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2021 Potu H, Kandarpa M, Peterson LF, Durham A, Donato NJ, Talpaz M. Downregulation of SOX2 by inhibition of Usp9X induces apoptosis in melanoma. Oncotarget. 12: 160-172. PMID 33613844 DOI: 10.18632/oncotarget.27869  0.363
2019 Potu H, Kandarpa M, Peterson LF, Donato NJ, Talpaz M. Tumor necrosis factor related apoptosis inducing ligand (TRAIL) regulates deubiquitinase USP5 in tumor cells. Oncotarget. 10: 5745-5754. PMID 31645897 DOI: 10.18632/oncotarget.27196  0.394
2017 Pal A, Dziubinski M, Di Magliano MP, Simeone DM, Owens S, Thomas D, Peterson L, Potu H, Talpaz M, Donato NJ. Usp9x Promotes Survival in Human Pancreatic Cancer and Its Inhibition Suppresses Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma In Vivo Tumor Growth. Neoplasia (New York, N.Y.). 20: 152-164. PMID 29248719 DOI: 10.1016/J.Neo.2017.11.007  0.399
2017 Potu H, Peterson LF, Kandarpa M, Pal A, Sun H, Durham A, Harms PW, Hollenhorst PC, Eskiocak U, Talpaz M, Donato NJ. Usp9x regulates Ets-1 ubiquitination and stability to control NRAS expression and tumorigenicity in melanoma. Nature Communications. 8: 14449. PMID 28198367 DOI: 10.1038/Ncomms14449  0.354
2017 Peterson LF, Lo MC, Liu Y, Gianolla D, Mitrikeska E, Donato NJ, Johnson CN, Wang S, Mercer J, Talpaz M. Induction of p53 suppresses chronic myeloid leukemia. Leukemia & Lymphoma. 1-14. PMID 28084835 DOI: 10.1080/10428194.2016.1272682  0.463
2016 Passalacqua KD, Charbonneau ME, Donato NJ, Showalter HD, Sun D, Wen B, He M, Sun H, O'Riordan MX, Wobus CE. Anti-infective activity of 2-cyano-3-acrylamide inhibitors with improved drug-like properties against two intracellular pathogens. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy. PMID 27139470 DOI: 10.1128/Aac.03021-15  0.373
2015 Curi DA, Beauchamp EM, Blyth GT, Arslan AD, Donato NJ, Giles FJ, Altman JK, Platanias LC. Pre-clinical evidence of PIM kinase inhibitor activity in BCR-ABL1 unmutated and mutated Philadelphia chromosome-positive (Ph+) leukemias. Oncotarget. 6: 33206-16. PMID 26375673 DOI: 10.18632/Oncotarget.5091  0.477
2015 Chou DH, Vetere A, Choudhary A, Scully SS, Schenone M, Tang A, Gomez R, Burns SM, Lundh M, Vital T, Comer E, Faloon PW, Dan?ík V, Ciarlo C, Paulk J, ... ... Donato N, et al. Kinase-Independent Small-Molecule Inhibition of JAK-STAT Signaling. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 137: 7929-34. PMID 26042473 DOI: 10.1021/Jacs.5B04284  0.479
2015 Peterson LF, Sun H, Liu Y, Potu H, Kandarpa M, Ermann M, Courtney SM, Young M, Showalter HD, Sun D, Jakubowiak A, Malek SN, Talpaz M, Donato NJ. Targeting deubiquitinase activity with a novel small-molecule inhibitor as therapy for B-cell malignancies. Blood. 125: 3588-97. PMID 25814533 DOI: 10.1182/Blood-2014-10-605584  0.514
2015 Potu H, Peterson LF, Kandarpa M, Fearon E, Talpaz M, Donato NJ. Abstract 3621: Deubiquitination of AXIN1 by USP9X promotes apoptosis in melanoma in response to BRAF or MEK inhibition Cancer Research. 75: 3621-3621. DOI: 10.1158/1538-7445.Am2015-3621  0.516
2015 Pal A, Magliano MPD, Simeone D, Peterson L, Potu H, Talpaz M, Donato N. Abstract 1748: Usp9x as a novel therapeutic target in human pancreatic cancer Cancer Research. 75: 1748-1748. DOI: 10.1158/1538-7445.Am2015-1748  0.404
