Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Yaozong Chenmolecular biology, biochemistry, structural biology
Wang Hay KanSolid State Chemistry, Energy Storage/Conversion Systems, X-ray/Neutron Diffraction Department of Chemistry20092009 Ian D. Williams (research assistant), Ian D. Williams (research scientist)
Yoonseob KimPolymer; Nanoparticle
Junhui PengMD simulation Chemistry Xuhui Huang (post-doc)
Zhilong SongMaterial Science and Gas Sensor20182020 Zhiyong Fan (post-doc)
Haigang SongEnzymology, Structural biology Chemistry20102014 Zhihong Guo (grad student)
Yuqing WangBiochemistry Chemistry20182021 Xuhui Huang (grad student)
Weichen WeiChemistry, Biomedical Engineering
Ian D. Williams
Zhibo YangQuantum Computational Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry20172018 Jinqing Huang (research assistant), Ian D. Williams (research assistant)
Yeqing YuChemistry
Qianpeng Gabriel Zhangperovskite nanowires