Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Yong Cao Department of Chemistry Jingfa Deng (grad student)
Kaiming CaoMolecular Biology
Huimin Chang20212025 Wang Lu (grad student)
Yuesu ChenChemistry, Organic Chemistry, Flow Chemistry Department of Chemistry20122015 Yu Jia (grad student)
Mao Chen
Suvankar Debbarma chemistry20192021 Shengming Ma (post-doc)
Jingfa Deng
Ke Ding19982001 Dawei Ma (grad student)
Huayi FangInorganic Chemistry/Organometallic Chemistry
Xingao GongComputational Condensed Matter and Material Science
Jin-Feng Hu
Chien-Hsun Huang School of Life Science20152017 Hong Ma (post-doc)
Zhujun Huang20192022 Xiangcheng Pan (grad student)
Chenglin Jia Chemistry Gong Ming (research scientist)
Yu Jia
Yuan JiangPolymer synthesis20192022 Xiangcheng Pan (grad student)
Yongwen Jiang19992002 Dawei Ma (grad student)
Yongfang Li19821986 Haoqing Wu (grad student)
Jixi LiStructural biology
Zhanting Li
Ning Li20182022 Xiangcheng Pan (grad student)
Dong Liusupramolecular chemistry
Weihua MingMaterials Science Engineering, Polymer Chemistry, General Engineering1998 Frank N. Jones (grad student)
Xianhua Pan20012004 Dawei Ma (grad student)
Haihui Peng Guosheng Liu (grad student)
dongjuan si Wang Lu (grad student)
Dalin Sun Department of Materials Science20002003 Craig M. Jensen (post-doc)
Bozhi TianSynthetic Cellular Interactions, Nanoelectronic Exploration of Cellular Systems, Development of Biomimetic Nanoscale Materials and Devices Dongyuan Zhao (grad student)
Jia TianOrganic Chemistry
Lu WangChemical biology
Yuwen WangMain group chemistry and transition metal chemistry Chemistry20122015 Huadong Wang (grad student)
Guan-Wu WangOrganic Chemistry Department of Chemistry19931995 Shi-Hui Wu (post-doc)
Hong-fei Wangsurfaces and interfaces, spectroscopy and dynamics, nonlinear spectroscopy, laser spectroscopy
Zimeng WangWater Chemistry
Haoqing Wu
Shi-Hui Wu
Xiao-Nan Wumass spectrometer
Chuan River XiaoStructural Biology Kaiming Cao (grad student)
Yuxi Xu20072011 Gaoquan Shi (grad student)
Duanxiang XuPhysical Chemistry, General Biophysics
Ziyue Xu Chemistry Department20162021 Zhanting Li (grad student)
Ziyue Xu
Hanting Yangmembrane transport, protein synthesis, mitochondrial quality control
Peng-Yuan Yang
Yang YangInterfacial Thermodynamics, Simulation20102011 Xingao Gong (research assistant)
Steve Qing Yang
rongjin zengpolymer
Xiping ZhanNeural circuitry and synaptic function, IPSCs induced neurons19992001 Tiande Shou (post-doc)
Weijia Zhang Lidong Qin (grad student)
Lu ZhouChemistry
Rui ZhuSolar Cells; Perovskites20032007 Wei Huang (grad student)
Liangliang Zhusupramolecular pi-fuctional materials