2015 Pricl S, Laurini E, Fermeglia M, Storici P, Giabbai B, Semrau M, March MD, Donato NJ, Quintas-Cardama A. Abstract B61: Bcr-Abl1 V304D mutation in CML: friend or foe? Molecular Cancer Therapeutics. 14. DOI: 10.1158/1535-7163.Targ-15-B61  0.502
2015 Pricl S, Laurini E, Fermeglia M, Col VD, Storici P, Giabbai B, Semrau M, March MD, Donato NJ, Quintas-Cardama A. 249 Bcr-Abl1 V304D mutation in CML: Friend or foe? European Journal of Cancer. 51. DOI: 10.1016/S0959-8049(16)30135-6  0.3
2015 Peterson LF, Lo M, Lui Y, Gianolla D, Mitrikeska E, Donato NJ, Johnson CN, Wang S, Mercer J, Talpaz M. Targeting p53 in CML Chronic Phase Leukemia Stem Cells Clinical Lymphoma, Myeloma & Leukemia. 15. DOI: 10.1016/J.Clml.2015.04.084  0.364
2014 Pal A, Donato NJ. Ubiquitin-specific proteases as therapeutic targets for the treatment of breast cancer. Breast Cancer Research : Bcr. 16: 461. PMID 25606592 DOI: 10.1186/S13058-014-0461-3  0.366
2014 Pal A, Young MA, Donato NJ. Emerging potential of therapeutic targeting of ubiquitin-specific proteases in the treatment of cancer. Cancer Research. 74: 4955-66. PMID 25172841 DOI: 10.1158/0008-5472.Can-14-1211  0.374
2014 Charbonneau ME, Gonzalez-Hernandez MJ, Showalter HD, Donato NJ, Wobus CE, O'Riordan MX. Small molecule deubiquitinase inhibitors promote macrophage anti-infective capacity. Plos One. 9: e104096. PMID 25093325 DOI: 10.1371/Journal.Pone.0104096  0.347
2014 Potu H, Peterson LF, Pal A, Verhaegen M, Cao J, Talpaz M, Donato NJ. Usp5 links suppression of p53 and FAS levels in melanoma to the BRAF pathway. Oncotarget. 5: 5559-69. PMID 24980819 DOI: 10.18632/Oncotarget.2140  0.478
2014 Gonzalez-Hernandez MJ, Pal A, Gyan KE, Charbonneau ME, Showalter HD, Donato NJ, O'Riordan M, Wobus CE. Chemical derivatives of a small molecule deubiquitinase inhibitor have antiviral activity against several RNA viruses. Plos One. 9: e94491. PMID 24722666 DOI: 10.1371/Journal.Pone.0094491  0.35
2014 Gibbons DL, Pricl S, Posocco P, Laurini E, Fermeglia M, Sun H, Talpaz M, Donato N, Quintás-Cardama A. Molecular dynamics reveal BCR-ABL1 polymutants as a unique mechanism of resistance to PAN-BCR-ABL1 kinase inhibitor therapy. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 111: 3550-5. PMID 24550512 DOI: 10.1073/Pnas.1321173111  0.447
2014 Peng Z, Maxwell DS, Sun D, Bhanu Prasad BA, Schuber PT, Pal A, Ying Y, Han D, Gao L, Wang S, Levitzki A, Kapuria V, Talpaz M, Young M, Showalter HD, ... Donato NJ, et al. Degrasyn-like symmetrical compounds: possible therapeutic agents for multiple myeloma (MM-I). Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry. 22: 1450-8. PMID 24457091 DOI: 10.1016/J.Bmc.2013.12.048  0.389
2014 Potu H, Pal A, Sun H, Peterson L, Talpaz M, Verhaegen M, Cao J, Eskiocak U, Morrison S, Donato NJ. Abstract 4435: Deubiquitinases Usp9x and Usp5 control tumorigenicity and apoptotic responsiveness in malignant melanoma Cancer Research. 74: 4435-4435. DOI: 10.1158/1538-7445.Am2014-4435  0.524
2014 Pal A, Magliano MPd, Talpaz M, Dziubinski M, Simeone D, Donato NJ. Abstract 4434: Role of Deubiquitinase Usp9x in pancreatic cancers: Tumor promoter or tumor suppressor Cancer Research. 74: 4434-4434. DOI: 10.1158/1538-7445.Am2014-4434  0.412
2014 Bornmann WG, Peng Z, Maxwell D, Sun D, Bhanu BA, Talpaz M, Donato N, Levitzki A. Abstract 2698: Degrasyn-like symmetrical compounds: Possible therapeutic agents for multiple myeloma (MM-I) Cancer Research. 74: 2698-2698. DOI: 10.1158/1538-7445.Am2014-2698  0.371
