Loyola University Chicago

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Neha AbrolBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Physiology Biology Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry Program2014 Seth L. Robia (grad student)
Augustine O. AgyemanAnalytical Chemistry2007 Alanah Fitch (grad student)
Yasmin AhmedMolecular Biology2002 Allen Frankfater (grad student)
Luke M. AugustineAnalytical Chemistry, Archaeology Anthropology2002 Alanah Fitch (grad student)
J. Scott BakerAnalytical Chemistry, Environmental Sciences2001 Alanah Fitch (grad student)
Miguel A. BallicoraBiochemistry
Leonard J. BanaszakX-Ray crystal structure, proteins, lipoproteins, membranes Biochemistry and Biophysics1961 Hugh Joseph McDonald (grad student)
Matthew A. Bartucci Chemistry Jacob W. Ciszek (grad student)
Jon A BenderUltrafast Spectroscopy, Molecular Solids, Electronic Structure, Nanomaterials, Singlet Exciton Fission, Spintronics Chemistry Chemistry Daniel R. Killelea (research assistant), Albert W. Herlinger (research assistant)
Philip A. BidwellPhysiology Biology, General Biophysics Physiology2012 Seth L. Robia (grad student)
James BordenPhysical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Biochemistry Chemistry2009 Jan Florian (grad student)
Eric M. BruscaBiochemistry2002 Daniel W. Celander (grad student)
Sharada T. BuddhaBiochemistry, Molecular Biology2006 Leslie W. Fung (grad student)
Daniel W. CelanderBiochemistry
Paul M. ChiarelliGeneral Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Sciences
M Paul ChiarelliAnalytical Chemistry
Jacob W. CiszekElectronic materials, organic semiconductors, surface chemistry
Christine CurryCell Biology, Oncology, Virology Biology2008 Kimberly E. Foreman (grad student)
Nicole S. DarackMolecular Biology, Cell Biology2004 Lucio Miele (grad student)
Duarte M. de FreitasBiochemistry
James D. Devery Chemistry2012 Robert Flowers (grad student)
Gregory J. Deye Chemistry Jacob W. Ciszek (grad student)
Manuel O. DiazMolecular Biology, Genetics, Biochemistry
Simona A. DraganBiochemistry, Analytical Chemistry2002 Alanah Fitch (grad student)
Julie A. DzielawaOrganic Chemistry2001 Albert W. Herlinger (grad student)
Daniel A. DzielawaAnalytical Chemistry2002 Alanah Fitch (grad student)
Chad Eichmanorganic synthesis, catalysis
Keri L. FairMolecular Biology, Genetics, Biochemistry2000 Manuel O. Diaz (grad student)
Alanah FitchMolecular Chemistry, Sciences Education, Biochemistry
Keegan Fitzpatrick2014 Chad Eichman (grad student)
Jan FlorianPhysical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Biochemistry
Kimberly E. ForemanCell Biology
Tinamarie FoscoAnalytical Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Environmental Engineering, Atmospheric Science Physics2006 Martina Schmeling (grad student)
Allen FrankfaterBiochemistry, Oncology
Leslie W. FungBiochemistry
Daniel L. GalvanAnimal Physiology Biology, Molecular Biology2002 Gregory A. Mignery (grad student)
Peter GrudzienCell Biology Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry Program2010 Kimberly E. Foreman (grad student)
Lu HaoMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Genetics2009 Lucio Miele (grad student)
Albert W. HerlingerBiochemistry
Jonathan P. Hopwood Chemistry Jacob W. Ciszek (grad student)
Duane M. HufferAnalytical Chemistry2002 Paul M. Chiarelli (grad student)
Simon Kaja
Dan KilleleaPhysical Chemistry
Daniel S. KisselInorganic Chemistry, Energy, Organic Chemistry Chemistry2014 Albert W. Herlinger (grad student)
Kristina KligysMolecular Biology, Cell Biology2004 Manuel O. Diaz (grad student)
Mark KoonceMolecular Biology, Genetics2004 Manuel O. Diaz (grad student)
Misty L. KuhnBiochemistry Chemistry2009 Miguel A. Ballicora (grad student)
Brian T. LaydenBiochemistry, Neuroscience Biology, Pharmacology2001 Duarte M. de Freitas (grad student)
