Utah State University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Upendra AdhikariPhysical Chemistry, Molecular Chemistry, Biochemistry Chemistry and Biochemistry2014 Stephen I. Scheiner (grad student)
Anastassia N. Alexandrovacomputational biochemistry2005 Alexander I. Boldyrev (grad student)
Russell A. AllredInorganic Chemistry2003 Lisa M. Berreau (grad student)
Xystus Amakor Plants, Soils & Climate Astrid R. Jacobson (grad student)
Idowu A. Atoloye Plants, Soils & Climate Astrid R. Jacobson (grad student)
Steven D. AustBiochemistry
Lisa M. BerreauInorganic Chemistry
Stephen Bialkowski
Stephen E. BialkowskyAnalytical Chemistry
Alexander I. Boldyrevtheoretical physical chemistry
Mary S. BoothEcology Biology, Biogeochemistry, Range Management Agriculture2002 Martyn M. Caldwell (grad student)
Tiago A.S. BrandãoPhysical Organic Chemistry Department of Chemistry20072009 Alvan C. Hengge (post-doc)
Greta A. BurkartLimnology Biology, Biogeochemistry2007 Chris Luecke (grad student)
Martyn M. CaldwellEcology Biology, Biogeochemistry, Range Management Agriculture
Irina E. CatrinaOrganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry2001 Alvan C. Hengge (grad student)
Angela D. CefaloMicrobiology Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry Biology2012 Dennis L. Welker (grad student)
Jeannine M. ChanBiochemistry2001 Lance C. Seefeldt (grad student)
Lan-Szu ChouMicrobiology Biology, Food Science and Technology Agriculture, Nutrition2001 Bart C. Weimer (grad student)
Yuan ChuOrganic Chemistry Chemistry and Biochemistry2012 Alvan C. Hengge (grad student)
Scott W. CowleyCatalysis1972 Grant Gill Smith (research assistant)
Oluwatosin O. Dada Chemistry and Biochemistry2008 Stephen Bialkowski (grad student)
Siddhartha DasCatalysis
T. Zane DavisBiochemistry2006 Steven D. Aust (grad student)
Prerak T. DesaiMicrobiology Biology, Cell Biology Nutrition and Food Science2011 Bart C. Weimer (grad student)
Arockia R. DhanasekaranBioinformatics Biology, Computer Science Computer Science2011 Bart C. Weimer (grad student)
Mark E. ErupeAnalytical Chemistry, Atmospheric Sciences Chemistry and Biochemistry2008 Philip J. Silva (grad student)
David FarrellyPhysical Chemistry
Marina Fosso YatchangOrganic Chemistry Chemistry and Biochemistry2012 Cheng-Wei Tom Chang (grad student)
Timur R. Galeevtheoretical physical chemistry Chemistry and Biochemistry2014 Alexander I. Boldyrev (grad student)
Kirsten GalloEcology Biology, Limnology Biology2005 Wayne A. Wurtsbaugh (grad student)
Balasubramanian GanesanMicrobiology Biology, Biochemistry2005 Bart C. Weimer (grad student)
Teamrat A. GhezzeheiBiogeochemistry, Hydrology, Climate Change2001 Dani Or (grad student)
S. Gabrielle GladstoneBiological Engineering
Paul R. GrosslBiogeochemistry, Soil Science Agriculture, Plant Culture Agriculture
Katarzyna GrubelOrganic Chemistry Chemistry and Biochemistry2011 Lisa M. Berreau (grad student)
Piotr K. GrzyskaOrganic Chemistry2003 Alvan C. Hengge (grad student)
Shanying GuiBiochemistry, General Biophysics, Physical Chemistry Chemistry and Biochemistry2013 Joan M. Hevel (grad student)
Ethan Michael Hall
Guanquan Han
Mark P. HaneyGeneral Chemistry, Biochemistry Chemistry and Biochemistry2013 Alvan C. Hengge (grad student)
R Gaurth Hansen
Weifang Haoelectron transfer reactions Chemistry and Biochemistry2012 Vernon D. Parker (grad student)
Alvan C. HenggeOrganic Chemistry
Joan M. HevelBiochemistry, Molecular Biology
Bo Hu
Maowei Hu2019 Tianbiao Leo Liu (grad student)
Tim HumphryOrganic Chemistry2006 Alvan C. Hengge (grad student)
Robert Y. IgarashiBiochemistry2004 Lance C. Seefeldt (grad student)
Subashree IyerOrganic Chemistry2007 Alvan C. Hengge (grad student)
Nan Jiang
Cody R. JohnsonEcology Biology, Limnology Biology Watershed Sciences (WATS)2009 Chris Luecke (grad student)
Colleen P. JonesBiogeochemistry, Environmental Sciences, Water Resource Management Plants, Soils and Climate Plants, Soils & Climate2014 Paul R. Grossl (grad student), Astrid R. Jacobson (post-doc)
Prakash R. JoshiAnalytical Chemistry Chemistry and Biochemistry2010 Stephen E. Bialkowsky (grad student)
Tapas KarComputational chemistry
Aleksey E. Kuznetsovtheoretical physical chemistry2003 Alexander I. Boldyrev (grad student)
Vyacheslav I. KuznetsovGeneral Chemistry, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology Chemistry and Biochemistry2013 Alvan C. Hengge (grad student)
Zhao Lielectron transfer reactions Chemistry and Biochemistry2012 Vernon D. Parker (grad student)
Wei Li
Gang Li
Xuan LiuElectrochemistry, organometallics, catalysis.