2014 Pal A, Luo M, Wicha M, Talpaz M, Donato N. Abstract 2595: Deubiquitinase USP9X inhibition induces apoptosis in metastatic breast cancer cells Cancer Research. 74: 2595-2595. DOI: 10.1158/1538-7445.Am2014-2595  0.382
2013 Gibbons DL, Pricl S, Posocco P, Laurini E, Fermeglia M, Talpaz M, Cortes JE, Donato NJ, Quintas-Cardama A. Acquisition Of Compound BCR-ABL1 Alleles As A Mechanism Of Resistance To Ponatinib In Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Blood. 122: 853-853. DOI: 10.1182/Blood.V122.21.853.853  0.484
2013 Potu H, Peterson LF, Verhaegen M, Talpaz M, Donato NJ. Abstract 2323: Mutant B-Raf-mediated activation of deubiquitinases in melanoma defines Usp5 as a potential therapeutic target. Cancer Research. 73: 2323-2323. DOI: 10.1158/1538-7445.Am2013-2323  0.504
2013 Pricl S, Gibbons DL, Posocco P, Laurini E, Giabbai B, Storici P, Fermeglia M, Sun H, Cortes J, Talpaz M, Donato N, Quintas-Cardama A. Abstract B277: Polymutant BCR-ABL1 proteins during chronic myeloid leukemia therapy: Novel mechanisms of resitance from clinical, in vitro, and in silico evidence. Molecular Cancer Therapeutics. 12. DOI: 10.1158/1535-7163.Targ-13-B277  0.461
2012 Perry JW, Ahmed M, Chang KO, Donato NJ, Showalter HD, Wobus CE. Antiviral activity of a small molecule deubiquitinase inhibitor occurs via induction of the unfolded protein response. Plos Pathogens. 8: e1002783. PMID 22792064 DOI: 10.1371/Journal.Ppat.1002783  0.35
2012 Peterson LF, Sun H, Liu Y, Kandarpa M, Giannola D, Mercer J, Showalter HD, Jakubowiak A, Talpaz M, Donato NJ. Usp9x Silencing and Enzyme Inhibition Suppress Myeloma Cell Survival and in Vivo Tumor Growth. Blood. 120: 2936-2936. DOI: 10.1182/Blood.V120.21.2936.2936  0.5
2011 Peng Z, Pal A, Han D, Wang S, Maxwell D, Levitzki A, Talpaz M, Donato NJ, Bornmann W. Tyrphostin-like compounds with ubiquitin modulatory activity as possible therapeutic agents for multiple myeloma. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry. 19: 7194-204. PMID 22036213 DOI: 10.1016/J.Bmc.2011.09.057  0.383
2011 Vakana E, Altman JK, Glaser H, Donato NJ, Platanias LC. Antileukemic effects of AMPK activators on BCR-ABL-expressing cells. Blood. 118: 6399-402. PMID 22021366 DOI: 10.1182/Blood-2011-01-332783  0.507
2011 Donato NJ. Imatinib is receptive to a collaboration. Blood. 118: 4009-10. PMID 21998331 DOI: 10.1182/Blood-2011-08-373290  0.361
2011 Burkholder KM, Perry JW, Wobus CE, Donato NJ, Showalter HD, Kapuria V, O'Riordan MX. A small molecule deubiquitinase inhibitor increases localization of inducible nitric oxide synthase to the macrophage phagosome and enhances bacterial killing. Infection and Immunity. 79: 4850-7. PMID 21911458 DOI: 10.1128/Iai.05456-11  0.31
2011 Donato NJ. Bcr-Abl adds another twist to cell fate. Blood. 118: 2646-7. PMID 21903901 DOI: 10.1182/Blood-2011-07-366153  0.427
2011 Kapuria V, Levitzki A, Bornmann WG, Maxwell D, Priebe W, Sorenson RJ, Showalter HD, Talpaz M, Donato NJ. A novel small molecule deubiquitinase inhibitor blocks Jak2 signaling through Jak2 ubiquitination Cellular Signalling. 23: 2076-2085. PMID 21855629 DOI: 10.1016/J.Cellsig.2011.08.002  0.479
