University of Montana

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Geoffrey R. AbbottInorganic Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering Chemistry2014 Edward Rosenberg (grad student)
Md. J. AbedinInorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry2002 Edward Rosenberg (grad student)
Sheryl K. AkagiAtmospheric Chemistry Chemistry2012 Robert James Yokelson (grad student)
Jesse J. AllenInorganic Chemistry Chemistry2011 Edward Rosenberg (grad student)
Alicia S. ArrigoniHydrology, Geomorphology, Water Resource Management Geology2010 Johnnie N. Moore (grad student)
Matthew M. BaehrBiogeochemistry, Limnology Biology2000 Michael D. DeGrandpre (grad student)
Patrick N. BallMicrobiology Biology, Environmental Sciences, Sanitary and Municipal Engineering2001 William E. Holben (grad student)
Swati Bandi Chemistry2009 Bruce Bowler (grad student)
Colden V. Baxterstream ecology, food webs, rivers, fish ecology, freshwater Biological Sciences1997 F Richard Hauer (grad student)
Howard D. BeallToxicology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Orion Berryman
Isaac T. BertschiGeochemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Sciences2002 Robert James Yokelson (grad student)
Sandip B. BharatePharmaceutical chemistry, medicinal chemistry20082010 Charles M. Thompson (post-doc)
Ryan M. Bogernonlinear dynamics in chemistry Chemistry2012 Richard J. Field (grad student)
Richard C. Bowers
Bruce Bowler
Mary C. BrickerEcology Biology, Environmental Sciences Organismal Biology & Ecology2009 John L. Maron (grad student)
Klára Briknarová
Jedediah F. BrodieEcology Biology, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture Organismal Biology & Ecology2007 John L. Maron (grad student)
Melisa BundersonToxicology, Public Health2003 Howard D. Beall (grad student)
George L Card
Chrissie A. CarpenterOrganic Chemistry Chemistry2008 Donald E. Kiely (grad student)
Christina N. CarriganPharmaceutical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Neuroscience Biology2000 Charles M. Thompson (grad student)
Chih-Kai ChaoPharmacology Biomedical Sciences2008 Charles M. Thompson (grad student)
Mark Cracolice
Michael F. Crowleybiomass conversion to liquid fuels1985 Richard J. Field (grad student)
Sarah E. CullisonChemical Oceanography, Biogeochemistry, Analytical Chemistry Chemistry2010 Michael D. DeGrandpre (grad student)
Michael D. DeGrandpreBiogeochemistry, Geochemistry
Travis T. DentonOrganic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Biochemistry2002 Charles M. Thompson (grad student)
Bonnie K. EllisLimnology Biology, Ecology Biology, Environmental Sciences2007 F Richard Hauer (grad student)
Kevin P. FerisMicrobiology Biology, Ecology Biology, Environmental Sciences, Geochemistry2003 William E. Holben (grad student)
Ralph James Fessendenorganic chemistry
Richard J. Fieldnonlinear dynamics in chemistry
Erick GreeneWildlife Conservation Agriculture, Wildlife Management Agriculture, Biochemistry
Lilu GuoOrganic Chemistry Chemistry2008 Charles M. Thompson (grad student)
M. K. HailerBiochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry2006 Kent Sugden (grad student)
Kasper B. HansenNMDA receptors, ion channel structure & function
Mary HassaniToxicology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry2007 Howard D. Beall (grad student)
F Richard HauerEcology Biology, Biogeochemistry
Marc S. HendrixGeology, Geochemistry
Michael R. HintonOrganic Chemistry Chemistry2008 Donald E. Kiely (grad student)
William E. HolbenMicrobiology Biology, Ecology Biology, Biogeochemistry
Varadharajan KailasamInorganic Chemistry Chemistry2009 Edward Rosenberg (grad student)
Alison K. KearnsPharmacology Biomedical Sciences2013 Howard D. Beall (grad student)
Donald E. KielyOrganic Chemistry
Julia M. KotlerGeology Geology2009 Nancy W. Hinman (grad student)
William P. KovacikMicrobiology Biology, Ecology Biology, Biogeochemistry2002 William E. Holben (grad student)
