National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Gregg T. Beckhambiomass conversion to liquid fuels
Anthony K. Burrellorganometallics, energy storage, hydrogen
Michael F. Crowleybiomass conversion to liquid fuels
Xu DuBiomass conversion, thermal catalysis, electrochemical catalysis
Jaap Folmersolid state chemistry and the structure of liquids, particularly the ZnCl2-H2O system and the structure of plastic crystals like CBr4 Chemistry19821984 Bruce Parkinson (post-doc)
Justin C. Johnsonlaser spectroscopy
Ross E. Larsentheoretical physical chemistry, statistical mechanics, electronic structure, polymers
Haipeng Lu
Nathan R. NealeSynthetic, structural, and reactivity studies on transition metal compounds
Christina M. PayneMolecular Modeling Biosciences Center20112011 Gregg T. Beckham (post-doc)
Heather A. Plattmaterials chemistry, photovoltaics, solid state batteries
Emily L. Warrenphotovoltaics, MOCVD, nanoimprint lithography, electrochemistry