2011 Kapuria V, Peterson LF, Showalter HD, Kirchhoff PD, Talpaz M, Donato NJ. Protein cross-linking as a novel mechanism of action of a ubiquitin-activating enzyme inhibitor with anti-tumor activity. Biochemical Pharmacology. 82: 341-9. PMID 21621524 DOI: 10.1016/J.Bcp.2011.05.012  0.454
2011 Albajar M, Gómez-Casares MT, Llorca J, Mauleon I, Vaqué JP, Acosta JC, Bermúdez A, Donato N, Delgado MD, León J. MYC in chronic myeloid leukemia: induction of aberrant DNA synthesis and association with poor response to imatinib. Molecular Cancer Research : McR. 9: 564-76. PMID 21460180 DOI: 10.1158/1541-7786.Mcr-10-0356  0.412
2011 Peterson LF, Mitrikeska E, Giannola D, Lui Y, Sun H, Bixby D, Malek SN, Donato NJ, Wang S, Talpaz M. p53 stabilization induces apoptosis in chronic myeloid leukemia blast crisis cells. Leukemia. 25: 761-9. PMID 21350558 DOI: 10.1038/Leu.2011.7  0.462
2011 Donato NJ, Peterson LF. Chronic myeloid leukemia stem cells and developing therapies. Leukemia & Lymphoma. 52: 60-80. PMID 21299460 DOI: 10.3109/10428194.2010.546921  0.461
2011 Sun H, Kapuria V, Peterson LF, Fang D, Bornmann WG, Bartholomeusz G, Talpaz M, Donato NJ. Bcr-Abl ubiquitination and Usp9x inhibition block kinase signaling and promote CML cell apoptosis Blood. 117: 3151-3162. PMID 21248063 DOI: 10.1182/Blood-2010-03-276477  0.56
2011 Peterson LF, Sun H, Kapuria V, Kandarpa M, Talpaz M, Jakubowiak AJ, Donato N. Deubiquitinase Usp9X Regulates Cell Survival and Metabolic Signal Transduction in Multiple Myeloma Cells Blood. 118: 1835-1835. DOI: 10.1182/Blood.V118.21.1835.1835  0.541
2011 Peterson LF, Sun H, Young M, Showalter HD, Jakubowiak AJ, Talpaz M, Donato N. Mechanism of Action of a Small Molecule Inhibitor That Targets Usp9x Deubiquitinase Activity in Multiple Myeloma and Mantle Cell Lymphoma Blood. 118: 1415-1415. DOI: 10.1182/Blood.V118.21.1415.1415  0.44
2010 Kapuria V, Peterson LF, Fang D, Bornmann WG, Talpaz M, Donato NJ. Deubiquitinase inhibition by small-molecule WP1130 triggers aggresome formation and tumor cell apoptosis Cancer Research. 70: 9265-9276. PMID 21045142 DOI: 10.1158/0008-5472.Can-10-1530  0.508
2010 Lidonnici MR, Audia A, Soliera AR, Prisco M, Ferrari-Amorotti G, Waldron T, Donato N, Zhang Y, Martinez RV, Holyoake TL, Calabretta B. Expression of the transcriptional repressor Gfi-1 is regulated by C/EBP{alpha} and is involved in its proliferation and colony formation-inhibitory effects in p210BCR/ABL-expressing cells. Cancer Research. 70: 7949-59. PMID 20924107 DOI: 10.1158/0008-5472.Can-10-1667  0.416
2010 Carayol N, Vakana E, Sassano A, Kaur S, Goussetis DJ, Glaser H, Druker BJ, Donato NJ, Altman JK, Barr S, Platanias LC. Critical roles for mTORC2- and rapamycin-insensitive mTORC1-complexes in growth and survival of BCR-ABL-expressing leukemic cells. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 107: 12469-74. PMID 20616057 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1005114107  0.433
2010 Wu J, Meng F, Ying Y, Peng Z, Daniels L, Bornmann WG, Quintás-Cardama A, Roulston D, Talpaz M, Peterson LF, Donato NJ. ON012380, a putative BCR-ABL kinase inhibitor with a unique mechanism of action in imatinib-resistant cells Leukemia. 24: 869-872. PMID 20111070 DOI: 10.1038/Leu.2009.300  0.489