Richard D. Lahti Curriculum & Instruction2012 Mark Cracolice (grad student)
Kevin J. LielkeSedimentary Geology, Paleoclimate Science, Geophysics Geology2012 Marc S. Hendrix (grad student)
Jing-Zhong Lin Thomas Mitchell-Olds (post-doc)
John L. MaronEcology Biology, Biogeochemistry, Botany Biology, Zoology Biology
Todd R. MartzAnalytical Chemistry, Environmental Sciences2005 Michael D. DeGrandpre (grad student)
Sherri A. Masonnonlinear dynamics in chemistry2002 Richard J. Field (grad student)
Claudio I. MeierLimnology Biology, Hydrology, Ecology Biology Organismal Biology & Ecology2008 F Richard Hauer (grad student)
John J. MeteshGeochemistry, Hydrology2004 Nancy W. Hinman (grad student)
Paul J. MirandaInorganic Chemistry2005 Edward Rosenberg (grad student)
Kereen Monteyne2004 Mark Cracolice (grad student)
Johnnie N. MooreGeochemistry, Environmental Sciences, Hydrology
Jason E. MullinsOrganic Chemistry2006 Charles M. Thompson (grad student)
Sonia A. NagorskiGeochemistry, Environmental Sciences, Hydrology2001 Johnnie N. Moore (grad student)
Elliott W. ParsonsEcology Biology, Biogeochemistry, Botany Biology, Zoology Biology Fish & Wildlife Biology2011 John L. Maron (grad student)
Flavia E. PereiraPharmacology Biomedical Sciences2007 Howard D. Beall (grad student)
Joshua B. Phillips Chemistry2010 Bruce Bowler (grad student)
William G. PinsonInorganic Chemistry, Alternative Energy, Energy Chemistry2012 Edward Rosenberg (grad student)
Jarrod L. PollockMicrobiology Biology, Soil Science Agriculture, Botany Biology Integrative Microbiology & Biochemistry2010 William E. Holben (grad student)
Srividhya RamamoorthyMicrobiology Biology, Biogeochemistry2005 Frank R. Rosenzweig (grad student)
Dalia RokhsanaInorganic Chemistry2005 Edward Rosenberg (grad student)
Edward RosenbergInorganic Chemistry, Biochemistry
Frank R. RosenzweigMicrobiology Biology, Biogeochemistry
J.B. Alexander (Sandy) RossBiochemistry, General Biophysics
Marnie E. RoutBotany Biology, Microbiology Biology, Ecology Biology Organismal Biology & Ecology2011 William E. Holben (grad student)
Tova SardotGeneral Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering, Sustainability, Polymer Chemistry Chemistry2012 Garon C. Smith (grad student)
Matthew P. SeidelAnalytical Chemistry Chemistry2006 Michael D. DeGrandpre (grad student)
Peter G. SladeBiochemistry, Analytical Chemistry2006 Kent Sugden (grad student)
Garon C. SmithAnalytical Chemistry, Environmental Sciences
Fabrizio SpadaInorganic Chemistry, Biochemistry2004 Edward Rosenberg (grad student)
Jonathan O. SpeareBiochemistry2003 Kent Sugden (grad student)
Michael SperazzaGeology, Geochemistry2006 Marc S. Hendrix (grad student)
Stephen R. SprangStructural Biology and Biochemistry: Biological Signal Transduction
Harmen B SteeleBiochemistry & Biophysics Chemistry Chemistry and Biochemistry20142017 J.B. Alexander (Sandy) Ross (grad student), Bruce Bowler (grad student)
Jeff Strachen Thomas Mitchell-Olds (post-doc)
Kent SugdenBiochemistry
Todd T. TalleyOrganic Chemistry, Toxicology2001 Charles M. Thompson (grad student)
Charles M. ThompsonOrganic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Biochemistry
David L. TookeBiogeochemistry, Environmental Engineering2006 Johnnie N. Moore (grad student)
Forrest S. Towne Chemistry2009 Mark Cracolice (grad student)
Franco O. Tzul Chemistry2009 Bruce Bowler (grad student)
Troy M. VoelkerOrganic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry2003 Charles M. Thompson (grad student)
Tony J. WardAtmospheric Science Physics, Environmental Sciences, Environmental Engineering2001 Garon C. Smith (grad student)
Joseph D. White Forestry1997 Steven W. Running (grad student)
Christopher L. WrobelAnalytical Chemistry, Environmental Engineering, Atmospheric Science Physics, Artificial Intelligence2000 Garon C. Smith (grad student)
Robert James YokelsonAtmospheric Chemistry
Shigui YuanAnalytical Chemistry2006 Michael D. DeGrandpre (grad student)