Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Mihail Barboiu19992001 Jean-Marie Lehn (post-doc)
Jean-Paul BehrChemistry, Nucleic acids, Transfection
Cynthia J. Burrowsnucleotide, peptide and ligand synthesis 1983 Jean-Marie Lehn (post-doc)
Xiaoyu Cao20042009 Jean-Marie Lehn (grad student)
Predrag CudicOrganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry19961998 Jean-Marie Lehn (post-doc)
Marc Delarue Dino Moras (grad student)
Pascal F. EgeaMembrane Protein Structure, Targeting and, Assembly1999 Dino Moras (grad student)
Lila M. Gieraschprotein folding19771978 Jean-Marie Lehn (post-doc)
Georges Hadziioannouorganic electronics
Andrew D. Hamiltonchemical biology1981 Jean-Marie Lehn (post-doc)
Bernold Hasenknopf19921996 Jean-Marie Lehn (grad student)
Anna K. H. Hirschdrug design2010 Jean-Marie Lehn (post-doc)
Roland Kraemerin vitro probes, functional bioconjugates19911992 Jean-Marie Lehn (post-doc)
Jean-Marie LehnOrganic chemistry1963 Guy Ourisson (grad student)
Andrew Marsh Laboratoire de Chimie Supramoleculaire19911994 Jean-Marie Lehn (post-doc)
Charles MioskowskiChemistry, Gene Delivery Guy Solladié (grad student)
Dino Morasstructural biology
Jonathan R. NitschkeSelf-assembly supramolecular, Synthetic methodology20012003 Jean-Marie Lehn (post-doc)
Guy Ourisson
Roberto A. Sanchez-DelgadoInorganic Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry19761977 John Anthony Osborn (post-doc)
Jean Pierre SauvageChemical topology, Molecular machines, Electron transfer Jean-Marie Lehn (grad student)
Rachel A. SegalmanPolymer Science20022003 Georges Hadziioannou (post-doc)
Jonathan L. SesslerMolecular Engineering Jean-Marie Lehn (post-doc)
Jay S. SiegelStereochemistry, Physical Organic Chemistry, Molecular Design and Synthesis Institut de Chimie19851986 Jean-Marie Lehn (post-doc)
Guy Solladié Max Mousseron (grad student)
Kenneth WärnmarkSupramolecular chemistry19941996 Jean-Marie Lehn (post-doc)
Alexander Wei organic synthesis, nanostructured materials19951997 Jean-Marie Lehn (post-doc)
Darrin M. YorkTheoretical Chemistry19971998 Martin Karplus (post-doc)