2010 Donato NJ, Fang D, Sun H, Giannola D, Peterson LF, Talpaz M. Targets and effectors of the cellular response to aurora kinase inhibitor MK-0457 (VX-680) in imatinib sensitive and resistant chronic myelogenous leukemia. Biochemical Pharmacology. 79: 688-97. PMID 19874801 DOI: 10.1016/J.Bcp.2009.10.009  0.555
2010 Pricl S, Gibbons DL, Posocco P, Laurini E, Fermeglia M, Kantarjian HM, Talpaz M, Cortes J, Young M, Sun H, Peterson LF, Donato N, Quintás-Cardama A. The Novel BCR-ABL1 V304D Mutation Induces Pan-Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor Resistance by a Unique Kinase Lateral Escape Mechanism and Is Associated with Very Poor Prognosis In Patients (PTS) with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML). Blood. 116: 3402-3402. DOI: 10.1182/Blood.V116.21.3402.3402  0.477
2010 Pricl S, Gibbons DL, Posocco P, Laurini E, Fermaglia M, Kantarjian HM, Talpaz M, Cortes J, Donato N, Quintás-Cardama A. In Silico modelling of Sensitivity to Novel Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors of Highly Resistant Single and Polymutant BCR-ABL1. Blood. 116: 3388-3388. DOI: 10.1182/Blood.V116.21.3388.3388  0.302
2010 Sun H, Kapuria V, Peterson LF, Giannola D, Malathi K, Talpaz M, Jakubowiak AJ, Donato N. Inhibition of Usp9x Deubiquitinase Activity by WP1130 Reduces Mcl-1 Levels and Induces Apoptosis In Cells From Patients with Plasma Cell Dyscrasia and Drug-Refractory Multiple Myeloma Blood. 116: 3005-3005. DOI: 10.1182/Blood.V116.21.3005.3005  0.482
2009 Bellodi C, Lidonnici MR, Hamilton A, Helgason GV, Soliera AR, Ronchetti M, Galavotti S, Young KW, Selmi T, Yacobi R, Van Etten RA, Donato N, Hunter A, Dinsdale D, Tirrò E, et al. Targeting autophagy potentiates tyrosine kinase inhibitor-induced cell death in Philadelphia chromosome-positive cells, including primary CML stem cells. The Journal of Clinical Investigation. 119: 1109-23. PMID 19363292 DOI: 10.1172/Jci35660  0.549
2009 Kapuria V, Peterson LF, Talpaz M, Donato NJ. De-Ubiquitinase Inhibition by WP1130 Induces Formation of Aggresomes, Engages Autophagy and Activates Apoptosis in B-Cell Malignancies. Blood. 114: 3769-3769. DOI: 10.1182/Blood.V114.22.3769.3769  0.471
2009 Donato NJ, Sun H, Kapuria V, Peterson LF, Bartholomeusz G, Bornmann WG, Talpaz M. WP1130 Inhibits Signaling through BCR-ABL Ubiquitination and Cytoplasmic to Aggresome Trafficking to Induce Apoptosis of CML Cells. Blood. 114: 3303-3303. DOI: 10.1182/Blood.V114.22.3303.3303  0.575
2009 Kapuria V, Peterson LF, Bornmann W, Talpaz M, Donato NJ. Inhibition of Cytokine Signaling through Activation of Jak2 Ubiquitination by WP1130. Blood. 114: 2907-2907. DOI: 10.1182/Blood.V114.22.2907.2907  0.527
2009 Peterson LF, Turbiak AJ, Giannola DM, Donato N, Showalter HH, Fearon ER, Talpaz M. Wnt-Pathway Directed Compound Targets Blast Crisis and Chronic Phase CML Leukemia Stem Progenitors. Blood. 114: 2168-2168. DOI: 10.1182/Blood.V114.22.2168.2168  0.453
2008 Pene-Dumitrescu T, Peterson LF, Donato NJ, Smithgall TE. An inhibitor-resistant mutant of Hck protects CML cells against the antiproliferative and apoptotic effects of the broad-spectrum Src family kinase inhibitor A-419259. Oncogene. 27: 7055-69. PMID 18794796 DOI: 10.1038/Onc.2008.330  0.584
2008 Wu J, Meng F, Kong LY, Peng Z, Ying Y, Bornmann WG, Darnay BG, Lamothe B, Sun H, Talpaz M, Donato NJ. Association between imatinib-resistant BCR-ABL mutation-negative leukemia and persistent activation of LYN kinase Journal of the National Cancer Institute. 100: 926-939. PMID 18577747 DOI: 10.1093/Jnci/Djn188  0.526