Tianbiao Leo LiuBatteries, Catalysis, Electrochemistry, Synthesis, Renewables
Chris LueckeLimnology Biology, Biogeochemistry
Jian Luo Chemistry and Biochemistry2016 Tianbiao Leo Liu (post-doc)
Cheryl L. MackowiakBiogeochemistry, Soil Science Agriculture, Plant Culture Agriculture2001 Paul R. Grossl (grad student)
Magdalena M. Makowska-GrzyskaInorganic Chemistry2003 Lisa M. Berreau (grad student)
Amy M. MarcarelliLimnology Biology, Biogeochemistry2006 Wayne A. Wurtsbaugh (grad student)
Aleksandra A. MikoszPhysical Chemistry, Molecular Physics2007 David Farrelly (grad student)
Lesley R. MorrisEcology Biology, Botany Biology, Environmental Sciences Wildland Resources2008 Ronald J. Ryel (grad student)
May C. MyklebustEcology Biology, Biogeochemistry2007 Ronald J. Ryel (grad student)
Anurag Nayak
Binod Nepalcomputational biophysics Chemistry and Biochemistry Stephen I. Scheiner (grad student)
Jared K. Olsontheoretical physical chemistry Chemistry and Biochemistry2010 Alexander I. Boldyrev (grad student)
Vernon D. Parkerelectron transfer reactions
Donald Penman Geological Sciences James C. Zachos (grad student)
Pete E. Poston Stephen Bialkowski (post-doc)
Ravi RaiOrganic Chemistry2006 Cheng-Wei Tom Chang (grad student)
Jordan A. RamilowskiPhysical Chemistry Chemistry and Biochemistry2010 David Farrelly (grad student)
Yi RaoNonlinear Spectroscopy and Ultrafast Dynamics
Noel S. ReadingBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Environmental Sciences, Environmental Engineering2001 Steven D. Aust (grad student)
Christopher A. ReillyBiological Chemistry, Toxicology1999 Steven D. Aust (grad student)
Thomas M. RobsonEcology Biology, Botany Biology, Plant Physiology2004 Martyn M. Caldwell (grad student)
Katarzyna RudzkaInorganic Chemistry Chemistry and Biochemistry2008 Lisa M. Berreau (grad student)
Ronald J. RyelEcology Biology, Biogeochemistry
D. K. Salunkhe
Shridhar K. SatheBiochemistry, Immunology Nutrition and Food Sciences and Technology19771982 D. K. Salunkhe (grad student)
Stephen I. ScheinerComputational chemistry
Peter S. SearlesEcology Biology2001 Martyn M. Caldwell (grad student)
Lance C. SeefeldtBiochemistry
James N. Seiber1966 Frank R. Stermitz (grad student)
Alina P. Sergeevatheoretical chemistry and biophysics Chemistry and Biochemistry Chemistry and Biochemistry20072012 Alexander I. Boldyrev (grad student), Alexander I. Boldyrev (grad student)
Jigna D. ShahMicrobiology Biology Nutrition and Food Science2011 Bart C. Weimer (grad student)
Meili Sheng
Philip J. SilvaAnalytical Chemistry, Atmospheric Sciences
Grant Gill SmithOrganic chemistry
Fuzhan Song
Kerensa Sorensen-StowellOrganic Chemistry2006 Alvan C. Hengge (grad student)
Frank R. Stermitz
Yagya P SubediBioorganic, Organic Synthesis2019 Cheng-Wei Tom Chang (grad student)
Brenda B. Suh-LailamBiochemistry Chemistry and Biochemistry2011 Joan M. Hevel (grad student)
Ewa Szajna-FullerInorganic Chemistry2006 Lisa M. Berreau (grad student)
Christabel T. TanifumOrganic Chemistry Chemistry and Biochemistry2009 Cheng-Wei Tom Chang (grad student)
Madhavi S. UmmadiFood Science and Technology Agriculture2002 Bart C. Weimer (grad student)
Marc E. Van EdenBiochemistry, Molecular Biology2001 Steven D. Aust (grad student)
Bradley D. WahlenBiochemistry, General Chemistry Chemistry and Biochemistry2012 Lance C. Seefeldt (grad student)
Jinhua WangOrganic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Immunology2006 Cheng-Wei Tom Chang (grad student)
Qianshun Wei2020 Tianbiao Leo Liu (grad student)
Bart C. WeimerMicrobiology Biology, Biochemistry
Ned M Weinshenkernatural product synthesis, physical organic chemisty
Dennis L. WelkerMicrobiology Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry
Robert M. WillisBiochemistry Chemistry and Biochemistry2013 Lance C. Seefeldt (grad student)
Whitney WooderchakBiochemistry, Molecular Biology Chemistry and Biochemistry2009 Joan M. Hevel (grad student)
Wenda Wu2019 Tianbiao Leo Liu (grad student)
Wayne A. WurtsbaughLimnology Biology, Biogeochemistry
Yi XieFood Science and Technology Agriculture, Microbiology Biology, Molecular Biology2003 Bart C. Weimer (grad student)
Bo You
Jianjun Zhang Chemistry and Biochemistry2010 Cheng-Wei Tom Chang (grad student)
Liping Zhang2019 Tianbiao Leo Liu (grad student)
Dmitry Y. Zubarevtheoretical physical chemistry Chemistry and Biochemistry2008 Alexander I. Boldyrev (grad student)