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Texas A & M University, College Station, TX, United States 
Cell Biology, Animal Physiology Biology, Human Development

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2015 Wang C, Zhang L, Jaeger LA, Machaty Z. Store-operated Ca2+ entry sustains the fertilization Ca2+ signal in pig eggs Biology of Reproduction. 93. DOI: 10.1095/biolreprod.114.126151  0.56
2012 Kong X, Tan B, Yin Y, Gao H, Li X, Jaeger LA, Bazer FW, Wu G. L-Arginine stimulates the mTOR signaling pathway and protein synthesis in porcine trophectoderm cells. The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry. 23: 1178-83. PMID 22137265 DOI: 10.1016/J.Jnutbio.2011.06.012  0.56
2010 Massuto DA, Kneese EC, Johnson GA, Burghardt RC, Hooper RN, Ing NH, Jaeger LA. Transforming growth factor beta (TGFB) signaling is activated during porcine implantation: proposed role for latency-associated peptide interactions with integrins at the conceptus-maternal interface. Reproduction (Cambridge, England). 139: 465-78. PMID 19920116 DOI: 10.1530/Rep-09-0447  0.56
2010 Massuto DA, Hooper RN, Kneese EC, Johnson GA, Ing NH, Weeks BR, Jaeger LA. Intrauterine infusion of latency-associated peptide (LAP) during early porcine pregnancy affects conceptus elongation and placental size Biology of Reproduction. 82: 534-542. PMID 19906685 DOI: 10.1095/Biolreprod.109.081893  0.56
2008 Turnwald G, Stone E, Bristol D, Fuentealba C, Hardie L, Hellyer P, Jaeger L, Kerwin S, Kochevar D, Lissemore K, Olsen C, Rogers K, Sabin B, Swanson C, Warner A. Assessing clinical competency: reports from discussion groups. Journal of Veterinary Medical Education. 35: 343-53. PMID 19066350 DOI: 10.3138/jvme.35.3.343  0.56
2008 Dekaney CM, Wu G, Yin YL, Jaeger LA. Regulation of ornithine aminotransferase gene expression and activity by all-transretinoic acid in Caco-2 intestinal epithelial cells. The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry. 19: 674-81. PMID 18280134 DOI: 10.1016/J.Jnutbio.2007.09.002  0.56
2008 Ing NH, Massuto DA, Jaeger LA. Estradiol up-regulates AUF1p45 binding to stabilizing regions within the 3′-untranslated region of estrogen receptor α mRNA Journal of Biological Chemistry. 283: 1764-1772. PMID 18029355 DOI: 10.1074/Jbc.M704745200  0.56
2007 Joyce MM, Burghardt JR, Burghardt RC, Hooper RN, Jaeger LA, Spencer TE, Bazer FW, Johnson GA. Pig conceptuses increase uterine interferon-regulatory factor 1 (IRF1), but restrict expression to stroma through estrogen-induced IRF2 in luminal epithelium. Biology of Reproduction. 77: 292-302. PMID 17475929 DOI: 10.1095/Biolreprod.107.060939  0.56
2007 Ka H, Al-Ramadan S, Erikson DW, Johnson GA, Burghardt RC, Spencer TE, Jaeger LA, Bazer FW. Regulation of expression of fibroblast growth factor 7 in the pig uterus by progesterone and estradiol Biology of Reproduction. 77: 172-180. PMID 17392499 DOI: 10.1095/Biolreprod.106.056309  0.56
2007 Wu G, Bazer FW, Davis TA, Jaeger LA, Johnson GA, Kim SW, Knabe DA, Meininger CJ, Spencer TE, Yin YL. Important roles for the arginine family of amino acids in swine nutrition and production Livestock Science. 112: 8-22. DOI: 10.1016/J.Livsci.2007.07.003  0.56
2005 Jaeger LA, Spiegel AK, Ing NH, Johnson GA, Bazer FW, Burghardt RC. Functional effects of transforming growth factor beta on adhesive properties of porcine trophectoderm. Endocrinology. 146: 3933-42. PMID 15961561 DOI: 10.1210/En.2005-0090  0.56