2008 Soliera AR, Lidonnici MR, Ferrari-Amorotti G, Prisco M, Zhang Y, Martinez RV, Donato NJ, Calabretta B. Transcriptional repression of c-Myb and GATA-2 is involved in the biologic effects of C/EBPalpha in p210BCR/ABL-expressing cells. Blood. 112: 1942-50. PMID 18550858 DOI: 10.1182/Blood-2007-09-114975  0.35
2008 Quintás-Cardama A, Gibbons DL, Kantarjian H, Talpaz M, Donato N, Cortes J. Sequencing of subcloned PCR products facilitates earlier detection of BCR-ABL1T315I and other mutants compared to direct sequencing of the ABL1 kinase domain Leukemia. 22: 885-888. PMID 18305550 DOI: 10.1038/Leu.2008.42  0.308
2008 Wu J, Meng F, Lu H, Kong L, Bornmann W, Peng Z, Talpaz M, Donato NJ. Lyn regulates BCR-ABL and Gab2 tyrosine phosphorylation and c-Cbl protein stability in imatinib-resistant chronic myelogenous leukemia cells Blood. 111: 3821-3829. PMID 18235045 DOI: 10.1182/Blood-2007-08-109330  0.538
2008 Krijanovski Y, Donato N, Sun H, Meng F, Quintás-Cardama A, Cortés JE, Talpaz M. Dasatinib Resistance in Patients with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia: Identification of a Novel bcr-abl Kinase Domain Mutation Clinical Leukemia. 2: 267-271. DOI: 10.3816/Clk.2008.N.037  0.381
2008 Peterson LF, Sun H, Bornmann W, Peng Z, Maxwell D, Donato N, Talpaz M. Degrasyn (a novel tyrophostin) Impacts BCR-ABL Protein Level and Is Cytotoxic to Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Early Progenitors Blood. 112: 3212-3212. DOI: 10.1182/Blood.V112.11.3212.3212  0.565
2008 Lebovic D, Kapuria V, Hari M, Talpaz M, Jakubowiak A, Donato N. WP-1130 Induces Apoptosis in Multiple Myeloma Cells by Inactivation of Jak2 and Syk Tyrosine Kinases Via a Novel Mechanism of Selective Protein Trafficking Blood. 112: 2661-2661. DOI: 10.1182/Blood.V112.11.2661.2661  0.55
2008 QuintasCardama A, Gibbons DL, Kantarjian HM, Talpaz M, Donato N, Cortes J. Mutational Analysis of Chronic Phase Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CMLCP) Clones Reveals Heightened BCR-ABL1 Genetic Instability in Patients Failing Sequential Imatinib and Dasatinib Therapy. Blood. 112: 2114-2114. DOI: 10.1182/Blood.V112.11.2114.2114  0.351
2008 Bellodi C, Lidonnici MR, Hamilton A, Helgason GV, Soliera AR, Ronchetti M, Galavotti S, Young KW, Selmi T, Etten RAV, Donato N, Hunter A, Dinsdale D, Tirro E, Vigneri P, et al. Targeting Autophagy Potentiates Imatinib-Induced Cell Death in Philadelphia Positive Cells Including Primary CML Stem Cells. Blood. 112: 1070-1070. DOI: 10.1182/Blood.V112.11.1070.1070  0.546
2007 Johnson FM, Saigal B, Tran H, Donato NJ. Abrogation of signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 reactivation after Src kinase inhibition results in synergistic antitumor effects. Clinical Cancer Research : An Official Journal of the American Association For Cancer Research. 13: 4233-44. PMID 17634553 DOI: 10.1158/1078-0432.Ccr-06-2981  0.536
2007 Bartholomeusz G, Talpaz M, Bornmann W, Kong LY, Donato NJ. Degrasyn activates proteasomal-dependent degradation of c-Myc Cancer Research. 67: 3912-3918. PMID 17440106 DOI: 10.1158/0008-5472.Can-06-4464  0.344
