Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Timothy N Abell Chemistry and Biochemistry20142019 Stacey Lowery Bretz (grad student)
Zahilyn Roche AllredChemistry Education Research Chemistry and Biochemistry20142019 Stacey Lowery Bretz (grad student)
Molly B. AtkinsonChemistry Education Research Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry20192020 Stacey Lowery Bretz (post-doc)
Michael Bindis Chemical Education20082013 Stacey Lowery Bretz (grad student)
Michael E. BoldenAnalytical Chemistry2002 Neil D. Danielson (grad student)
Alexandra R. Brandrietchemistry education research, assessment Chemistry2014 Stacey Lowery Bretz (grad student)
Jeffrey J. BrandtBiochemistry, Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry2000 Michael W. Crowder (grad student)
Stacey Lowery Bretzchemistry education research, assessment
John G. BurrChemi- and Bioluminescence
Diep V. CaElectroanalytical Chemistry2005 James A. Cox (grad student)
Joseph M. CarlinMicrobiology Biology, Immunology, Biochemistry
Justin Carmel Chemistry & Biochemistry20102015 Ellen J. Yezierski (grad student)
Yumin ChenBiochemistry2004 Ann E. Hagerman (grad student)
Zishuo Chengmetallo-beta-lactamase, antibiotic resistance20162020 Michael W. Crowder (post-doc)
David J. Collins
James A. CoxElectroanalytical Chemistry
Patrick A. CrawfordBiochemistry2003 Michael W. Crowder (grad student)
Michael W. Crowderbioinorganic chemistry
S Mark CybulskiPhysical Chemistry
Lin DaiElectrochemistry, vibration spectroscopy Chemistry and Biochemistry2012 Shouzhong Zou (grad student)
Craig Damin2013 André J. Sommer (grad student)
Neil D. DanielsonOrganic Chemistry
Yongming DengOrganic Chemistry Chemistry20092014 Hong Wang (grad student)
Sriram DevanathanBiochemistry, Plant Culture Agriculture Chemistry2011 Christopher A. Makaroff (grad student)
Robert H. FindlayEcology Biology, Biogeochemistry
Mahin GhanevatiBiochemistry2000 Jan Guy Jaworski (grad student)
Frank C. GolichBioinorganic Chemistry Chemistry and Biochemistry2005 Michael W. Crowder (grad student)
Gilbert Gordondrinking water research, dynamics of chemical reactions, reactions of chlorine dioxide, chlorine and ozone and all aspects of analytical chemistry2009 William H. Steinecker (collaborator)
Benjamin W. GungOrganic Synthesis, Organometallics
Ann E. HagermanBiochemistry
Jordan Harshman Chemistry & Biochemistry20112015 Ellen J. Yezierski (grad student)
C. Scott HartleyPhysical organic chemistry
Steve HessComparative Politics Political Science Venelin Ganev (grad student)
Scott D. HolmstromElectroanalytical Chemistry2000 James A. Cox (grad student)
Errol Augustus Huffman Chemistry and Biochemistry19982002 Robert E. Minto (grad student)
Jan Guy JaworskiBiochemistry
Jana Jensen Chemical Education20082013 Stacey Lowery Bretz (grad student)
Yanxiong Ke
Michael A. KennedyBiochemistry, Biostatistics Biology, Oncology
Anna M. KijakElectroanalytical Chemistry2003 James A. Cox (grad student)
Zsolt Kortvelyesidrinking water research, dynamics of chemical reactions, reactions of chlorine dioxide, chlorine and ozone and all aspects of analytical chemistry2004 Gilbert Gordon (grad student)
Wing S. LamMolecular Biology, Cell Biology2004 Christopher A. Makaroff (grad student)
Kimberly Linenberger Chemical Education20072011 Stacey Lowery Bretz (grad student)
Desheng LiuBiochemistry, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology Chemistry2014 Christopher A. Makaroff (grad student)
Thomas N. LoegelOrganic Chemistry Chemistry2012 Neil D. Danielson (grad student)
