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Don G. Ennis (Info) University of Louisiana at Lafayette (Microtree) Microbiology Biology pq 2016‑03‑28 Sim(0.86)
Xiangzhong ( Yang (Info) University of Connecticut Animal Culture and Nutrition Agriculture, Cell Biology pq 2016‑07‑01 Sim(0.86)
Shiu-Lok Hu (Info) University of Washington (Microtree) Virology Biology, Microbiology Biology pq 2016‑03‑22 Sim(0.85)
Taek Kang (Info) Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) (Chemistry Tree) newton1225 2019‑01‑31 Sim(0.85)
Jennifer L. Barnas (Info) SUNY Buffalo (Microtree) Immunology, Oncology pq 2016‑04‑15 Sim(0.85)
Gianluca Castellani (Info) Northeastern University (Physics Tree) Theory Physics pq 2016‑04‑15 Sim(0.85)
Marina Epstein (Info) University of Michigan (Neurotree) Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology Education, Gender Studies pq 2019‑01‑18 Sim(0.84)
Lauren J. Bayne (Info) Penn Cell Biology, Immunology, Oncology pq 2016‑03‑02 Sim(0.84)
Dan Ilkovitch (Info) University of Miami (Microtree) Immunology pq 2016‑03‑12 Sim(0.84)
Jianfu Chen (Info) UNC Chapel Hill (GenetiTree) Cell Biology pq 2016‑07‑02 Sim(0.84)
Mary J. Turk (Info) Purdue (Chemistry Tree) ligand-targeted imaging and therapeutic agents for the diagnosis and treatment of important human diseases pq 2015‑11‑18 Sim(0.84)
Antony Chapoto (Info) Michigan State (Philosophy Tree) Agricultural Economics, Public Health pq 2016‑03‑23 Sim(0.84)
Rebecca J. Welty (Info) UCSD (E-Tree) Electronics and Electrical Engineering, General Physics, Materials Science Engineering pq 2016‑03‑15 Sim(0.84)
Samia Q. Khan (Info) University of Miami (Microtree) Immunology pq 2016‑03‑22 Sim(0.84)
Juan R. Cubillos-Ruiz (Info) Dartmouth (Microtree) Immunology, Molecular Biology, Oncology pq 2016‑03‑23 Sim(0.83)
Takashi Yamano (Info) Michigan State (Philosophy Tree) Agricultural Economics pq 2016‑03‑23 Sim(0.83)
Xiaoling Shen (Info) University of Nebraska Medical Center (Chemistry Tree) Immunology pq 2016‑03‑30 Sim(0.83)
Qianjun Xiao (Info) WSU Genetics, Molecular Biology, Animal Culture and Nutrition Agriculture pq 2016‑07‑04 Sim(0.83)
Sreejayan Nair (Info) University of Wyoming Molecular Biology, Cell Biology pq 2016‑07‑05 Sim(0.83)
Alberto C. Taquini (Info) Instituto de Imvestigaciones Cardiologicas (Chemistry Tree) galtenbe 2019‑08‑13 Sim(0.83)
Eduardo M. Sotomayor (Info) University of South Florida Cell Biology, Immunology, Molecular Biology pq 2016‑02‑05 Sim(0.83)
Liza E. O'Donoghue (Info) Colorado State Oncology, Molecular Biology pq 2016‑07‑06 Sim(0.83)
Peter S. Rabinovitch (Info) University of Washington Pathology, Oncology, Cell Biology pq 2016‑07‑01 Sim(0.83)
Joanna M. Schaenman (Info) UVA (Microtree) Microbiology Biology, Molecular Biology pq 2016‑03‑19 Sim(0.83)
Diana M. Lopez (Info) University of Miami (Microtree) Immunology, Microbiology Biology pq 2016‑03‑12 Sim(0.82)
S. P. Bak (Info) Dartmouth pq 2015‑11‑13 Sim(0.82)
Ute Gawlick (Info) UIUC (Neurotree) david 2015‑07‑19 Sim(0.82)
Darya Alizadeh (Info) City of Hope (Chemistry Tree) tarselli 2015‑08‑05 Sim(0.82)
Sandra O. Gollnick (Info) SUNY Buffalo (Microtree) Immunology pq 2016‑03‑18 Sim(0.82)
Kevin M. Hart (Info) Dartmouth pq 2015‑11‑13 Sim(0.82)
Jorge L. Benach (Info) SUNY Stony Brook (Microtree) Microbiology Biology pq 2016‑03‑19 Sim(0.82)
Jean-Baptiste Meynard (Info) Université d'Aix-Marseille II. Faculté de médecine (1970-2011) (ID Tree) doc_fr 2017‑02‑08 Sim(0.82)
Pascal Imbeault (Info) Universite Laval (Canada) Cell Biology pq 2016‑07‑03 Sim(0.82)
Santosh Misra (Info) University of Victoria (Chemistry Tree) Molecular Biology, Genetics, Biochemistry pq 2016‑03‑12 Sim(0.82)
Je-In Youn (Info) University of South Florida Immunology, Oncology pq 2016‑02‑08 Sim(0.82)
Mark S. Diamond (Info) Washington University (Microtree) Immunology, Oncology pq 2016‑03‑22 Sim(0.81)
Paul Spear (Info) Dartmouth (Microtree) Immunology, Microbiology Biology, General pq 2016‑03‑19 Sim(0.81)
Samuel T. Haile (Info) University of Maryland, Baltimore County (Chemistry Tree) Immunology, Microbiology Biology, Cell Biology, Oncology pq 2016‑04‑20 Sim(0.81)
Tammy L. Bosler (Info) UC Irvine (Physics Tree) Astronomy and Astrophysics pq 2016‑04‑15 Sim(0.81)
Elizabeth M. Y. Lee (Info) Chicago (Chemistry Tree) energy transport; nanomaterials; molecular semiconductors; theory and simulation emlee 2018‑10‑02 Sim(0.81)
Alison M. Dachner (Info) Ohio State (SocTree) Management Business Administration, Organizational pq 2016‑07‑02 Sim(0.81)
Nejat Egilmez (Info) SUNY Buffalo (Microtree) Immunology pq 2016‑03‑21 Sim(0.81)
Laura C. Simone (Info) University of Nebraska Medical Center (Chemistry Tree) Immunology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Oncology pq 2016‑05‑30 Sim(0.81)
Scott R. Barnum (Info) UAB (Microtree) Immunology pq 2016‑03‑19 Sim(0.81)
Siddhartha S. Mitra (Info) Stanford Medical School (Neurotree) Neural Stem Cells, Glioma Stem Cells ssmitra 2015‑02‑28 Sim(0.81)
Jiuhua Chen (Info) SUNY Stony Brook (Physics Tree) Geophysics pq 2016‑03‑20 Sim(0.81)
Robert Casero (Info) Johns Hopkins Molecular Biology, Genetics, Cell Biology pq 2016‑07‑01 Sim(0.81)
Valerie Everard-Gigot (Info) Marquette University Molecular Biology pq 2016‑07‑04 Sim(0.81)
Barbara J. Sharanowski (Info) University of Kentucky Entomology Biology, Molecular Biology, Genetics pq 2016‑07‑05 Sim(0.81)
Barbara J. Sharanowski (Info) University of Kentucky Entomology Biology, Molecular Biology, Genetics pq 2016‑07‑05 Sim(0.81)
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