Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Qian Cai20012006 Dawei Ma (grad student)
Junjie Chen Xiyan Lu (grad student)
Yanshan Gao Yong Tang (grad student)
Gang He20032009 Dawei Ma (grad student)
Yupeng He20132015 Dawei Ma (research scientist)
Xuefeng JiangOrganic chemistry20032008 Shengming Ma (grad student)
Aidi Kong Xiyan Lu (grad student)
Aiwen Lei Xiyan Lu (grad student)
Ang LiTotal synthesis of structually and biologically interesting natural products
Quan Liorganic chemistry2019 Dawei Ma (grad student)
Feng Liu20022007 Dawei Ma (grad student)
Guosheng Liu Xiyan Lu (grad student)
Zhaoyong Lu20112013 Ang Li (grad student)
Xiyan Lu
Dawei Ma Xiyan Lu (grad student)
Shengming MaAllene Xiyan Lu (grad student)
Lingxing MengShanghai State Key Laboratory of Bioorganic and Natural Products Chemistry20102015 Dawei Ma (grad student)
Yangyang Shen Xiyan Lu (grad student)
Kun Shen20082013 Xiyan Lu (grad student)
Shiliang ShiAsymmetric catalysis
Zhangjie ShiOrganic Methodology19962001 Shengming Ma (grad student)
Zhankui Sun20032008 Dawei Ma (grad student)
Muyan Sun
Haiying Sun19972000 Dawei Ma (grad student)
Li Tan20042009 Dawei Ma (grad student)
Wenjun Tang Dawei Ma (grad student)
Hongqi Tian1998 Dawei Ma (grad student)
Jing Wang20042009 Dawei Ma (grad student)
Siqing Wang
Huan Wang Xiyan Lu (grad student)
Hongguang Xia20062011 Dawei Ma (grad student)
guoqin xiaorganometallic chemistry20092014 Xiyan Lu (grad student)
Chengfeng Xia20042009 Dawei Ma (grad student)
Weiqing Xie20022007 Dawei Ma (grad student)
Miao Yang Xiyan Lu (grad student)
Shuli You Lixin Dai (grad student)
Shouyun YuOrganic Chemistry20012007 Dawei Ma (grad student)
Xufen Yu Xiyan Lu (grad student)
Jianbo Zhang Xiyan Lu (grad student)
Ligang Zhao Xiyan Lu (grad student)
Baowei Zhao Xiyan Lu (grad student)
Qianghui Zhou20052010 Dawei Ma (grad student)
Zhi Zhou20112016 Xiyan Lu (grad student)
Feng Zhou Xiyan Lu (grad student)
Jidong Zhu19982003 Dawei Ma (grad student)
Zhiwei Zuoorganic chemistry