University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Vibhudutta AwasthiPharmacy, Oncology, Cell Biology
Doris M. BenbrookBiochemistry, Cell Biology, Oncology, Medicine and Surgery
Sanjay BidichandaniMolecular Biology, Genetics
Sanjay BidichendaniMolecular Biology
Rebecka L. BournMolecular Biology, Genetics2009 Sanjay Bidichandani (grad student)
Christopher Brower Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Joan W. Conaway (grad student)
Brian P. CeresaCell Biology
Shylet ChengedzaBiochemistry, Oncology, Cell Biology2009 Doris M. Benbrook (grad student)
Yogesh K. ChutakeMolecular Biology2011 Sanjay Bidichandani (grad student)
Shawn W. CochraneCell Biology, Immunology2007 Xiao-Heng Sun (grad student)
Mark CoggeshallCell Biology
Beverly J. CriderCell Biology2011 James J. Tomsek (grad student)
Dean S. DawsonCell Biology
Michael E. DresserCell Biology, Genetics
Jean Elmendorf Joan W. Conaway (grad student)
Brandt L. EsplinImmunology2009 Paul W. Kincade (grad student)
Krysten M. FarjoCell Biology, Evolution and Development Biology, Biochemistry2009 Jian-xing Ma (grad student)
Robert FloydMolecular Biology
Melva L. GonzalezImmunology, Molecular Biology2000 Frank J. Waxman (grad student)
Gary J. GorbskyCell Biology
Gina L. GriffithCell Biology, Molecular Biology Pathology2013 Anne Pereira (grad student)
Suresh GuruswamyObstetrics and Gynecology, Oncology2003 Doris M. Benbrook (grad student)
Jiaxue HuangImmunology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology2005 Paul W. Kincade (grad student)
Mary B. HumphreyImmunology, Cell Biology
Michael IhnatCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Pathology
Chandrashekhar D. KamatCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Pathology2005 Michael Ihnat (grad student)
Anna KatenevaCell Biology, Genetics2005 Michael E. Dresser (grad student)
Seoyoung KimCell Biology2012 Dean S. Dawson (grad student)
Sehyun KimCell Biology2009 Leonidas Tsiokas (grad student)
Paul W. KincadeImmunology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology
Valeriya V. KnightCell Biology, Oncology2011 Gary J. Gorbsky (grad student)
Kyungwon LeeCell Biology2012 Jian-xing Ma (grad student)
Chih-Ying LeeCell Biology, Genetics2009 Michael E. Dresser (grad student)
Taunia D. LeePathology2001 Anne Pereira (grad student)
Shennan LuMolecular Biology, Oncology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pharmacology2000 Doris M. Benbrook (grad student)
Florea LupuPathology, Cell Biology
Jian-xing MaCell Biology, Ophthalmology
Sachin MalhotraImmunology2008 Paul W. Kincade (grad student)
Chioniso P. MasamhaBiochemistry, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology2010 Doris M. Benbrook (grad student)
Jeffrey D. McBrideCell Biology, Molecular Biology2013 Jian-xing Ma (grad student)
Rodger P. McEverMolecular Biology
Sandeep MisriMolecular Biology2003 Goverdhan P. Sachdev (grad student)
David Obeso DomingoCell Biology, Genetics2012 Dean S. Dawson (grad student)
E-Ching OngCell Biology, Molecular Biology2011 Leonidas Tsiokas (grad student)
Kyoungmin ParkCell Biology, Ophthalmology, Molecular Biology2010 Jian-xing Ma (grad student)
Anne PereiraCell Biology, Molecular Biology
Brian K. Pilcher Anatomy/Cell Biology19891994 James J. Tomasek (grad student)
Laura M. PollardMolecular Biology2007 Sanjay Bidichandani (grad student)
Narcis I. PopescuPathology, Cell Biology2010 Florea Lupu (grad student)
Tamara PotapovaCell Biology2009 Gary J. Gorbsky (grad student)
Lurdes QueimadoOncobiology; DNA Repair; Therapeutics; Tobacco' Electronic Cigarettes
Courtney L. Quine LongImmunology, Cell Biology2012 Mary B. Humphrey (grad student)
Susannah RankinCell Biology
Chinthalapally V. RaoPathology, Oncology, Cell Biology
Durgadevi RavillahPathology, Oncology, Cell Biology2013 Chinthalapally V. Rao (grad student)
Paul M. RindlerMolecular Biology2009 Sanjay Bidichendani (grad student)
Goverdhan P. SachdevMolecular Biology
Kaustuv K. SahooPharmacy, Oncology, Cell Biology Pharmacy2014 Vibhudutta Awasthi (grad student)
Scott J. SalsmanMolecular Biology2005 Robert Floyd (grad student)
Bojing ShaoMolecular Biology2011 Rodger P. McEver (grad student)
Setareh L. SheltonCell Biology, Ophthalmology2009 Jody Summers-Rada (grad student)
Sushama SivakumarCell Biology Cell Biology20072013 Gary J. Gorbsky (grad student)
Jody Summers-RadaCell Biology, Ophthalmology
Xiao-Heng SunCell Biology, Immunology
Yuichiro Takagi Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Joan W. Conaway (grad student)
Siyuan Tan Joan W. Conaway (grad student)
James J. TomsekCell Biology
Leonidas TsiokasCell Biology
Phillip A. VanlandinghamCell Biology2009 Brian P. Ceresa (grad student)
Melville B VaughanDupuytren's contracture, myofibroblast, tissue engineering Anatomy/Cell Biology Anatomy/Cell Biology19931998 James J. Tomasek (research assistant), James J. Tomasek (grad student)
Prachi S. VilekarPharmacy, Immunology2012 Vibhudutta Awasthi (grad student)
Frank J. WaxmanImmunology, Molecular Biology
Robert S. WelnerImmunology2006 Paul W. Kincade (grad student)
Qingzhao ZhangMolecular Biology, Immunology2009 Paul W. Kincade (grad student)