2004 Styles DK, Tomaszewski EK, Jaeger LA, Phalen DN. Psittacid herpesviruses associated with mucosal papillomas in neotropical parrots. Virology. 325: 24-35. PMID 15231383 DOI: 10.1016/J.Virol.2004.04.033  0.56
2003 Dekaney CM, Wu G, Jaeger LA. Gene expression and activity of enzymes in the arginine biosynthetic pathway in porcine fetal small intestine. Pediatric Research. 53: 274-80. PMID 12538786 DOI: 10.1203/01.Pdr.0000047518.24941.76  0.56
2002 Burghardt RC, Johnson GA, Jaeger LA, Ka H, Garlow JE, Spencer TE, Bazer FW. Integrins and extracellular matrix proteins at the maternal-fetal interface in domestic animals. Cells, Tissues, Organs. 172: 202-17. PMID 12476049 DOI: 10.1159/000066969  0.56
2002 Garlow JE, Ka H, Johnson GA, Burghardt RC, Jaeger LA, Bazer FW. Analysis of osteopontin at the maternal-placental interface in pigs. Biology of Reproduction. 66: 718-25. PMID 11870079 DOI: 10.1095/Biolreprod66.3.718  0.56
2001 Johnson GA, Bazer FW, Jaeger LA, Ka H, Garlow JE, Pfarrer C, Spencer TE, Burghardt RC. Muc-1, integrin, and osteopontin expression during the implantation cascade in sheep Biology of Reproduction. 65: 820-828. PMID 11514347 DOI: 10.1095/Biolreprod65.3.820  0.56
2001 Dekaney CM, Wu G, Jaeger LA. Ornithine aminotransferase messenger RNA expression and enzymatic activity in fetal porcine intestine Pediatric Research. 50: 104-109. PMID 11420426 DOI: 10.1203/00006450-200107000-00019  0.56
2001 Ka H, Jaeger LA, Johnson GA, Spencer TE, Bazer FW. Keratinocyte growth factor is up-regulated by estrogen in the porcine uterine endometrium and functions in trophectoderm cell proliferation and differentiation Endocrinology. 142: 2303-2310. PMID 11356676 DOI: 10.1210/Endo.142.6.8194  0.56
1998 Gupta A, Dekaney CM, Bazer FW, Madrigal MM, Jaeger LA. Beta transforming growth factors (TGFbeta) at the porcine conceptus-maternal interface. Part II: uterine TGFbeta bioactivity and expression of immunoreactive TGFbetas (TGFbeta1, TGFbeta2, and TGFbeta3) and their receptors (type I and type II). Biology of Reproduction. 59: 911-7. PMID 9746743 DOI: 10.1095/Biolreprod59.4.911  0.56
1997 Dekaney CM, Bazer FW, Jaeger LA. Mucosal morphogenesis and cytodifferentiation in fetal porcine small intestine. The Anatomical Record. 249: 517-23. PMID 9415460 DOI: 10.1002/(Sici)1097-0185(199712)249:4<517::Aid-Ar12>3.0.Co;2-R  0.56
1997 Gupta A, Bazer FW, Jaeger LA. Immunolocalization of acidic and basic fibroblast growth factors in porcine uterine and conceptus tissues Biology of Reproduction. 56: 1527-1536. PMID 9166706 DOI: 10.1095/Biolreprod56.6.1527  0.56
1996 Gupta A, Bazer FW, Jaeger LA. Differential expression of beta transforming growth factors (TGFβ1, TGFβ2, and TGFβ3) and their receptors (type I and type II) in peri- implantation porcine conceptuses Biology of Reproduction. 55: 796-802. PMID 8879492 DOI: 10.1095/Biolreprod55.4.796  0.56
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2018 Zhang L, Chao CH, Jaeger LA, Papp AB, Machaty Z. Calcium oscillations in fertilized pig oocytes are associated with repetitive interactions between STIM1 and ORAI1. Biology of Reproduction. PMID 29365044 DOI: 10.1093/Biolre/Ioy016  0.01
2015 Wang C, Zhang L, Jaeger LA, Machaty Z. Store-Operated Ca2+ Entry Sustains the Fertilization Ca2+ Signal in Pig Eggs. Biology of Reproduction. 93: 25. PMID 26063872 DOI: 10.1095/Biolreprod.114.126151  0.01
