Max-Planck-Institut für Physikalische Chemie, Göttingen

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Claude F. BernasconiPhysical and Mechanistic Organic Chemistry and Organometallic Chemistry, Chemical Reactivity, Kinetics, Ab Initio Calculations1967 Manfred Eigen (post-doc)
Karl Friedrich BonhoefferHydrogene Spin
Donald Morris CrothersBiophysical Chemistry1964 Manfred Eigen (post-doc)
Manfred EigenPhysical chemistry, chemical kinetics
Heinz GerischerPhysical chemistry
Gordon G. Hammesenzyme catalysis1960 Manfred Eigen (post-doc)
Kasper Kirschner Manfred Eigen (post-doc)
Kenneth KustinVanadium, Bioinorganic Chemistry1970 Manfred Eigen (post-doc)
Robert J. Madixcatalytic reactivity of surfaces1965 Carl Wilhelm Wagner (post-doc)
Sunil Kumar PodderBiophysical Chemistry19631971 Manfred Eigen (post-doc)
David Bruce RorabacherAnalytical Chemistry19641965 Manfred Eigen (post-doc)
Peter Schuster19681969 Manfred Eigen (post-doc)
Joachim H. Seeligstructural biology1968 Manfred Eigen (grad student)
Hans Strehlow1950 Karl Friedrich Bonhoeffer (post-doc)
James H. Swinehart19621963 Manfred Eigen (post-doc)
Horst VogelPhysical Chemistry of Polymers and Membranes1978 Manfred Eigen (grad student)
Nils G. Walterstructure-function relationships in non-coding (nc)RNAs using single molecule tools and then utilize them for biomedical, bioanalytical and nanotechnological applications19921995 Manfred Eigen (grad student)