Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Zohrab AhmadiOrganic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry bsheaff@uvic.ca2013 J Scott McIndoe (grad student)
Juan AusioBiophysical and biochemical studies of DNA-protein interactions involved in chromatin assembly and gene expression.
Christopher A. AvisAtmospheric Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Geology, Climate Change Earth and Ocean Sciences2012 Andrew J. Weaver (grad student)
Walter BalfourPhysical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry
Subhajit BandyopadhyayOrganic and Physical Chemistry2004 Reginald Mitchell (grad student)
Neil R. BanerjeeGeochemistry2001 Kathryn M. Gillis (grad student)
Subhasree Banerjee20122013 Cornelia Bohne (post-doc)
David J. BergInorganic Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry, Lanthanide Chemistry, Catalysis
Graham Bodwell1986 Reginald Mitchell (grad student)
Cornelia BohneOrganic Chemistry
Catherine E. BrennanBiogeochemistry, Chemical Oceanography, Paleoclimate Science2012 Andrew J. Weaver (grad student)
David J. BrickMicrobiology Biology, Biochemistry2001 Chris Upton (grad student)
Alexandre G. BroloPhysical/Analytical Chemistry
Caleb BrombaOrganic Chemistry2012 Jeremy Wulff (grad student)
Neil BurfordInorganic Main Group Chemistry
Austin BurmanBumming around, pretending like nBuLi is cool
Ellen R. BusbyMolecular Biology, Animal Physiology Biology2003 Robert W. Olafson (grad student)
Caroline E. CameronMicrobiology Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry
Malinee ChatthaiMolecular Biology, Genetics, Biochemistry2000 Santosh Misra (grad student)
Saurabh S. Chitnis Chemistry Neil Burford (grad student)
Jay T. CullenChemical Oceanography, Biogeochemistry, Geochemistry, Marine Chemistry
Andrew K. DambenieksPhysical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry bsheaff@uvic.ca2013 Thomas M. Fyles (grad student)
John-Mark DaviesEcology Biology, Fisheries and Aquaculture Agriculture, Limnology Biology2004 Asit Mazumder (grad student)
Katherine DaviesOrganic Chemistry2012 Jeremy Wulff (grad student)
Kenneth Denman
Brynn M. DooleyMaterials Science Engineering, Organic Chemistry bsheaff@uvic.ca2010 Natia L. Frank (grad student)
Karl M. EekBiogeochemistry2000 Michael J. Whiticar (grad student)
Azad EshghiMicrobiology Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry2011 Caroline E. Cameron (grad student)
Tracy L. EwenPhysical Oceanography2004 Andrew J. Weaver (grad student)
Meikun FanPhysical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry2010 Alexandre G. Brolo (grad student)
Benjamin S. ForwardMolecular Biology2001 Santosh Misra (grad student)
Scott G. FougerePhysical Chemistry2000 Walter Balfour (grad student)
Natia L. FrankOrganic Electronic and Magnetic Materials
Tomoya FukuiSupramolecular chemistry Department of Chemistry Ian Manners (post-doc)
Thomas M. FylesOrganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry
Michael Gignac
Kathryn M. GillisGeochemistry
Joe B. Gilroy2008 Robin Hicks (grad student)
David Robinson Goodlettstructure function relationships in proteins and lipids i
Yunyong GuoPolymer Chemistry2009 Matthew Moffitt (grad student)
Saman Harirchian-SaeiInorganic Chemistry, Chemical Engineering2011 Matthew Moffitt (grad student)
Matthew A. HendersonInorganic Chemistry2009 J Scott McIndoe (grad student)
Romey F. HeuffPhysical Chemistry2004 Walter Balfour (grad student)
Robin Hicks
Martin Blake HockingOrganic chemistry
Fraser A. Hofmolecular recognition and self-assembling systems
Dennis K. HorePhysical Chemistry
Chi-wei HuOrganic Chemistry2002 Thomas M. Fyles (grad student)
Franciscus C. J. MPhysical Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering
Frank C. J. MInorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry
Tony D Jamesboronic acids, fluorescent sensors, chirality, imaging Chemistry19861991 Thomas M. Fyles (grad student)
David J. Janssen School of Earth and Ocean Sciences Jay T. Cullen (grad student)
Jamie JohnstonK channels, T-type Ca channels, calyx of Held, retina, olfactory bulb20062009 Kerry R. Delaney (post-doc)
Sundiata Kly
Subrata KunduOrganometallic chemistry20192019 Ian Manners (post-doc)
Aiko KurimotoPhysical organic/inorganic chemistry Chemistry Natia L. Frank (grad student)
David C. LeitchOrganometallic Chemistry, Catalysis