2008 Erikson DW, Burghardt RC, Jaeger LA, Bayless KJ, Johnson GA. Secreted Phosphoprotein 1 (SPP1, Osteopontin) Mediates Porcine Conceptus Adhesion Through Specific Integrin Receptors on Conceptus Trophectoderm and Uterine Luminal Epithelium. Biology of Reproduction. 78: 57-57. DOI: 10.1093/Biolreprod/78.S1.57  0.01
2008 Massuto DA, Kneese EC, Hooper RN, Ing NH, Johnson GA, Burghardt RC, Jaeger LA. Differential Expression of Integrins and Latency-Associated Peptide (LAP) Implicate Functional Roles in Conceptus-Maternal Communication During Porcine Periimplantation. Biology of Reproduction. 78: 143-144. DOI: 10.1093/Biolreprod/78.S1.143D  0.01
2007 Massuto D, Hooper RN, Kneese E, Johnson G, Burghardt R, Jaeger L. INTRAUTERINE INFUSION OF RECOMBINANT TRANSFORMING GROWTH FACTOR BETA LATENCY-ASSOCIATED PEPTIDE DISRUPTS PORCINE CONCEPTUS DEVELOPMENT Biology of Reproduction. 77: 190-190. DOI: 10.1093/Biolreprod/77.S1.190A  0.01
2007 Erikson D, Burghardt R, Jaeger L, Bayless K, Johnson G. SECRETED PHOSPHOPROTEIN 1 ISOLATED FROM UTERINE SECRETIONS PROMOTES INTEGRIN-MEDIATED ADHESION OF PORCINE TROPHECTODERM CELLS Biology of Reproduction. 77: 148-148. DOI: 10.1093/Biolreprod/77.S1.148  0.01
2004 Wu G, Jaeger LA, Bazer FW, Rhoads JM. Arginine deficiency in preterm infants: biochemical mechanisms and nutritional implications. The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry. 15: 442-51. PMID 15302078 DOI: 10.1016/J.Jnutbio.2003.11.010  0.01
2000 Wu G, Flynn NE, Knabe DA, Jaeger LA. A cortisol surge mediates the enhanced polyamine synthesis in porcine enterocytes during weaning. American Journal of Physiology. Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology. 279: R554-9. PMID 10938245 DOI: 10.1152/Ajpregu.2000.279.2.R554  0.01
1998 Gupta A, Ing NH, Bazer FW, Bustamante LS, Jaeger LA. Beta transforming growth factors (TGFss) at the porcine conceptus-maternal interface. Part I: expression of TGFbeta1, TGFbeta2, and TGFbeta3 messenger ribonucleic acids. Biology of Reproduction. 59: 905-10. PMID 9746742 DOI: 10.1095/Biolreprod59.4.905  0.01
1998 Dekaney CM, Harris ED, Bratton GR, Jaeger LA. Lead transport in IEC-6 intestinal epithelial cells. Biological Trace Element Research. 58: 13-24. PMID 9363316 DOI: 10.1007/Bf02910662  0.01
1996 Jaeger LA. Immunohistochemical localization of transforming growth factor-alpha in suckling porcine intestine. Acta Anatomica. 155: 14-21. PMID 8811111 DOI: 10.1159/000147785  0.01
1996 Flood LP, Carvan MJ, Jaeger L, Busbee DL, Gatlin Iii DM, Neill WH. Reduction in Hepatic Microsomal P-450 and Related Catalytic Activity in Farm-Raised Red Drum Journal of Aquatic Animal Health. 8: 13-21. DOI: 10.1577/1548-8667(1996)008<0013:Rihmpa>2.3.Co;2  0.01
1994 McElroy AP, Manning JG, Jaeger LA, Taub M, Williams JD, Hargis BM. Effect of Prolonged Administration of Dietary Capsaicin on Broiler Growth and Salmonella enteritidis Susceptibility Avian Diseases. 38: 329. DOI: 10.2307/1591958  0.01
1993 Tellez G, Dean CE, Corrier DE, Deloach JR, Jaeger L, Hargis BM. Effect of dietary lactose on cecal morphology, pH, organic acids, and Salmonella enteritidis organ invasion in Leghorn chicks. Poultry Science. 72: 636-42. PMID 8479949 DOI: 10.3382/Ps.0720636  0
1993 Tellez GI, Jaeger L, Dean CE, Corrier DE, DeLoach JR, Williams JD, Hargis BM. Effect of Prolonged Administration of Dietary Capsaicin on Salmonella enteritidis Infection in Leghorn Chicks Avian Diseases. 37: 143. DOI: 10.2307/1591467  0
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