology Biology, Aging, Pharmacology2011 Roy L. Sutliff (grad student)
Daniel ReinesMolecular Biology, Genetics
Pablo A. RomagnoliImmunology, Cell Biology2011 John D. Altman (grad student)
Kristen M. RosenthalImmunology, Cell Biology Biological and Biomedical Sciences2012 Brian D. Evavold (grad student)
Andrea J. RossCell Biology, Genetics2000 Grant R. MacGregor (grad student)
Paul A. RotaImmunology, Molecular Biology, Public Health, Pathology
Kelli R. RyanImmunology, Molecular Biology2000 Brian D. Evavold (grad student)
Harold SaavedraGenetics, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Oncology
Joseph J. SabatinoImmunology, Cell Biology2010 Brian D. Evavold (grad student)
Charles SaxeDictyostelium signaling
Frederick J. SchnellImmunology, Molecular Biology2006 Gilbert J. Kersh (grad student)
Eric A. SeversonCell Biology, Molecular Biology Biological and Biomedical Sciences2009 A Parkos (grad student)
Marion B. SewerMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Endocrinology Biology Edward Morgan (grad student)
Nicholas T Seyfried Human Genetics2012 Junmin Peng (post-doc)
Jessica A. ShafferImmunology, Molecular Biology, Public Health, Pathology2003 Paul A. Rota (grad student)
Keely S. SolomonGenetics, Molecular Biology, Animal Physiology Biology2003 Andreas Fritz (grad student)
Silvija I. StapransMolecular Biology, Immunology
Roy L. SutliffMolecular Biology
Melinda B. TanzolaImmunology, Molecular Biology2005 Gilbert J. Kersh (grad student)
Junqiang TianNutrition2006 Thomas R. Ziegler (grad student)
Thomas H. VanderfordGenetics, Virology Biology2007 Silvija I. Staprans (grad student)
Paula M. VertinoGenetics, Molecular Biology
E John WherryImmunology, Cell Biology, Virology Biology Microbiology and Immunology, Emory Vaccine Center20002005 Rafi Ahmed (post-doc)
Holly C. WilliamsCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Pharmacology Biological and Biomedical Sciences2012 Kathy K. Griendling (grad student)
Megan M. Wind-RotoloMolecular Biology, Genetics2001 Daniel Reines (grad student)
John G. Wood
Vincent W. YangCell Biology, Oncology, Genetics
Maotian Zhou Biochemistry Biochemistry Nicholas T Seyfried (post-doc), Eric B. Dammer (post-doc)
Guang-dan ZhuGenetics, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology2003 Steven W. L'Hernault (grad student)
Thomas R. ZieglerNutrition, Molecular Biology
James C. ZimringImmunology, Cell Biology
Allison L. ZollerImmunology2007 Gilbert J. Kersh (grad student)