George Washington University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Dustin T AbeleLi-ion Batteries Chemistry2016 Michael J. Wagner (grad student)
Erin Adkins Chemistry20112016 John Houston Miller (grad student)
Andrew R. Awtry
Julius AxelrodNeurotransmitters19541955 H. George Mandel (grad student)
Diana Michelle Bailey Chemistry John Houston Miller (grad student)
J. Martyn Baileyessential fatty acids, eicosanoids and vascular biology
Mel L. BillingsleyAlzheimer's disease, tau protein Pharmacology1981 H. George Mandel (grad student)
Kathleen Boris-LawrieMolecular Biology, Biochemistry1992 Ajit Kumar (grad student)
Kathryn L. Calamegene regulation in the immune system1975 Carleton R. Treadwell (grad student), George V. Vahouny (grad student)
William J. CanadyBiochemistry1955 Joseph H. Roe (grad student)
William Robert Carroll
Vincent A. Chiappinelli
Heinz H. Coenen Department of Radiopharmaceutical Science19811982 William C. Eckelmann (grad student)
Mildred CohnNMR research on energy transduction within cells and cellular reactions in which ATP is utilized1939 Vincent du Vigneaud (post-doc)
William C. Eckelmann
Eric Fallows Chemistry20082012 John Houston Miller (grad student)
Nicolae Filipescu
Matt Finn20132018 Adelina Voutchkova-Kostal (grad student)
Ashley Frankenfield Ling Hao (grad student)
Ann GinsburgProtein Chemistry1964 William Robert Carroll (grad student)
Ling HaoMass Spectrometry, Proteomics, Metabolomics, Neuroscience, Neurodegenerative diseases
Parviz Hassanzadeh Chemistry19881992 John Houston Miller (grad student)
Jennifer D. Herdman
Timothy HlaVascular system, bioactive lipids, sphingosine 1-phosphate, cyclooxygenase1988 J. Martyn Bailey (grad student)
Rachelle Jacobson Chemistry2019 John Houston Miller (grad student)
Haorong Li Chemistry Ling Hao (grad student)
Wei Li Children's National Medical Center Xiaole Liu (post-doc)
Stuart Licht
Hubert Scott Loringpurification of poliomyelitis virus, structure and metabolism of RNA, biosynthesis of pyrimidine nucleosides1933 Vincent du Vigneaud (grad student)
Luyao LuEnergy Materials, Molecular Electronics, Polymer Chemistry, Drug Delivery Polymers
Ira S. Lurie
H. George Mandel
Ioan MargineanForensic Science, Forensic Drug Analysis, Trace Analysis Forensic Sciences2013 Ira S. Lurie (collaborator)
Paul Marvar
David Mendelowitznucleus ambiguus, cardiac20002009 Michael C. Andresen (collaborator)
John Houston MillerSensors,Spectroscopy, Combustion
Ferid Muradnitric oxide
Peter Nemes
Kristi NorrisCell Biology, Virology Biology Richard J Youle (grad student)
James W. PavlikOrganic Chemistry, Photochemistry Nicolae Filipescu (grad student)
Joseph H. RoeBiochemistry, clinical chemistry
Mark Hopkins Schofield
Bindesh Shresthaion sources
Reed Skaggs Chemistry19941999 John Houston Miller (grad student)
Hannah C Smith Neuroscience2020 Paul Marvar (grad student)
Glauco Souza Chemistry2008 John Houston Miller (grad student)
Michael Tolocka Chemistry19951999 John Houston Miller (grad student)
Carleton R. Treadwelllipid metabolism
George V. Vahouny1958 Carleton R. Treadwell (grad student)
Akos Vertes
Adelina Voutchkova-Kostalorganometallics, catalysis, green chemistry
Michael J. WagnerNanoscale Materials, Inorganic Materials Chemistry, Alkalides and Electrides, Magnetic Materials, Energy Storage/Conservation Chemistry James L. Dye (grad student)
Kai Wangorganometallics, catalysis, green chemistry, drug analysis Chemistry20172021 Adelina Voutchkova-Kostal (grad student)
James L. Way1954 Paul Kenneth Smith (grad student), H. George Mandel (grad student)
Herbert Weissbachprotection against oxidative damage and specifically the role of the methionine sulfoxide reductase system in this process1957 Sidney Udenfriend (grad student)
Emily Wilson Chemistry2002 John Houston Miller (grad student)
Charles Owens Wilson, Jr.medicinal chemistry
Yiyang Wu Biomedical Engineering Emilia Entcheva (grad student)
Yi YangPancreatic cancer Biochemistry20102012 Wenge Zhu (grad student)
Esra Yonel Chemistry2011 John Houston Miller (grad student)
Wenge Zhu
Ernest F. Zimmerman1961 H. George Mandel (grad student)