Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Erica T. Goddard Cyrus Michael Ghajar (post-doc)
Renée Hoch
Mats Hellström
Adam James Isabella Cecilia B. Moens (post-doc)
Amanda Davis-Roca2018 Sadie Wignall (grad student)
Jeffrey Bush20052011 Philippe Soriano (post-doc)
Alice Davy20012007 Philippe Soriano (post-doc)
Peter Kurrecancer biology19971998 A. Dusty Miller (grad student)
Akira ImamotoCell Biology, Molecular Biology19911996 Philippe Soriano (post-doc)
Sheila M. ThomasCell Biology, Oncology19941995 Philippe Soriano (post-doc)
Leland H. HartwellCell Cycle
John PringleCell cycle Leland H. Hartwell (post-doc)
Philippe SorianoDevelopmental Biology, Genetics, Signal Transduction
Craig S. PikaardGenetics, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology Ronald H. Reeder (post-doc)
Sujatha JagannathanNonsense-mediated RNA decay, muscular dystrophy, FSHD, RNA localization2013 Stephen Tapscott (post-doc), Robert K. Bradley (post-doc)
Gerald Ralph SmithRecombination and DNA Break Repair
Wenying ShouUbiquitin-Dependent Proteolysis and Cell Division
A. Dusty MillerVirology, Gene Therapy, Cell Biology