Phillip R. Lazzara2012 Chad Eichman (grad student)
Siu Yin Lee20132015 Chad Eichman (post-doc)
Wei-Tsung Lee
Linge LiAnalytical Chemistry2003 Paul M. Chiarelli (grad student)
Dali LiuBiochemistry, Enzymology, Protein Crystallography
Bing-Hao LuoBiochemistry, General Biophysics2002 Leslie W. Fung (grad student)
Susan M. MachaPhysical Chemistry2001 Alanah Fitch (grad student)
Christopher MalarkeyMedical Biophysics, Biochemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry2008 Duarte M. de Freitas (grad student)
Joshua T. MaxwellPhysiology Biology, Biochemistry Physiology2010 Gregory A. Mignery (grad student)
Stefan R. MazurekPhysiology Biology, General Biophysics Physiology2014 Seth L. Robia (grad student)
Daniel R. McAlisterAnalytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry2002 Albert W. Herlinger (grad student)
Hugh Joseph McDonaldbiochemical aspects of diabetes and atherosclerosis, carbohydrate metabolism, oral hypoglycemic agents, lipoproteins, and separation processes, especially electrophoresis
Lucio MieleMolecular Biology, Oncology
Gregory A. MigneryPhysiology Biology, Biochemistry
Tracy J. MitchellBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology2000 Leslie W. Fung (grad student)
Duarte Mota de Freitaslithium and bipolar depression; G proteins
Matthew S. NajorBiochemistry, General Chemistry, Molecular Chemistry Chemistry2013 Duarte M. de Freitas (grad student)
Chongxian PanMolecular Biology, Cell Biology2000 Manuel O. Diaz (grad student)
Deepika P. PanawennageGeneral Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Sciences Chemistry2012 Paul M. Chiarelli (grad student)
Yin PengMolecular Biology, Oncology Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry Program2010 Lucio Miele (grad student)
Nina H. PipaliaBiochemistry, Medical Biophysics, Pathology2003 Leslie W. Fung (grad student)
Caroline L. PooleOncology, Immunology, Cell Biology
Steven D. PoppenMolecular Biology, Biochemistry Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry Program2012 Manuel O. Diaz (grad student)
Brittni A. Qualizza Chemistry Jacob W. Ciszek (grad student)
Ajay Ranacell signaling
Senthil RanganathanBiochemistry2001 Leslie W. Fung (grad student)
Yathindar Satya RaoBrain, Estrogen, MicroRNAs Toni R. Pak (research scientist)
Timothy P. RemusMolecular Biology2009 Gregory A. Mignery (grad student)
Seth L. RobiaBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Physiology Biology
Douglas A. ScheftnerOrganic Chemistry2001 Jonathan Zerkowski (grad student)
Martina SchmelingAnalytical Chemistry
Jessica A. SolankiBiochemistry, Molecular Biology Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry Program2011 Manuel O. Diaz (grad student)
Dominique C. StepinskiOrganic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry2003 Albert W. Herlinger (grad student)
Claudia A. SumandeaBiochemistry, Molecular Biology2004 Leslie W. Fung (grad student)
Carla B. SwearingenAnalytical Chemistry2002 Alanah Fitch (grad student)
Anna M. SzpaderskaBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Oncology2000 Allen Frankfater (grad student)
Mary T. van OpstalMolecular Chemistry, Sciences Education, Biochemistry Chemistry2014 Alanah Fitch (grad student)
Alexander Villani-Gale2012 Chad Eichman (grad student)
Azza M. WagdyAnalytical Chemistry2004 Alanah Fitch (grad student)
Guoyan WangBiochemistry2008 Duarte M. de Freitas (grad student)
Rui Wu Department of Chemistry and Biochemsitry20102015 Dali Liu (grad student)
Huaping WuAnalytical Chemistry2002 Paul M. Chiarelli (grad student)
Peter R. ZalupskiAnalytical Chemistry, Nuclear Chemistry2005 Albert W. Herlinger (grad student)
Jonathan ZerkowskiOrganic Chemistry
Amanda J. ZieglerBiochemistry2009 Albert W. Herlinger (grad student)
Audrius A. ZukasAnalytical Chemistry2002 Alanah Fitch (grad student)