Gary A. LoriganBiochemistry
Cynthia J. LuxfordChemistry Education Chemical Education20082013 Stacey Lowery Bretz (grad student)
Shengqian Ma
KatieMarie Q Magnone
Christopher A. MakaroffBiochemistry, Plant Culture Agriculture
Phil B. McBrideCurriculum and Instruction Education, Sciences Education, Secondary Education, Higher Education, Technology of Education2003 Arlyne M. Sarquis (grad student)
LaKeisha McClary Chemical Education20102012 Stacey Lowery Bretz (post-doc)
Philip Thomas McKittrickVibrational Spectroscopy Chemistry19861990 John Edward Katon (grad student)
Beata A. MusialAnalytical Chemistry2002 Neil D. Danielson (grad student)
Thach-Mien Nguyen DuongOrganic Chemistry Chemistry and Biochemistry2007 Michael Novak (grad student)
Sara Nielsen Chemistry & Biochemistry20112016 Ellen J. Yezierski (grad student)
Michael NovakOrganic Chemistry
Abdulqawi A. NumanAnalytical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry2001 Neil D. Danielson (grad student)
Gilbert E. PaceyTHz Spectroscopy, Sensors, Spectroscopy, Mass Spectrometry, Micro Analytical Systems, Total Analytical Systems
Richard C. Page Chemistry20082013 Saurav Misra (post-doc)
Gopal R. PeriyannanBiochemistry2004 Michael W. Crowder (grad student)
Justin M. PrattChemistry Education Research Chemistry20142018 Ellen J. Yezierski (grad student)
Lining QiAnalytical Chemistry2003 Neil D. Danielson (grad student)
Hang Reneletrochemistry
Thomas L. RiechelAnalytical Chemistry, Energy, Electronics and Electrical Engineering
Kenneth M. RiedlBiochemistry, Food Science and Technology Agriculture2002 Ann E. Hagerman (grad student)
Cory M. RobinsonMicrobiology Biology, Immunology2004 Joseph M. Carlin (grad student)
David Sanabria-Rios Chemical Education20082009 Stacey Lowery Bretz (post-doc)
Arlyne M. SarquisSciences Education, General Chemistry
Adam G. L Schafer Chemistry & Biochemistry20162020 Ellen J. Yezierski (grad student)
Thomas A. Scott
Janaki SeneviratneElectroanalytical Chemistry2001 James A. Cox (grad student)
Kari A. ShireyMicrobiology Biology, Immunology, Biochemistry2006 Joseph M. Carlin (grad student)
Richard W SiergiejAnalytical Chemistry, chromatography Chemistry19781982 Neil D. Danielson (grad student)
Tara K. SigdelBiochemistry, Microbiology Biology, Molecular Biology2005 Michael W. Crowder (grad student)
André J. SommerAnalytical Chemistry
Dawn P. SowdersBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Genetics2000 Christopher A. Makaroff (grad student)
Susan R. StapletonBiochemistry1983 Jan Guy Jaworski (grad student)
William H. SteineckerVariable geometry columns (VGCs), gas chromatography, electrochemistry, sensors, micro analytical systems20082001 Gilbert E. Pacey (research scientist), James A. Cox (research assistant)
Donald A. StorerSciences Education, General Chemistry2000 Arlyne M. Sarquis (grad student)
Elvis K. TiburuBiochemistry2004 Gary A. Lorigan (grad student)
David L. TierneyPhysical Inorganic and Bioinorganic Chemistry
Rafal R. ToczylowskiPhysical Chemistry2004 S Mark Cybulski (grad student)
Krisztina TothOrganic Chemistry2001 Michael Novak (grad student)
Michelle M. WandstratElectroanalytical Chemistry2006 James A. Cox (grad student)
Hong Wangorganic chemistry
Hong Wang
Kamila M. Wiaderekelectrochemistry, PDF, SAXS Chemistry and Biochemistry20052011 James A. Cox (grad student)
Ellen J. YezierskiChemistry education research
Jianbo ZengAnalytical Chemistry
Shouzhong ZouElectrochemistry, vibration spectroscopy