Martin T. Lemaire2002 Robin Hicks (grad student)
Mathieu L Lepage Michael Gignac (grad student)
Johnnye Lewistoxicology Michael Corcoran (research assistant)
Fabian LienertGeophysics, Physical Oceanography, Atmospheric Sciences2011 Andrew J. Weaver (grad student)
Duston N. LippertMicrobiology Biology, Biochemistry2002 Robert W. Olafson (grad student)
Julie LobbPhysical Oceanography2004 Andrew J. Weaver (grad student)
Hans-Peter LoockPhysical Chemistry Chemistry1996 Charles Xiao-Wu Qian (grad student)
Horace Luong Chemistry chemistry20082008 Thomas M. Fyles (grad student), Cornelia Bohne (post-doc)
Donal H. MacartneyInorganic Chemistry1981 Alexander McAuley (grad student)
Venkataramanan MahalingamSynthesis, characterization and application of lanthanide-doped nanocrsytals20042007 Frank van Veggel (post-doc)
Ian Manners
H. D. MatthewsEnvironmental Sciences, Biogeochemistry2004 Andrew J. Weaver (grad student)
Asit MazumderLimnology Biology, Biogeochemistry
Alexander McAuley
J Scott McIndoeInorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry
Stephen D. McKinnon2010 Robin Hicks (grad student)
Michael W. MeanwellSynthetic methods, materials science, electrocatalysis, medicinal chemistry, natural products chemistry.2015 Thomas M. Fyles (grad student)
Katrin J. MeissnerBiogeochemistry, Chemical Oceanography, Paleoclimate Science
Santosh MisraMolecular Biology, Genetics, Biochemistry
Reginald Mitchell
Matthew MoffittPolymer Chemistry
J. N. MoorthyOrganic Photochemistry, Supramolecular Chemistry: Crystal Engineering, Development of Porous Metal-Organic Materials, Development of Organic Light Emitting Materials, Mechanistic Organic Chemistry Chemistry19961998 Cornelia Bohne (post-doc)
Joanne M. MoszynskiOrganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry2011 Thomas M. Fyles (grad student)
Graham K. MurphyOrganic Methods Chemistry19981999 Robin Hicks (research scientist)
Anita NarwaniEcology Biology2011 Asit Mazumder (grad student)
Steven R NessMachine Learning, Protein Ligand Docking Computer Science20072013 George Tzanetakis (grad student)
Weston H. NowlinLimnology Biology, Biogeochemistry2003 Asit Mazumder (grad student)
Robert W. OlafsonMicrobiology Biology, Biochemistry
Michelle M. PaquetteInorganic Chemistry2011 Natia L. Frank (grad student)
Greg W. Patenaude2002 Robin Hicks (grad student)
Charles Xiao-Wu Qian
Olga RincoOrganic Chemistry2002 Cornelia Bohne (grad student)
Jonathan K. Sader
Laurel L. SchaferInorganic Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry, Lanthanide Chemistry, Catalysis1999 David J. Berg (grad student)
Laura L. Schafer
Christina Schallenberg School of Earth and Ocean Sciences Jay T. Cullen (grad student)
Molina A. SheepwashOrganic Chemistry2002 Cornelia Bohne (grad student)
Stephen R. Stobart
Daithi A. StonePhysical Oceanography, Environmental Sciences2003 Andrew J. Weaver (grad student)
Todd SutherlandGeneral Chemistry
Benzhong TangAIE Chemistry Ian Manners (post-doc)
Tyler Trefz Chemistry2013 Robin Hicks (grad student)
Andy Un Jeremy Wulff (grad student), David C. Leitch (research assistant)
Chris UptonMicrobiology Biology, Biochemistry
Suresh ValiyaveettilMaterial chemistry Thomas M. Fyles (grad student)
Ruben J. VeefkindOceanography Biology2003 Michael J. Whiticar (grad student)
Frank van Veggel
Krista L. VikseInorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry2011 J Scott McIndoe (grad student)
Thottumkara Vinod Reginald Mitchell (grad student)
Andrew J. WeaverEnvironmental Sciences, Biogeochemistry
Dennis M. Whitfield Thomas M. Fyles (grad student)
Michael J. WhiticarBiogeochemistry
Amanda L. WhitingOrganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Molecular Chemistry bsheaff@uvic.ca2012 Fraser A. Hof (grad student)
Mark Christopher WoodOrganometallics, asymmetric catalysis Chemistry19972003 David J. Berg (grad student)
Jeremy WulffOrganic Chemistry
Lai Yee Xing19761980 Reginald Mitchell (grad student)
Masakazu YoshimoriAtmospheric Science Physics, Paleontology2002 Andrew J. Weaver (grad student)
Mike Zaworotkocrystal engineering, pharmaceutical materials, porous materials, pharmaceutical cocrystals19821985 Stephen R. Stobart (post-doc)
Pengrong ZhangOrganic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry Chemistry2011 Reginald Mitchell (grad student)