2007 Bartholomeusz GA, Talpaz M, Kapuria V, Kong LY, Wang S, Estrov Z, Priebe W, Wu J, Donato NJ. Activation of a novel Bcr/Abl destruction pathway by WP1130 induces apoptosis of chronic myelogenous leukemia cells. Blood. 109: 3470-8. PMID 17202319 DOI: 10.1182/Blood-2006-02-005579  0.541
2007 Krijanovski Y, Donato N, Quintas-Cardama A, Cortes J, Talpaz M. Dasatinib Resistance in CML Patients. Identification of Novel BCR-ABL Kinase Domain Mutation. Blood. 110: 1957-1957. DOI: 10.1182/Blood.V110.11.1957.1957  0.382
2007 Quintás-Cardama A, Gibbons DL, Kantarjian H, Talpaz M, Donato N, Cortes J. Sequencing of Subcloned PCR Products Facilitates Earlier Detection of BCR-ABL1T315I Mutants Compared to Direct Sequencing of the ABL1 Kinase Domain. Blood. 110: 1952-1952. DOI: 10.1182/Blood.V110.11.1952.1952  0.381
2007 Quintás-Cardama A, Gibbons DL, Kantarjian H, Talpaz M, Donato N, Cortes J. Mutational Analysis of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) Clones Reveals Heightened BCR-ABL1 Genetic Instability and Wild-Type BCR-ABL1 Exhaustion in Patients Failing Sequential Imatinib and Dasatinib Therapy. Blood. 110: 1938-1938. DOI: 10.1182/Blood.V110.11.1938.1938  0.362
2007 Quintás-Cardama A, Gibbons DL, Kantarjian H, Talpaz M, Cortes J, Donato N. Mutations within BCR-ABL1 295–312 Define a Novel Region Associated with Poor Prognosis in Patients with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML) Resistant to Imatinib. Blood. 110: 1936-1936. DOI: 10.1182/Blood.V110.11.1936.1936  0.356
2007 Kapuria V, Bartholomeusz G, Kong L, Bornmann W, Peng Z, Pal A, Maxwell D, Talpaz M, Donato N. A Novel Small-Molecule Approach To Inhibit Jak2 Tyrosine Kinase Signaling. Blood. 110: 1556-1556. DOI: 10.1182/Blood.V110.11.1556.1556  0.548
2007 Donato N, Kapuria V, Sun H, Maxwell D, Bartholomeusz G, Bornmann W, Peng Z, Pal A, Talpaz M. Degrasyn-Induced Trafficking of BCR-ABL as a Novel Mechanism of Kinase Inactivation. Blood. 110: 1003-1003. DOI: 10.1182/Blood.V110.11.1003.1003  0.553
2006 Talpaz M, Shah NP, Kantarjian H, Donato N, Nicoll J, Paquette R, Cortes J, O'Brien S, Nicaise C, Bleickardt E, Blackwood-Chirchir MA, Iyer V, Chen TT, Huang F, Decillis AP, et al. Dasatinib in imatinib-resistant Philadelphia chromosome-positive leukemias. The New England Journal of Medicine. 354: 2531-41. PMID 16775234 DOI: 10.1056/Nejmoa055229  0.416
2006 Ferrari-Amorotti G, Keeshan K, Zattoni M, Guerzoni C, Iotti G, Cattelani S, Donato NJ, Calabretta B. Leukemogenesis induced by wild-type and STI571-resistant BCR/ABL is potently suppressed by C/EBPalpha. Blood. 108: 1353-62. PMID 16670262 DOI: 10.1182/Blood-2006-01-011833  0.507
2006 Trevino JG, Summy JM, Lesslie DP, Parikh NU, Hong DS, Lee FY, Donato NJ, Abbruzzese JL, Baker CH, Gallick GE. Inhibition of SRC expression and activity inhibits tumor progression and metastasis of human pancreatic adenocarcinoma cells in an orthotopic nude mouse model. The American Journal of Pathology. 168: 962-72. PMID 16507911 DOI: 10.2353/Ajpath.2006.050570  0.452
2006 Klostergaard J, Leroux ME, Auzenne E, Khodadadian M, Spohn W, Wu JY, Donato NJ. Hyperthermia engages the intrinsic apoptotic pathway by enhancing upstream caspase activation to overcome apoptotic resistance in MCF‐7 breast adenocarcinoma cells Journal of Cellular Biochemistry. 98: 356-369. PMID 16440323 DOI: 10.1002/Jcb.20729  0.432
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